Bloggers, Creators & Bargain Hunters!

Bloggers, Creators & Bargain Hunters!

From Influencer Marketing to Home Product Testing
(Almost) Anyone Can Do!

For years people have been talking about home product testing, and how ordinary people get products sent to their home for FREE or at highly discounted rates all for giving their personal honest experience! Seriously. It’s Real. The first response I usually hear from people is “yeah, right!” But.. seriously’! This is real and extremely easy!

Bloggers, Creators & Bargain Hunters!

But I don’t have a blog….?

The next question I usually get is, but you have to have a blog to do product testing, right? Nope! Not at all. There are many programs out there for bloggers, but there are just as many for reviewers. There are three terms being used here. Bloggers, Influencers and reviewers. Almost all bloggers are influencer and review products, but not all reviewers blog. A lot of influencers review products, but not all. Does that make sense.

While most of the programs below do not require a blog, some do grant special access, bonus products and sometimes even better types of products for bloggers. However, that doesn’t mean, influencers and reviewers do not get offered these products as well, it just may take a little longer.

I don’t  have a desktop computer…??
Can I use my Phone or tablet??

BUT…. for you mobile people there are sites and apps looking for mobile website testers, app and game reviewers and even Beta testers. cash back and referral program apps and many more! There are so many LEGIT surveys sites created strictly for mobile  testers.

With the world on the move, in an unending perpetual motion, app designers, mobile site developers and many others are forced to look forward and go where the technology is needed.  And that’s on the go!

With constant advancements in mobile technology, designers, developers and creators alike are looking for reviews and feedback on many competitive aspects and components of their app, such as usability, speed and engagement.

Do you have a larger than normal social media following?

If you’re an expert on Instagram, taken Twitter by storm or just have a large following on certain sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Vine and many others, YOU could be earning money!

In the information and technology age of the internet, brands are looking more and more at influencers. Influencers are simply put, everyday people, with large followings. Some programs only require as little as 100 followers for their programs, while others want 10000 minimum or more. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t qualify for the higher follower programs, use the lower ones to help build up your following. Its a great time for learning what works for you and fits your audience. The better you get and the more involved and active you become, the easier it will get and the more opportunities will be available.

While I don’t have a huge following, I do qualify for some programs and have set goals to qualify for others! Influencer Marketing is becoming a more known and booming business. Jump in while you can and get the process started. You never know what the future holds!

But I’m not a celebrity, or someone “special” like that,
why would they give me stuff for free??

**Extra Reading >> Influencer Marketing ~ A Basic Understanding

Then the skeptics come in. Why would they send you FREE products? For your opinion? You’re not a celebrity, or someone “special” like that..?? It just doesn’t make sense? Oh.. But it does. While companies love to have celebrity endorsement. They also have to pay celebrities. Normal shoppers want to know how a product works. Not what a celebrity thinks of the product. Besides that, how many of you truly feel a celebrity is sweeping their own floors, or doing their own gardening, washing laundry, doing normal mundane tasks that we are all stuck doing on a daily basis. I am going to guess, not many of you. Regardless if they do or not, that is not how they are portrayed or even how most of the general public see them. So why would you listen to what they have to say?

Companies know that while there is that small percentage that will buy based on whatever celebrity or public face endorses, most want to know what everyday, average people think. That’s YOU and me. You are more special and needed than you realize.

Won’t they lose money??

Don’t companies lose money doing this? The short answer is yes. But!!! Not really. For every product mention they get, they can sometimes get double plus in sales. PLUS… This is considered advertising and marketing for the companies. They can deduct their loses from their sales. They deduct their “giveaways” as some call it. They deduct their expenses. For influencers, heir expenses include the cost of the product and in some cases shipping, but most sellers will send you a product via Amazon FBA, or fulfilled by amazon, where they are already utilizing shipping services. As long as everyone who participates in their promotions and follows through on their end, they are not suffering at all by giving you products. However on the flip side of that, they can be ruined by a couple of bad people, or those that cheat or abuse the systems set in place.

How can influencers ruin it for the company? (and future reviewers?) By not following through on your end, by sharing discount codes, by leaving poorly written or bad reviews with no real information. While reviewing can be easy, it’s not something you should do halfheartedly either.

Remember you are telling shoppers, like you, whether or not you like the product. What you like about it and why. What you dislike about it and why. What you would have or would like to see done differently, what you recommend or do not recommend. How you did, would or could use it, and how it did, or you expect it to, work. etc. Tell them everything you think you would ask or wonder about. That’s not hard to do. Simply answer the same questions you had while ordering or waiting for it to arrive. The more details you leave the more reliable your review looks and you look. The more reliable you are and thorough, the more offers you will receive. That is a promise!

So where do I start? How do I sign up??

So now for why you are probably here.. Where do you sign up? How do you join? Well, that’s just as easy!! There are a lot of programs I will list below, but there are also many many groups on Facebook that also offer products for review. I will not list many of the groups I use as many of them are secret and you must be invited to them. That doesn’t take long to happen.

I personally shop online for almost everything. I love being able to search and research products and I read tons of reviews before I purchase almost anything online. Knowing this about myself also helps me leave better reviews.

A few tips I will give you when reviewing on other sites…
First and foremost fill in your public profile.
-Most online sites have you register and this creates a profile. If the site you are reviewing on has a profile, you need to make sure your review profile is set to public. Once you know it is set to public, then fill in your bio and details.
The second tip is to add your email address.
-This is how sellers and merchants will get a hold of you. If they like your reviews and feel you would be a good fit for their product, they may randomly email you a request for testing. This is where you get to barter with them. Either accepting only if its free or whatever your terms are. Some will agree and others will counter offer.
And the most important tip I can give you is…..
Only accept what you really want or would like.
-Don’t accept products you don’t think you can or would like to review. Don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s extremely easy to do. When you start getting packages to your home, sometimes on a daily basis, sometimes all at once and your mail delivery driver looks at you like your a shopaholic, you’ll know what I mean.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
Join Amazon Student FREE Two-Day Shipping for College Students
Try Amazon Mom for Free

So Let’s Get Started!

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Freebies Deals & Steals

DealGoGoGo: HUGE Discounts NO Reviews Required! Anyone Can Join!!

JumpSend: Platform for extreme deals and offers on Amazon!

LINQIA (For Influencers): The primary channel is a blog, forum, Facebook, or YouTube. Have 2,500+ visitors or followers on Facebook or Twitter.

Viralix: Get Free to highly discounted deals on Amazon and share you experience on BlogBooster for even more offers!

UserTesting: UserTesting participants are paid $10 for each completed website test or app test. A test consists of a 15 minute recording and answers to four follow-up written questions. Accepting participants in countries located all around the globe.

Get Blogged:  For Bloggers/Publishers & Brands

BrandCycle: Monetization platform that connects retail brands with lifestyle publishers.
Invitation Code: BRAND4167

DICKIES Influencer Program: They are currently looking for individuals who post amazing fashion and lifestyle content on Instagram.

Publicfast: An influencer marketing platform that help broadcast branded content though active users on social media globally. For Influencers, Marketers & Brands

Dealspotr:  Join #Dealspotr and get an extra +500* points when you join (complete new user checklist) & share your first deal! *Only works w/ this link or Claim code: EDOHPA

Webfluential: For Influencers, Marketers & Brands!
Influencers >> Get paid to create content by collaborating with brands. Be exposed to marketers looking for online influencers. Set market related prices for your work. Cut out the admin of paperwork and chasing payments.
Marketers/Brands >> Integrate influencers into your digital marketing strategy. Smart tech platform sources the best influencers. Manage the process of your campaign and track results. Webfluential gets people talking about your brand online!

Advowire: You must connect at least 3 (THREE) of your social media sites.  Paid via PayPal within in MINUTES of cash out. Apply for high paying sponsored opps. Paid Tweets. Create your own offers! Lots of great resources and $$ money earning opportunities! $$

Influenster: Influenster is a product testing discovery platform and review site that helps members find new product testing opportunities and get advice so they can make informed purchases. They offer VoxBox campaigns where members receive complimentary full-size products to test and review, All for FREE!

Heartbeat: Earn cash with your active Instagram &/or Snapchat

Creator Collabs: Creator Collabs is a community of over 600,000 creators who cross-promote with each other to reach new audiences.

LINQIA (For Influencers): The primary channel is a blog, forum, Facebook, or YouTube. Have 2,500+ visitors or followers on Facebook or Twitter.

Purex Insiders: The Social Insiders are creators and storytellers, that make up a community of elite hand selected influencers, who love to share their authentic experiences with products.

IZEA: Influencer Marketing, sponsorship, blogger opportunities. A little bit of everything.

Swagbucks: The leading destination for earning real rewards through online activities you already do every day. Swag Bucks can be redeemed easily for cash or gift cards to your favorite stores.  Always free to join
Refer a friend & earn 10% for life Invite a friend and earn 10% of the Swag Bucks they earn for life.

ValuedVoice: If you are an influencer managing a blog or social channel, you can work with Valued Voice. Currently offering sponsorship opportunities for Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Ambassador Program: how the program works: As an Ambassador, you can request any item from the product catalog. The item will be delivered to you completely free via the Amazon Prime program. In exchange, all we ask in return is that you publish a review of our product on your blog. The item is yours to keep forever.

Fiverr: Fiverr® is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig®. While many Gigs start at $5, sellers have the option to choose their starting price point. … With Gig Packages, they can offer buyers’ different service packages for different prices.

SocialPubli: Earn money with Rewards Program!
There is also an influencer referral earning program as well. Check them out for full details.

ACTIVATE by BLOGLOVIN: The Activate engine powers your social media growth and connects you with the right brands for monetization opportunities.

Bounty Insiders: Refer five (5) friends to earn your first gift! Share your opinions and ideas surrounding your use of Bounty products and earn FREE coupons and other prizes!

TBN: The Blogger Network: This platform has programs for Bloggers and Influencers!

Raise: Right now if you join Raise you can get $15 in site credit. I turned my $15 in credit in for $21.33 in Payless gift cards! Earn Free Gift Cards!

BlogHer Social Media Influencer Network (Part of SheKnows Media (SKM) : You will be paid a flat fee per assignment, which will be disclosed at the time the assignment is offered. The Social Media Influencer program is completely independent of your blog. It does not require a blog, and does not require you to install anything on your blog or your social media pages.

BoostInsider: Earn money by tweeting about products you like! Bring your friends to join our network and earn cash together!

Trybe: The value ranges from a few bucks to a couple hundred dollars. We’ve given away everything from candy to high end baby products to vacuums to Amazon gift cards.

Anker Power User Program: As a Power User, you can sign up to receive free samples of existing and pre-release products in exchange for unbiased feedback. Power Users are responsible for providing helpful and insightful feedback to our product and customer service teams as well as reviewing products for the reference of other customers. Receive a dollar for all new referrals! (US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Spain, Italy)

Betabound: A place for people who want a hand in the next big thing in technology. They collect and organize a wide variety of beta testing opportunities from all over the world.

Cooperatize (For Influencers & Bloggers): Cooperatize is a marketplace for brands to purchase sponsored content from bloggers and influencers.

Cub Cadet Ambassador: Looking for influencers to Share & Earn. Share these posts to earn even more Points now! Check back daily for new posts and chances to share.

GMYLE Lab: As a Labmate, there will be opportunities to try out existing or pre-release products for free. In exchange, Labmates are responsible for providing constructive and unbiased feedback for possible product improvement and further development. Labmates may also be invited to share their experience through selective channels like GMYLE and other outlets.

EasyAcc: Super User Program is one of the most direct ways for us to hear from you. With your suggestions and constructive comments on our new and pre-release items, you can help us learn how to improve and do better in the future as well as help other customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Arctic: ARCTIC product tester can apply for a free ARCTIC product. We ask regularly if there is interest to test a certain product and deliver a testing sample when indicated. (Countries: USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain)

Giveaway Service: “We’d like to point out that there are 19,100+ highly influential authors who individually receive thousands of daily visitors and have over 180,000+ combined Facebook fans looking to review products via our website. More than 43,900 reviews have been published through our service that exists for roughly one year and is growing constantly.

**We are committed to making both businesses and authors satisfied with our services and encourage everyone to leave a comment and join the discussion.”~ Kind regards,
Miranda Mathews: Giveaway Service Rep

ChickAdvisor Review Club: Register, Email Sign Up with Survey.

Giveaway Nation: Email list of available products. Refer 5 friends get 2 hour early notice

(US, UK, Canada ~ Age 14+)iCarbons Reviewer Program: iCarbons Review Program is currently only open to active reviewers in the United States, UK, or Canada. They are always looking to expand this and will consider other international reviewers on a case by case basis.

BodyVega VIP Reviewer Sign Up: Receive FREE Samples and DEEP Discounts On BodyVega Products! No Newsletters. No Marketing. Just Deals.

Uncommon Goods Review Program: Whether you’re a design aficionado, a green living guru, or a food fanatic, if you’ve got a blog relevant to our products, we want to hear from you! We’ll send you a free product sample, and all we ask is that you share your review of it on your blog.

BundleMonster Reviewer Program: Love free products? Who doesn’t! Bundle Monster is always looking for Monster advocates who are:  reliable, communicative, honest and constructive to post product reviews about select items we sell.  On a monthly basis we will randomly select reviewers based on their preferences to post reviews on and  Actively looking for reviewers interested in: Nail, Beauty and Cosmetic Products / Women’s Fashion Accessories / Mens Fashion Accessories / Handbags / Baby and Kids Fashion Accessories.

HPT: Merchants selling their products online need honest and unbiased feedback to improve their products and increase sales.Normal, everyday people love to get free stuff in the mail.We bring these two groups together and everybody wins!

InstaBrand: Join InstaBrand’s network and we’ll partner you with brands that need the power of your social following. Do what you do best: Create organic content for our brand partners and spread their message to your followers. Get paid for your influence: Your influence is an asset, and we will make sure you get what you deserve. **Must have over 10,000 followers and over 1,000 likes per post.

ZeroLemon: Zerolemon Reviewer Program is a marketing progam designed to assist our engineers/designers to design products to better suit our consumer needs. Users that are selected will be given Zerolemon products that are recently out in the market in exchange for honest feedback and reviews.

Bartelli Reviews: Evaluate Gadgets! Free Premium Products. Start receiving free products today and be one of the first to have access to product line of Gadgets from Bartelli and leading Manufacturers. Sign up now to see the new and exciting products our company is developing.

Product Elf: Get Free And Heavily Discounted Products While Helping Small Businesses! For sellers on Amazon, reviews and feedback are their lifeblood. But less than 0.5% of buyers on Amazon leave reviews. Without reviews it’s difficult to make sales, and many of these small businesses don’t survive.That’s where you come in. Sellers are often keen to give away their products for others to review. Here’s how! 1) Look through the daily deals for any product you want to review. 2) Click the review button. 3) The seller will contact you with a coupon code to use. 4) Once your product arrives, just leave the seller an honest and genuine review. Easy!

(UK) Product Elf UK:
(Canada) Product Elf Canada:

(US & Canada) RAVPower Super User Program: The Super User Program was created to give the public early access to new products offered by RAVPower and its associated brands. Eligible reviewers will be given a free product in exchange for their constructive feedback and unbiased product reviews.

Uberzon Club: Would you like access to exclusive discount codes & coupons? Do you want to be the first to hear about limited time upcoming sales? Then join the UberZon Club! Simply enter your email below and you’ll regularly receive the hottest deals on some of the best products found on Amazon!

CaseCrown Product Review Program: Consumer Electronic Accessories.

Premium Review Services: Join the PRS Review Team and be the first to try new products launched by manufacturing entrepreneurs. You’ll get deeply discounted products that you will use and then post a thoughtful, honest review on Amazon. It costs nothing to be a part of the PRS Review Team and you are not required to do anything. You will get periodic emails introducing you to new products. If you’d like to try that particular product out, just follow the simple instructions outlined in the email.

Amazing Deals Group: Amazing Deals Group (ADG) offers you Amazing Deals from Amazing Merchants, in exchange for your honest Amazon Reviews. ADG brings visibility and exposure to hot new Amazon products by offering them to you at incredible discounts. ADG remains Amazing not only because of the generous Deals of its Amazing Merchants, but also because of the deal-driven-dependability of Amazing Members

ReadyPulse: Create brand connections, engagement & convert your audience through earned & owned content that inspires.

Elite Deal Club: Elite Deal Club is an exclusive group that provides its members with the best deals possible on premium Amazon products. We send our members incredible offers right to their email saving them time and money. These offers are HIGHLY discounted with prices marked down between 50% off all the way to just $1, and once in a while even free! Our deals are top of the line and each member is highly appreciated, and that is why we must remain exclusive.

Shop With Reviews: Sign up as a reviewer and get tons of free products in exchange for a review. Grab tons of HUGE discounts where reviews are not required but always very appreciated.

(UK only) Boots Test –  Test cosmetics, toiletries and skincare products to make sure they meet the standards before they go on the shelves in store. Want to Help Boots? Are you interested in testing new toiletries, skincare and cosmetic products? Do you live in Nottingham or in the surrounding area? Are you aged 18 or over?

Swaggable: You like trying and discovering new products, and companies launching new products are looking for the right people to try them. It sounds like a perfect match, but it’s been hard for these companies to find the right consumers to try their products, get feedback or drive reviews. That’s where Swaggable comes in. Connecting members to product testing opportunities.

Crowdtap: Crowdtap enables more authentic relationships between brands and the people who love them. Our People-Powered Marketing Platform puts consumers at the heart of a brand’s marketing, recognizing their honest feedback, smart ideas and the quality content they create and share. Crowdtap provides a new operating system for brands and gives people a voice that matters.

Smiley360: Smiley360 is an online community of influential consumers who try products, content and other experiences for free and share their opinions with others. As a member, you will receive offers from the biggest brands and share your experience with that brand, as well as with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and other consumers like you.

Freelancer: is the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace. Just post any online project you want done, in 3 easy steps, and one of 15.3 million Freelancers will do it at a fraction of the cost!

MomSelect: MomSelect is a program operated by BSM Media. For over a decade, BSM Media has been working to help companies speak to moms about products and brands in a relevant and valuable manner. Today she and her team work with the biggest brands around the globe to deliver marketing programs that respect, honor and leverage relationships with real-life moms, while offering great product testing opportunities!

Moms Meet: Who doesn’t love free samples? Mom Ambassadors receive exclusive invitations to try new healthy, eco-conscious products with their Moms Meet groups—then voice their opinions. With sampling programs for everything from all-natural hand sanitizer to organic yogurt, there’s sure to be a product testing opportunity your group will love.

Pinchme – Try new products before you buy them. PINCHme was created to serve as a destination for members to share their product testing results from the worlds leading brands.

~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~

Chatterbox or House Party: At House Party, you can sign up for a party pack of product testing goodies to share with friends and family while hosting a themed get together. They send you all the stuff you need including gifts for guests! Chatterbox is an extension of House Party, where they offer smaller gift packs for you to participate in the huge online party while not having to host a full blown party yourself!

Microsoft Play test Gamers: “Whether you play once a year or every day, whether you’re 6 years old or 60, whether you pre-order the latest consoles or wouldn’t think of paying for a game – we want feedback from you! Take a few minutes to tell us what you like to play, and we’ll match you to upcoming studies.” (Parents AND Kids)

VocalPoint: Exclusive offers, product testing opportunities, experiences, and content you can’t find anywhere else.

SheSpeaks: Inspiring women to discover, influence and share products. SheSpeaks is a community powered by women who love to get the latest scoop and share what’s hot.

Tide Development Team: This is a general sign up, they will contact you if you are approved to join their product testing.

Glam Spotters Reader Panel: Are you spot-on when it comes to the latest styles and trends? Want to share your expert opinion on beauty and fashion?

Minute Rice: “The Riceipe Club” Become a member of The Riceipe Product Testing Club and enjoy the benefits of online coupons and other special offers. Interested in participating with product research? Check ‘in-home product placement’ and answer a few questions.

Good Housekeeping Testing Panel: GH product testing panel members have a chance to learn about and test new products, share their opinions AND win great prizes.

Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club: The ALL NEW Velvet Rope Club is Marie Claire’s exclusive insiders’ society for women to express their valuable opinions while product testing the next latest and greatest products. Because we know you’re more than a pretty face, we invite you to join the Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club. You’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts on everything from the newest ‘it’ bag to your favorite shade of lipstick. Velvet Rope Club product testing members are also given exclusive access to special offers, insider events, sweepstakes, and more.

If you know of any other places not listed here, please share them in the comments below!!

~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~

ReviewLoop: ReviewLoop is a platform allowing brands to connect with bloggers and engaged consumers by offering them a chance to receive free sample products to review online. Create a ReviewLoop account and login to browse new product samples. Select a product sample you wish to review and receive it for free. Write a review.

Mead: TeacherLists is the easiest way to manage and share school supply lists. PLUS if you plug your school into the power of TeacherLists, your school will be entered to win their $5,000 Schools Work Smarter Sweepstakes!

Vogue Insiders: 

As a member, you will help shape the future of the fashion and beauty brands you love. All it takes is this quick 5-minute survey

Stylehunters Trendsetters: As an InStyle Trendsetter, you’ll have regular opportunities to share your thoughts, opinions and preferences on a variety of style topics from fashion to beauty to home decor.

Brooks Shoes and Sports Wear: Want to make great gear even greater? Keep testing it. It’s the science we live by, and we’re recruiting you to help. As a Product Tester, you’ll be on the cutting edge, directly informing the development of our new footwear and apparel. Think you have what it takes?

GHsports: Do you run, cycle, swim, workout, or do triathlons consistently? Are you particular about your fitness apparel’s performance, comfort, and longevity? Are you detail-oriented, have good follow-through, and enjoy providing critical feedback? If you’re thinking “wow, this is definitely me,” then you may be a good fit for our Product Testing Team.

Nike Tester: For those loyal to the Nike brand, we want to hear from you, and give you product testing opportunities and provide us with feedback. Tell us where we are succeeding, and where we can better our product to meet your needs.

New Balance Tester: Wear prototype products, These product testing is based on comfort, durability, and performance. Improve our products by letting us know what you think.

Zaycon Fresh Influencer Program: Looking for more bloggers to be part of this influencer program.

FreeEats: Earn $1 PayPal, just for signing up! That quick and simple. Then .25 cents for each text! You can also Earn up to $50 PayPal CASH for referring friends!

McCormmick Consumer Testing: You may be asked to sample a range of foods, snacks and beverages—during product testing sessions in the day or the evening—at our Hunt Valley, Maryland, location or from your home. You’ll be paid, of course. How much depends on the type and duration of the taste test, and you can participate up to four times per year.

Mills Advisory Panel: (MAP) As a member of MAP, you will have the opportunity to influence the look, taste, and experience of General Mills products through special product testing campaigns.

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