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Home Video ProjectorMini LED Home Video Projector
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This mini LED home video projector is amazing! I have one I bought a few years back, that is twice this size and twice the hassle. We used it one summer a few times but it just seemed more work than it was worth.

This mini projector is absolutely worth every penny. I can not believe the picture quality. While you can not see a perfect picture in dim light, you can definitely see the images. With my old projector, you had to be in pitch black to have good picture quality. This means we can start movies much earlier in the evening, where as before, we couldn’t start a movie before dark at all. All you got was sound.

Another feature I like about this mini home projector is how easy it is to use. When you first turn the unit on it displays a list of colored rectangles. Each one is labeled by the input/outputs on the back of the mini home projector, such as HDMI, USB, SD.. etc. You select the input you have chosen to connect your movie with and then proceed to use the connected device as usual.

Home Video ProjectorI used this with a small DVD player the first night we had it. We connected it via the HMDI cable. I have not been able to figure out how to connect it to my smartphone yet, but I will update this post if i figure it out. The included instructions are simple and not detailed. We have also used this with a laptop via the HDMI connection as well and were able to watch videos from my Amazon Prime Video account!

We had a movie night on our porch this past week and I started the set up during the daylight hours so I could try and get some decent photos, well when I set it up and turned it on, I could not believe that I could actually see the picture. As you can see in the above photo, you can clearly see the movie on the projector screen and also clearly see it is still day light out. I am extremely impressed with this little thing.

The sound quality is pretty decent if you are in a quiet area. With us setting up on the front porch, we have a lot of through traffic in front of us, so I connected one of our portable speakers via the aux cord for the added volume.

I have nothing negative to say about this mini home video projector. The only thing that could make it better is if it had it’s own power source!

Package Content:
1x HD Movie Projector
1x AC power Adapter w/ 4.9 Foot Cord
1x AV cord
1x Remote control
1x User manual

Home Video ProjectorAnother feature I like about this mini home video projector is the versatility. You can use it on a table or you can mount it to a ceiling and click the quick access button to flip the image.

Physical Resolution: 800*480 pixels, compatible to fill HD(1080p)
Brightness: 1800 ANSI LMs, Luminous efficiency, 220 lux peak brightness
Contrast Ratio: 2200:1, dynamic up to 1000:1 the
Light source module’s life: up to 20,000 hours
Throw ratio: Based 1.38:1
Projection Size: 28~180 inches,
Distance: 3.93 ~ 18 ft With ±15°(vertical)
Keystone Correction Color support: 1.07 billion
Built-in stereo speakers-4Ω,5W with SRS
Sound Noise:In st.d-mode 32dB OSD
Menu: 23country Language
Product Certification: CE/FCC/ROHS

– External Speaker required if you use a VGA cord to connect the micro projector while watching videos, VGA cable can NOT transmit audio signal – It’s very easy to operate this Ohderii mini home projector by using its remote control. – For quick presentations and Events, not perfectly suits for professional PowerPoint Presentation. – If you need a louder sound, an External Speaker must be required. – Please choose “PCM” Digital Audio Output in your Blu-ray DVD player.

– Special Cords are required if you connect the projector to tablets and smartphones. (Please kindly notice that if you want connect it with your tablets, you need to purchase a VGA cord or a HDMI cord, and if you want connect it with your smart phone you need to purchase a HDMI adapter.)

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Do you own a home video projector?
What is or would be your favorite feature??
What’s the best movie you’ve seen recently or can’t wait to see???

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30 thoughts on “Mini LED Home Video Projector”
  1. It sounds like a great projector but I cannot come up with a reason I would have to use something like this.

  2. This video projector looks like it would be great for our movie nights. I have always wanted something like this for our home.

  3. One of my daughters teaches classes at a local art studio. Since she rotates between two locations and the center only had one projector, my daughter bought one she could use (and would be hers even after the class). While this isn’t the exact one she bought, it’s very similar. There are some great products on the market these days.

  4. This is so cool! Ive always wanted to get one of these so i can host a movie night with my girlfriends. I remember using these in elementary school.

  5. We LOVE our projector! It is wonderful for watching movies outside in the backyard on a cool summer night! We also hook it up in the front yard on trick or treating night with a “scary” kids movie playing. Everyone loves it!

  6. We have a projector. My dad got my hooked on it years ago. I haven’t used it in a while because it is a little bulky. I never thought to look into a mini one.

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