Socially Twisted™ Games ~ Friends & Family Edition!

Socially Twisted Games

Friends & Family Edition

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Hysterical fun as you create absurd stories about your family & friends that get wackier with each new round. The best bonding game!

Socially Twisted™ Games ~ Friends & Family Edition!

My daughter and I probably spent a good hour “playing” Socially Twisted, without actually playing socially twisted. We tend to have deep conversations about the most random of things and this card game makes for a lot of fun and laughter..

We read through the instructions which were pretty clearly laid out and decided to just kind of “practice” some story lines while going through the cards and setting up the table…

We decided to both look at the same cards and each tell our own story.. The cards we ended up choosing first  gave us a huge glimpse into how versatile this game can be played and how different words or topics can be interpreted in completely different ways..

The first cards we flipped over were the ones pictured below..

Socially Twisted Games ~ Friends & Family Edition!

Each of us kind of jotted down some notes to help us remember our story line at the same time and after a minute (we decided to time ourselves) we flipped a coin and each told our story in turn.

Without telling our stories, I just want to point out some of the differences from the interpretation of the words..

Austin. One of us used this as a name while the other’s story had Austin as a location.

“Has been” One story used this as a part of speech, the other as an insult.

“Spilling a whole plate of food on your date” one of us had the waitress spill the food while the other spilled it on their date.

One of us used discipline as a character trait while the other as a punishment.

Its kind of interesting how each of the story lines included all of the words and matched the theme of the story ye, were interpreted completely different.

I like this for more than the obvious of things being different, but also because it allows for such a versatile array of game play while using these cards over and over with different themes and word sets. Hours and hours of fun can be had with this game.

They also included a small deck of the Kids version for us to check out as well. We plan on saving that to play with the nieces and nephews!

Socially Twisted Games ~ Friends & Family Edition!

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A fun, hilarious adult party card game for people who like to tell absurd stories with twisted humor and are not easily offended.


Kids, parents & teachers love to laugh as they create silly stories and exercise their imagination & creative skills. A true edu-tainment game!


Naughty, but with a British accent. UK version of the BADASS pack for those colonials with their own strange language. Ages 17+


Where party game meets social media.

Download the FREE SOCIALLY TWISTED™ APP and play virtually anytime, anywhere. Players create and share video-stories with two ways to play:

QUICK PLAY: Play solo and share anytime, anywhere.

PARTY PLAY: Host a group of friends and vote on the best (or worst) video-story. Just like the physical card game, but virtual!

THE MOST FUN is when you capture your Socially Twisted™ stories on video as you play on the APP and share with your friends by text or on social media!

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  1. This looks like a super fun game and I may have to pick it up to add to our Family Game Night collection!

  2. This looks and sounds so fun! I will have to check this out as I done a good family game night and am always looking for new games to add to the collection!

  3. Definitely an awesome card game that family can play. Great bonding time for the family! Loved it!

  4. I love how imaginative you need to be to play this game. Looking forward to see more games as we order our favorites from time to time via shipping them abroad. That is how much we love these kind of games.

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