influencer marketing
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influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become a top resource in the marketing industry. With so many options and offers on the net, finding influencers to promote a brand and create awareness around a specific topic is easier than you think!

People like Nancy Behrman ~ President of Behrman Communications, have paved the way in this industry!

Creating platforms & campaigns geared to a certain demographic, while finding the most influential people to help promote the goals of the campaign.

Simply put,  Influencers are everyday people, with either one of two main things. A larger than average follower and fan base, OR a very loyal fan base with an interest in a certain topic or niche.

Marketing is simply getting a message in front of the people it was meant to be seen by.  Whether it’s getting the newest recipe in front of the biggest foodies, or the sports equipment in front of the athletes, marketing is a must for small and large businesses alike.

Influencer marketing is where you combine the two to create a strategy that amplifies the brands message and gets their name or products in front of the target consumers.

Using everyday people who already have a trusted voice in their communities, online and off, has proven to be an effective means of marketing.

Finding that fine line between someone with a lot of followers and someone with actual influence on a certain topic can be a daunting task.

While the number of followers does make a difference in some aspects, the type of person and following the  influencer has matters more.  Who their followers are, where they are located, whether they have a male or female dominant following, all play a role in what type of influencer a brand is looking for.

Using platforms created for influencers, bloggers & reviewers is one way to weed through the list, or using PR firms and agencies such as Behrman Communications, founded by Nancy Behrman.

Whether you are wanting to work on a platform or with a PR firm, Influencer Marketing is a highly successful strategy in helping brands connect, network and succeed with influencers.

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14 thoughts on “Influencer Marketing ~ A Basic Understanding…”
  1. Influencer marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to attract customers. I agree the type of person and following the influencer has should be considered carefully when deciding on who will promote your product.

  2. It’s not easy with the algorithms changing every time but influencer marketing is pretty awesome and it can definitely allow you to work with brands that you’ve always wanted to work with. These are pretty good points.

  3. I don’t have a large social media following but I’d love to one day. It’s kind of overwhelming trying to grow my followers. The largest of mine is Pinterest, I have 45K+ followers. Small by other bloggers standards.

  4. I agree it is really important to realise that just because an influencer has a large following it doesn’t mean they are the right audience for everyone. Engagement is a good indication too.

  5. Great post! I think this year will be even bigger w/ influencer marketing. Major brands are reducing their TV spends, so that money is going to online efforts!

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