Transformable Fingertip Fidget Toys

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Transformable Fingertip Fidget Toys

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Transformable Fingertip Fidget Spinners: Spinning top toys can be changed into different shape robots according to your imagination. The fidget robot spinner is a quick and easy way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and increase cognitive functions.

These transformable fingertip Fidget toys are made of high-quality ABS plastic, with excellent craftsmanship, tear-resistant and will not be deformed for long lasting play.

Fidget toys can relieve people’s stress, the rustling noise it makes as it spins can distract you from your bad focus. Having more fun in your daily life. Especially for ADHD, autism, anxiety and other patients.

Simply hold the center part of pop fidget spinners with two fingers or spin it on the desk, then rotated it with your other finger or the other hand. Keep your hands busy for a few hours.

You can turn the spinning toy into different shapes, move and rotate according to your imagination.

The gyros can stack on top of each other and bring you more playing method and stronger visual impact.

Easily put the transformable fingertip spinner in your pocket. You can bring the fidget toys anywhere.

I am completely obsessed with these robotic like fidget spinners. I got these with the intention of putting them in Easter Eggs this upcoming Easter, but once they arrived that thought has shifted.

While these would fit perfectly inside a plastic egg and make a great prize, I just can’t seem to leave them alone. I am over 40 years old and obsessed with these little transformable fidget toys.

Transformable Fingertip Fidget Toys

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2 thoughts on “Transformable Fingertip Fidget Toys ~ Sensory Gadgets”
  1. These finger toys are so much fun! I remember about a year or two ago, I found some pet finger puppets and the grandkids loved them! They named them, etc. I think these are really cool and can be brought with them anywhere that they want! Thank you for sharing!

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