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May 24

Don’t You Remember #BehindTheBlogger

Behind The Blogger ~ Don’t You Remember ~ Don’t You Remember… I hate these words. I hate these words with a passion. I don’t remember! Maybe I’m at the age where my memory is failing me. Or is it? Through conversations with friends and family, reliving crazy adventures and antics, I often hear, Don’t you …

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Apr 19

If It Happens Again ~ #BehindTheBlogger

Behind The Blogger ~ If It Happens Again ~ If It Happens Again. If what happens again? This prompt is hard for me to write about. I have a hard time thinking what would I do if it happens again because every scenario that plays in my head has me saying.. Oh that will never …

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Apr 05

We Are Family #BehindTheBlogger

Behind The Blogger ~ We Are Family ~ My family is so off the realm of what most people think of when they hear the word family. Trying to explain my family in words is even harder. For the sake of this post and everyone’s sanity who reads this, I am going to stick to …

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Mar 22

These Foolish Things #BehindTheBlogger

Behind The Blogger ~ These Foolish Things ~ These foolish things.. I have definitely been known to make some very foolish decisions in my life and while some of them left me feeling rather stupid and sometimes inadequate, most of them have been life lessons and guidelines for how I want to progress in my …

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Mar 08

The Lucky One #BehindTheBlogger

Behind The Blogger ~ The Lucky One ~ The Lucky One.. Most people read those words and instantly think of someone they know and others instantly think, yes, I am.. I tend to think luck is a matter of perception and sometimes circumstance, while I also believe some people are just born lucky. When I …

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Feb 08

Love Yourself! ~ #BehindTheBlogger

Behind The Blogger ~ Love Yourself ~ Love Yourself. Seems such a foreign thought huh? All through life you are taught to love family, friends and even “thy neighbor”, but not very often are we taught to love ourselves. It takes a lot of dedication and self awareness to learn to love yourself, I mean …

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Jan 25

What Separates Us ~ #BehindTheBlogger

Behind The Blogger ~ What Separates Us ~ What Separates Us? This is such a touchy subject these days, as people don’t like to believe they categorize people. Family, friends & strangers. Its almost a natural habit to make a snap judgement on someone or something. Its what we do. But its when you put …

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Jan 11

New Beginnings #BehindTheBlogger

Behind The Blogger ~ New Beginnings ~ This is my first time joining a writing prompt hop, I guess that’s a new beginning in itself. Each January I find myself replaying the past year in my mind. Thinking about all the ups and downs as well as my accomplishments and failures. As a blogger, I …

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