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What Separates Us?

This is such a touchy subject these days, as people don’t like to believe they categorize people. Family, friends & strangers. Its almost a natural habit to make a snap judgement on someone or something. Its what we do. But its when you put raw emotion behind these classifications and categories that make it controversial.

In my most honest opinion, the things that separate us most are almost always the same things that make us unique.

From the moment you are born you are categorized. And in all honestly I believe it actually starts from conception. Married parents, unmarried parents. Male or female. Are you from a low income family, standard income family, rich family, sometimes all of these determine where you will be born.

But that’s just the beginning. Before you are even born, you are separated not only by wealth, gender and location, but also religion & politics of your parents. All of these classifications and you can’t even talk yet.

All throughout life, you are taught what you should or should not accept from other people. What other people are worth your time or not based on what you know of them. Its usually never about what you know, from knowing them.

We prejudge people based on envy, power and greed. A long line of hatred and fear of the unknown. We are taught to be leery and afraid of difference, instead of embracing change and knowledge.

Fear separates us. Lack of knowledge separates us. Income separates us. The color of our skin separates us. The location in which we live separates us. Our talents separate us.

But it doesn’t have to.

We all have the ability to change the way we look at others. Looking at someone with love, compassion and empathy… Getting to know them and learning from their wisdom and teachings, Constantly growing in our own strengths and knowledge goes a lot further in learning to connect to others, instead of separating us.


What Separates Us

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5 thoughts on “What Separates Us ~ #BehindTheBlogger”
  1. I agree with you that our differences don’t have to separate us! They should draw us together. I thought we were getting there but the pendulum appears to be swinging the other way.

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