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~ The Lucky One ~

The Lucky One.. Most people read those words and instantly think of someone they know and others instantly think, yes, I am..

I tend to think luck is a matter of perception and sometimes circumstance, while I also believe some people are just born lucky.

When I say born lucky I truly mean it, some people just seem to do everything wrong and have it all turn out right, while others can do everything right and have it just turn out horribly. The situations they were in, the people involved, the materials or lack of materials etc… Every little thing we do, say and sometimes think can change our circumstance. Is that luck or just life?

What outcome you expect from a situation can determine if you felt lucky or not, such as winning a pie contest. You were lucky enough to win, but you didn’t win in the category you were hoping for. So are you lucky or not lucky.. Perception..

I think people who have a more positive outlook on like tend to feel more lucky than those who are struggling and yet some of the people who struggle the most feel the luckiest because they know it could be worse..

When I ask myself do I feel like I am the lucky one, I automatically want to say no, not really… But as I sit and think about all I have in my life, in my mind, in my heart I realize I am one of the luckiest people I know, because Luck doesn’t make or break me. Luck is something I wish for everyone. Luck in life, love and happiness.


The Lucky One

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6 thoughts on “The Lucky One #BehindTheBlogger”
  1. I often think that I am lucky just as much as I am unlucky in life. I think it really all depends on what I am doing or what I am planning on going after.

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