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~ New Beginnings ~

This is my first time joining a writing prompt hop, I guess that’s a new beginning in itself. Each January I find myself replaying the past year in my mind. Thinking about all the ups and downs as well as my accomplishments and failures. As a blogger, I think we tend to do these things almost daily, but each new year, is also a great time to reflect and build on past experience while also creating new goals for our future.

Each year, I try to focus on one aspect of my life that needs a little more attention. This year, as my children are growing and becoming more and more independent, I have realized, I just want more time. This year I have vowed to not only continue our old family traditions, but to also start making new ones.

My oldest child (20) has been living on her own for almost a year now. While I still see her almost daily, I still feel like I haven’t had enough time. My youngest, who is 16 going on 30, has big dreams and aspirations for himself, that include moving out on his own as soon as he is allowed. Which in my book should be never! But realistically I know the day is coming.

My goals this year are centered completely around my family, but more specifically, making time for and memories with my kids.
New Beginnings

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8 thoughts on “New Beginnings #BehindTheBlogger”
  1. Family is so important and they grow up so fast. My step-son turned 18 in November and this month my daughter turns 13. I don’t know where the years have went. Enjoy your time and you will never regret focusing on family.

  2. I can empathize with you. My oldest has basically been living on his own since he started college. My youngest is about to graduate from high school. Time is such an elusive thing. It goes by so quickly. I feel like I’ve spent the last 4-6 years wishing they were little again.

    1. EXACTLY! I’ve had plenty of moments when I would say, I can’t wait until they’re grown! But quicker than I ever imagined possible, they are, and now I’m wishing they would stop.

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