Cannabis Tools & Implements

Cannabis Tools & Implements

Cannabis Tools & Implements

Cannabis Tools & Implements vary in so many ways.  The type of implement you choose will be based off what form of cannabis you will be using.

The most common tools and implements include papers, pipes and bongs. These are the tools I grew up around and feel most comfortable with.

As a medical cannabis user, I was hesitant about getting all signed up and on the registry as the forms available at the time were pills, tinctures, edibles and other forms I was not familiar with. I had no desire to go spend a bunch of money on a certification just to end up getting a bunch of stuff I was afraid to even try..

So I waited… And it happened!!

The flower form of cannabis became medically approved in my state and I was now able to go get certified and legally smoke pot!

DopeBoo Glass Pipe

4″ Upline Spoon Pipe w/ built-in ash-catcher and unique carb and mouthpiece

Cannabis Tools & Implements

I have been waiting what seems my whole life to be able to freely use cannabis. Little did I know it would come at a cost. I am now legally eligible to purchase and use in any form of my choosing medical cannabis. However the reason I am eligible does suck. I have MS. Multiple Sclerosis.

I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago. I’m still stunned and not accepting of this monster, but the silver lining, it made me eligible to medicate the way I want to. I have refused all traditional treatments for MS as I am a side effect reader and researcher when it comes to something like this. No way was I willing to put that poison in my body..

There is so much more to my story, and just no time in this post.. But the bottom line, I knew MS was one of the qualifying conditions in my state and discussed with my neurologist and new family doc my desire to join the registry.

Both were not only okay with it, but encouraged it.

So now its time to find the best Cannabis Tools & Implements for me!

That’s where DopeBoo comes in!

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I received a 4″ Upline Spoon Pipe w/ built-in ash-catcher, unique carb and mouthpiece from

This pipe is a one piece glass pipe with side carb. This pipe has a small bowl with a deep pocket underneath that catches the bigger ash and debris. The stem of the pipe as 3 unique perc restrictions in varying locations along the shaft of the mouth piece.

You can visually see how the ash catcher and perc restrictions work cohesively together after just a few uses. Any ash will pretty much fall inside the pocket underneath the main bowl and the resin will collect there and against the surfaces of the  first restriction, while becoming less apparent on each preceding restriction closer to the mouthpiece.

This feature of the spoon pipe allows you a smooth user experience and keeps your mouth clean of any debris from the chard cannabis flower.

The only downside I see to this particular pipe is cleaning it. Getting all sides of the perc restrictions and the full surfaces of the main bowl seemed rather difficult.

However, we actually found it wasn’t that hard at all. While you can find cleaning kits online, we used a solution of alcohol and course salt and shook it around inside the pipe. The alcohol pretty much dissolves the resin as the salt scrubs it off the surfaces inside the pipe. We then rinsed it clear with hot water and allowed it to dry.

4.2 Inches Long
Strong 4mm Borosilicate Glass
Design by Micah Evans x GRAV Labs
“Advanced Perconomics” of Upline’s Ladder Percs
Perc Restrictions act as Ash Catcher
Clear Scientific Glass

This Upline Spoon Hand Pipe works with dry herbs. Dry herbs are the pure plant form or more commonly, flower form, of the cannabis plant. Works best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.

*Be sure your piece is marked with the Upline logo for authenticity.
**Decal colors selected at random.

Free Shipping & Discreet Packaging
My package arrived in a plain manila envelope with a standard shipping label. There was no indication as to what the contents contained.

Cannabis Tools & Implements

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DopeBoo:We work hand-in-hand with talented artists and major manufacturers so we can provide the newest, best quality and coolest smoking accessories. We ship free throughout the US, have discreet packaging and an industry-leading no-questions-asked return policy. It’s time to bring the smoke shop into the 21st century!”

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Information and personal experience contained in this post are specific to Pennsylvania (PA) state law Medical Marijuana Program and my personal views, opinions and experience(s).
It is important for you to know that medical marijuana laws vary from state to state, and are subject to change. has a great comprehensive list of qualifying conditions by state.
*All opinions are my own and are not meant to represent the views and beliefs of any one person or entity otherwise.
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