Reclining Camping Chair

Reclining Camp Chair
w/ Pillow & Attached Footrest

Reclining Camp Chair arrives fully assembled inside a portable carry bag. Remove from carry bag and release the elastic band holding the unit together. Once you release the elastic band the footrest will unfold, continue to unfold the chair section by pressing the edges out and down to make stable. Place the headrest pillow in place via the hook & loop strip attached to the back of the pillow and the back of the headrest area of the camping chair.

Reclining Camping Chair

The pillow is about a 4ish inches high, with about 3 inch thickness by about 10ish inches long. I’m not sure what the inside material is as it does not say in the description on the purchase site or in the packaging. It feels like a memory foam of sorts as its real soft and pliable feeling and springs back after you release pressure. Seems to keep its shape well.

Packing away the reclining camp chair is as easy as set up. Simply remove the headrest pillow or allow it to be folded up into the chair, either option is workable. Compress the camping chair back down by grabbing from the seat area and pulling up. As you pull up the seat section of the Reclining Camp Chair, push the leg pieces towards the center. End by folding the footstool section up toward the seat and banding it closed with the elastic strap.

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Reclining Camp Chair Package Includes:

Reclining Chair w/ Attached Footrest
Pillow/Headrest Attachment
Carrying bag

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  1. The moment i saw and read your post, i knew this chair is perfect for my boyfriend. He needs this especialy when he goes fishing.

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