Maze Herb Grinder

Maze Herb Grinder
~ 2.5in 4pc w/ Kief Catcher ~

Maze Herb GrinderSimilar Design Available On Amazon

This maze herb grinder has 4 separate sections. The holes offer a coarse grind. There is a kief catcher in the very bottom as well. The top of the lid section is where you will find the maze game. The maze is a continuous style maze where once you get to the end, it sort of keeps going and you end up back at the top through a different route.

While it is a little challenging finding the right balance to move the metal ball in the direction you want it to go, its pretty easy to get the hang of it after a little practice and once you do, don’t be surprised if you zone into it. The size and bright metallic colors of this maze herb grinder, green, yellow and red, create an easy conversation starter alone but with the added game, this little gadget will leave you entertained!

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