Mar 22

Double Sided Magnetic Learning Easel

Double Sided Magnetic Learning Easel
~ By Toys of Happytime ~

This double-sided learning easel comes ready to assemble with starter accessories for hours of fun play and learning activities. Both sides of the easel are magnetic. One side has a white board to use with dry erase markers and one side has a green chalk board to use with regular chalk sticks. Powdered chalk, not liquid, as this board is porous.

The whole unit is made of a plastic material with smooth edges and rounded corners, making this not only child friendly but also toddler friendly. The manufacturers recommended age for this toy art easel is ages 3 to 10 yrs. I could easily see a 3 to 10 year old enjoying this learning easel.

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Learning Easel

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Learning Easel Package Includes: dis-assembled easel parts, double sided magnetic boar with white board and chalk board, 1 sponge eraser, 1 small dry erase marker with eraser tip, 1 package of magnetic alphabet letters and one package of magnetic numbers and symbols.
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Assembling The Learning Easel

This magnetic learning easel comes ready to be assembled with easy instructions. The instructions for the learning easel were on the box. The instructions were a series of images that lead you step by step, there was no text.

Each of the pieces are imprinted with a letter and a number. For example: A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 etc.. Each leg of the tripod had a letter value. The top section that creates the bear head shape also had a letter and number combination on each of the entry points for the legs.

Part A1 of leg A slid up into part A1 on the bear head. You repeat this for each of the first three top leg pieces. You then add the triangle shaped tray or utility holder which is also imprinted with the corresponding leg that goes in each opening. A2, B2, C2, the second piece of each leg is also marked with A2, B2 and C2 as this is where all three sections meet.

Leg A and B are fully formed at this point. Leg C has one extra section where C3 (the bottom of C2) connects to an extra support base for the back leg of the tripod. It is also imprinted with the letter and number combo.

There were no tools involved with the set of of this unit at all. It is simply matching the sections with the same letter number combination and remembering to add the tray in the middle. That’s it really. After you have the legs in place your learning easel is pretty much set up.

The next step is deciding which height you want the whiteboard holder to be. There is one lower for shorter children or toddlers and one a little higher for slightly taller children. The two yellow hooks sort of just pop into place by tipping upwards while inserting and then press down and in. Reverse this step to take them out and use the other height.

Using the Learning Easel

At this point your learning easel is fully assembled and ready to use. They did however include stickers to dress up the art easel and create the bear appearance. Two included bear ear stickers and one label sticker are easily added to the appropriate areas. These are not easy to move after you place them so take a little time, although they give plenty of room so you do not have to be exact or perfect and it still turns out great.

The package of magnetic alphabet letters and numbers seemed pretty small, but once placed on the board they seemed the perfect size. The magnets are strong and tiny. These stuck very well to both sides of the board with not issues with falling off. Bumping the easel, writing and even erasing did not make these magnets fall or even budge. Very good quality as far as the magnet goes. The magnets are plastic and light weight. They are 3 dimensional but concave from the back.

Overall I think this is a great art easel for kids and even toddlers who like to doodle or are learning letters and numbers. I like that it has a height adjustment to make playing comfortable for kids of multiple ages. The colors are bright and neutral allowing for easy gifting to a boy or girl. The no tool assembly is a definite bonus!

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Mar 22

These Foolish Things #BehindTheBlogger

Behind The Blogger
~ These Foolish Things ~

These foolish things.. I have definitely been known to make some very foolish decisions in my life and while some of them left me feeling rather stupid and sometimes inadequate, most of them have been life lessons and guidelines for how I want to progress in my life.

Most people think of foolishness as lacking common sense or having poor judgement. Others look at foolish things and think of pranksters and harmful silly fruitless acts. While one can have a more negative impact on a situation than the other, the idea of foolishness seems to bring about the idea that the person is inadequate in someway.

But I think the world needs foolishness to help us create barriers in our own life. Without making mistakes and having foolish moments, we would never know how certain things effect your life  as a whole or how they make you feel.

People sometimes think stepping out of your comfort zone will make you feel like a fool, but it could be the one thing that makes you a new friend.

While some things are just plain foolish, such as paying too much for the same thing, repeating the same thing over expecting different results… etc etc.. you know all the sayings.. Sometimes its just another life lesson you needed to try on your own.

So I say embrace your foolishness and learn from it!

Foolish Things

Thank you for reading a story from #BehindTheBlogger Hop. Every 2 weeks a group of bloggers is given a writing prompt. These prompts are very open ended, so our bloggers can write about whatever they desire. The main rule is that their blog post directly relates to the topic of that week. The point of this hop is for our readers to get to know us on a personal level.

Please hop along and read all of the blog posts in this weeks hop. Just click the links below. If you want real and raw emotion, then you will find it here. After you read each post, please comment and share. We want to get to know you too!

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Mar 10

Google Chromecast Audio @BestBuy, @Chromecast #ad

Google Chromecast Audio
~ Stream Crystal Clear Sound via Wi-Fi ~

Google Chromecast Audio: Stream your favorite music with Google Chromecast Audio. Simply plug into your speaker’s auxiliary input and connect to your Wi-Fi network. Then just tap the Cast button from your favorite apps on your phone, tablet or computer to cast songs, radio stations and podcasts to your speaker.

Google Chromecast

Package includes: Chromecast Audio, 3.5mm analog stereo patch cable, Power cable/adapter & Owner’s manual. Model Number: RUX-J42
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Setting Up Google Chromecast Audio

The first steps in setting up your Chromecast Audio would be figuring out which components you will need. If your speaker has a power source, then you can simply hook the double side aux cord to your speaker and the other end to the round disk which is the Chromecast unit.

If your speaker does not have a power source, you will also need to use the included power adapter and hook to the other end of your Chromecast unit via the mini micro usb end, and the standard outlet plug into your outlet.

Once you have your components set in place and a power source connected for your Google Chromecast Audio unit, you are ready to download the app.

You can find the app in your app store directly, or you can go to to be directed to the current options for your listening device. Such as your phone or tablet. I used my Galaxy S7 Edge and it directed me to the Google Play store to download my app.

Using the Google Chromecast Audio App

The app name I was directed to was, Google Home. In the app store you will simply click Install and allow the app to download to your device. After you have fully downloaded the app, it will direct you to open.

Open the app. They will request for you to accept there terms of service and privacy policy before you can continue. Click accept and move on to the next steps.

The next screen indicates that the google home app needs location permissions to discover and set up nearby devices. You can choose to turn on location settings or skip. I chose skip.

The next screen asked me to sign in to the Google Home app for a better experience. The only option is sign in. I chose sign in. A new little box popped up asking if I wanted to continue as the sign in name I was already using on my phone. I clicked continue as…

The next screen was an email opt in screen. I did not allow emails and clicked continue. This is a personal preference.

The next screen to me to the full app. The first thing that popped up was a flashing blue and white half circle that said “Manage your devices”.

Managing Your Connected Devices

When you tap the icon in the top right section of your screen that says “Manage your devices”  a new screen pops up scanning for devices.

At this point, I also had another little box pop up asking me to “Allow Home to access this device’s location?” If i click Deny the screen just kept searching and after about a minute it displays that no devices have been found.  and offers help.

I went back a screen and it did nothing. No matter what I did it just would not find the speaker. Finally I decided I better allow location and tried to get the pop up to come back up or find that setting. I couldn’t. I ended up having to uninstall the app and reinstall.

This time when it came to location service I selected allow. After selecting allow, the screen went back to scanning for devices and instantly popped up with “Chromecast Audio found” and underneath it told me that my Chromecast Audio had a temporary name and the option below was continue. I clicked continue.

After I clicked continue a new screen popped up telling me I was connected to the device. The next screen told me they were about to play a sound to test the Chromecast Audio. I clicked “Play Test Sound”

It then switched to a new screen asking if I hear the test sound or not. I did not hear it, so I clicked “try Again”

At this point I realized the AUX cord I had connected between my speaker and the Google Chromecast Audio was not fully plugged into the Chromecast disk. Once I had it fully inserted, I clicked “Try Again” and instantly heard the sound. This time I clicked “I HEARD IT”

The next screen in the “Manage Device” Section of the App prompted me to name my Chromecast Audio. The name was displaying the temporary name it had previously given me. I tapped the name and it highlighted the whole thing and an X popped up to allow me to delete the temporary name and add one of my own choosing.

There were two check boxes already pre-selected with options to send data and crash reports automatically and one to enable guest mode. I disabled auto crash reports and left enabled guest mode.

The next screen in the set up process asked me to connect the Chromecast Audio device to my Wi-Fi. I allowed the connection and it prompted me to add my password.

This initiated the full set up to complete.

After a few minutes, the screen displayed that my Google Chromecast Audio was connected to my Wi-Fi and prompted me to continue. I did.

At this point, it asked me if I would like to sign into my google account to enhance the user experience. I was personally not ready to worry about all of that just yet so I selected the options to leave set up. The options were to sign in or leave set up. I was then redirected back to the home screen.

From here you can choose which way to use your Google Chromecast Audio. They have Google Play Music listed first to play music already on your device or you can use one of the many apps that they have pre-installed for use with Chromecast such as iHeart Radio, Slacker, Pandora, Spotify and many more!

Google ChromecastAdditional Features of the Google Chromecast Audio

Google Chromecast Audio allows you to play music on your speakers, new or old, wirelessly from your phone, laptop or tablet. Chromecast Audio uses WiFi instead of Bluetooth, you can stream crystal clear hi res sound.

Listen to your favorite tunes on your speaker: By using your phone, it’s easy to play, pause, or change the volume from anywhere in the home. And while streaming, you can still text or call without interrupting what’s playing or draining your battery.

Crystal clear sound, powered by the cloud: Use Chromecast Audio to stream over Wi-Fi which has many advantages over Bluetooth including higher sound quality.

Enjoy hundreds of your favorite audio apps: Stream millions of songs, radio stations, and podcasts through apps like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music. Find more at

Play music everywhere with Multi-room: Now you can easily fill every room in your home with synchronous music. Simply group Chromecast Audio devices together so you can listen to the same song on multiple speakers.


The Google Chromecast Audio is pretty much googles version of a net box. While I like that it is a small and discreet little unit, I don’t like that you have to go through the sign in process and must use your location services to use the device. But aside from that it works great. The set up is not hard at all if you simply allow access from the start unlike I did, even though it told me explicitly before I clicked deny, that the program would not work without it. So my fault there, was hoping it would just work anyway. It did not. Go figure right.. lol anyway…

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Mar 10

Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop

Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop

Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the 1st annual Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop
Hosted by SaraLee’s Deals Steals & Giveaways.

This is an open themed hop with NO minimum prize value. Enter to win the prize Grand Prize by our host for that lucky man in your life. Manscaped – The Perfect Package is sponsoring the prize. So be sure to enter the giveaway here than hop on over and enter all the other great prizes today.

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Giveaway Time!
03/10 – 03/25
Open Worldwide

Enter via the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!!
$20 or PayPal Cash!

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What is the best prize you’ve ever been lucky enough to win?


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