May 25

Divatress Ponytail Wigs #Beauty #AD

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Ponytail Extensions

Divatress is a leading e-commerce company that offers a wide range of hair care products and thousands of wigs. Divatress clients range from professional stylist to students, with products to fit all your hair & beauty needs!

Where did the name Divatress come from? According to their website “A diva is a goddess or queen. ‘Tress’ is a lock of hair.” The founders selected their name to signify “beauty through hair”
You can learn more about them > here <.


Divatress has an amazing selection of ponytail wigs and extensions that can change your everyday look in an instant. You can create buns, long braids or add body to your hair with their selection of ponytails. The ponytails have drawstrings and combs that make them easy to put on and hold secure.

You can shop top-selling brands like FreeTress Equal, Isis Collection, Outre and more. Their ponytail extensions come in a variety of hair textures and colors to help you create the look you long for.

A wide range of wig brands and pricing options will help you accomplish whatever look and style you have in mind. Find your next ponytail through Divatress online and sport the look you crave!

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May 25

Outdoor Yard Games & Activities

Outdoor Yard Games
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Yard games are one of the easiest ways to entertain family and friends during the warm summer months. With the many holidays and special occasions comes many parties and bbq’s!

Finding ways to keep your guest and children from boredom while waiting to eat or gather, can be as simple as a round of horseshoes.

As a host and a guest, I equally agree that having something to keep me entertained, whether by watching or playing, helps keep the mood light and the evening active.

Using yard games and other outdoor activities gives you a chance to open up and create a little competition while getting to know those around you.

Some of my families favorites include traditional games like horseshoes and volleyball that have been around for generations. While other favorites include lesser known games like Rollors and Lawn Darts.

Grab one of these great lawn games for your next get together and get to know your guests!


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Outdoor Yard Games

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1.  Rollors Yard Game: Rollors is a cool new game that combines horseshoes, bocce ball and outdoor bowling. My family owns this game and I highly recommend it. It’s great for family get togethers when you have people of all ages playing.

2. Corn Hole: Available in regulation or tailgate sizes. Includes 8 Premium All Weather Bags (4 Red + 4 Blue) with Tote Bag.

3. Horseshoes: 4 forged steel American horseshoes (Blue and Gray) and 2 solid steel 24-inch stakes are built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

4. Giant 4 in a Row Game: Game measures over 3 feet wide and 32 inches tall and can be setup in seconds. Each game is crafted from solid wood and painted white for a classic look. Includes 42 Plastic Coins (21 Red + 21 blue): The coins are made from durable plastic.

5. Volleyball: Set includes Regulation size nylon net, poles, stakes, (1) volleyball, (4) badminton racquets, (3) shuttlecocks, boundary lines, and a carrying case.

6. Lawn Darts: With a twist on horseshoes, players take turns tossing their team’s darts at the target rings. Includes 4 plastic round-bottom darts in 2 team colors, 2 all-weather target rings, and 1 caddy.

7. Ladder Ball: 2 teams toss weighted bolos at ladder targets for points – first to reach the target score wins! Set includes: 2 steel ladder targets and 6 weighted bolos in 2 team colors.

8. Croquet: Includes (6) 2.75″ all-weather molded balls, (6) 7″ X 1.875″ wood mallet heads, (6) 26″ wood mallet lacquered chestnut finish handles w/caps, (2) 18″ painted wood stakes, (9) all weather coated bent wire wickets, Traditional carry bag for transport and storage.

9. Bocce Ball: One of the oldest forms of lawn bowling, the relaxing yet strategic game invites players of all ages and skill levels to participate. Set includes 4 green balls, 4 red balls, 1 white pallino, and 1 measuring device.

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May 24

Don’t You Remember #BehindTheBlogger

Behind The Blogger
~ Don’t You Remember ~

Don’t You Remember… I hate these words. I hate these words with a passion. I don’t remember!

Maybe I’m at the age where my memory is failing me. Or is it?

Through conversations with friends and family, reliving crazy adventures and antics, I often hear, Don’t you remember?

The short answer is no.

No I don’t remember it. Not because I don’t want too or because it wasn’t an important part of my life at the time, but because it’s not important now.

While I enjoy reminiscing and even hearing other’s tales and perceptions of what we all did, I just don’t cherish those memories the same.

It’s not that I don’t remember them ever, I just don’t remember them at the moment or by a simple word or clue…

Given more details and reminders these memories come flooding back like it was yesterday, but these memories are not the ones I cherish and hold close to my heart like the ones I have created since.

While I remember getting stuck in 4 feet of mud while out at 3 am while I was in my early 20’s, no I don’t remember what all we did that night or even why we were out driving through the swamps and quite frankly I barely remember who all was there.

But I do remember the first thought I had when I held my first born. While that thought lasted literal seconds, I remember it as if it was yesterday and I’ll never forget it.

So while I don’t always remember what others remember about me, I’ll never forget some other things.

I don’t believe this to be a bad thing. I believe this is my soul keeping the important aspects of my life in check and the others archived in my brain.

So while I don’t remember, it doesn’t mean I won’t or can’t remember! I just have better memories to cherish and keep at the forefront..

That’s life.. And it’s okay!


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May 23

Swimming Pool Floats ~ Summer #Giveaway!

Swimming Pool Floats
~ Summer Giveaway ~

Swimming pool floats are a universal sign of summer for most people and the more crazy and extreme they are, the better. Check out a few of my favorites below and then enter for a chance to win your own crazy pool float!

With the site lines of summer right around the corner the kids are ready to sing! ~ Schools Out For Summer!

Okay maybe they are not quite old enough to realize what a sweet sweet song that was when I was in high school and college, but the thrill and excitement of a summer full of swimming and fun adventures awaited us and danced in our dreams just as they do these new generations.

Swimming Pool Floats

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1. Gigantic Sea Turtle Pool Raft: Giant 9 Feet or 108″ Durable .25mm Vinyl Pool Float

2. Unicorn Pool Raft: 61″ (Over 5 Feet) Heavy Duty, Durable .25mm Vinyl Pool Float; Rainbow Unicorn. Also available in the 8ft size HERE.

3. High Heel Pool Raft: 60″ Original High Heel Pool Float, Swim Raft Inflatable. Heavy Duty, Durable .25mm Vinyl Pool Float.

4. Giant Peacock Pool Raft: 90″ Original Peacock Pool Float, Swim Raft Inflatable

5. Bald Eagle Pool Raft: 78″ Original American Eagle Pool Float; Bald Eagle Swim Raft Inflatable. Heavy Duty, Durable .25mm Vinyl Pool Float.

6. Bottle of Wine Pool Raft: 87″ Wine Bottle Pool Float. Heavy Duty, Durable .25mm Vinyl Pool Float.

7. Acoustic Guitar Pool Raft: Pool Floatie is Over 9 FEET! Can Hold 4 Adults or 5 Children. Great For Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day Pool Parties

8. Billiard Pool Raft: 78″ Original Billiards Pool Float, Swim Raft Inflatable

9. Mustache Pool Raft: 96″ Original Mustache Pool Float, Swim Raft Inflatable. Heavy Duty, Durable .25mm Vinyl Pool Float; Lasts Longer, Avoids Punctures

10. Inflatable Butterfly Pool Float: Gigantic 81″ Inflatable Butterfly. Almost 5 Ft Wing Span. .25MM; Higher Than Industry Excellence of .2MM

Giveaway Time!!
Open To US Residents Only
5/23 – 6/23

Enter via the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win your choice of swimming pool floats!
Winner will choose between a Unicorn Pool Float Or Billiard Pool Float

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

How do you spend your summer?
What is/are your favorite thing(s) about summer?
Which pool float would you like to win most?
What type of pool float would you like to see made?

**This giveaway is sponsored by Freebies Deals & Steals.  If you have any questions or concerns involving this particular giveaway contact: BEFORE entering ~ Thank you and GOOD LUCK to all!

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