summer mornings coffee music and more

summer mornings coffee music and more

How I Like To Spend My Summer Mornings!

My house is pretty chilly in the mornings and I love sitting outside in the sun listening to the morning sounds of nature. From the birds to the creek and the trees rusting about in the welcomed breeze.  So instead of turning on the heat for maybe an hour, I’ll grab all my gear and head outdoors.

I have this green travel table that is the perfect height to hold all my stuff and is easy to set up and durable enough to just keep up.

Of course I have to have my coffee, and I usually grab a speaker to listen to music when the sounds of nature start getting drowned out by the sounds of humans setting about their days..

There is no better sound on this planet, than the sound of nature, when you’re in a calm, relaxing, peaceful setting, physically, spiritually and mentally. This is the perfect time for me to wake & bake.

With the sun warming my body & soul, coffee warming my heart & mind and a joint to awaken my spirit and energy. I choose to use my summer mornings as a weekend reset from the work week grind.

A few of my new favorite weekend wake n bake tunes were recommended from fellow stoners and mmj patients. My current favorite is “Coffee & a Joint“. You can find this on Amazon Music.

Interesting facts about summer

Summer is one of the four main seasons and is the warmest of them all. Summer usually starts around June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere and around December 21st in the Southern Hemisphere. It is considered the longest day of the year and known as the summer solstice.

The word “summer” comes from the Old English word “sumor,” which means “hot season.”

The weather is typically hot, and many people enjoy spending time outdoors participating in various activities. Many people enjoy swimming, camping, hiking, and other outdoor recreation, it’s also the season for many popular sports, such as baseball, soccer, and tennis.

Many schools have summer break, giving students and teachers time off to enjoy the season and is a popular time for vacations, with many families traveling to the beach or other destinations.

The Fourth of July, a holiday celebrating American independence, is celebrated during the summer in the United States.

Summer is a season of growth, with many plants and trees flourishing during this time.

The hot weather during summer can lead to increased energy use, as people turn on air conditioning units to stay cool.

Overall, summer is a season of warmth, growth, and activity, providing opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors and engage in various forms of recreation.

How do you enjoy your summer days & evenings?

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