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Conversation Cards for Best Friends
400 BFF Questions and 400 Fun This or That Topics

2 Games in 1! – Includes 400 Open-ended Questions and 400 This or That Game Prompts – To play: Ask and answer the question in the middle of the card. Separately, play the This or That conversation game with the words on the sides to see how well you really know your best friend. Top bunk or Bottom bunk? Toast or Cereal?? Only one way to find out! With two get to know you games and two ways to play, you can choose to ask deep open-ended questions or play a lighter, sillier game.

Conversation Cards for Coworkers
Fun Icebreaker Teambuilding Game for Work

Match Your Team’s Dynamic by Choosing Questions from 5 Different Categories – All work teams have different dynamics and comfort levels. With this in mind, this deck includes five card categories: light, medium, deep, light work-related, and deep work-related. New teams will enjoy the lighthearted This or That Game and the lighter cards before jumping into the medium and deep cards. The work-related question categories aim to foster understanding of each other’s goals and working styles.

200 Conversation Starters for Grandparents
Games for Kids and Elders to Connect and Share

Ask kids fun questions, gain wisdom from elders, and discuss what it means to be a family. Learn essential family values and build a stronger relationship as you share fun stories, life lessons, memories, and aspirations through this family card game. Engage in a deep, meaningful group conversation or a simple chat over coffee and strengthen your bonds.

400 Conversation Cards about Spirituality
Go from Small Talk to Soul Talk
Deep Questions for Reflection and Discussion

Contemplate Solo or Connect with Others – Sort out your spiritual beliefs by using the prompts as a guided journal or daily devotional. Or invite deep, nourishing discussions about self-awareness, beliefs, faith, and being human. Get comfortable, draw cards, and respond to them as daily journal prompts or gather your open-minded friends to contemplate life, the human spirit, and your path. Elevate your thinking, connection, and conversations with these open-ended questions.


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