10 Special FX Halloween Makeup Kits Tips Ideas!

10 Spooktifying Halloween Makeup Kits!

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1. Mehron Special FX Kit: Mehron ALL-PRO Special FX Halloween Makeup Kit is a new addition to Mehron’s Special FX Makeup line. The Kit includes all necessary makeup, applicators and accessories that are perfect for all makeup artists alike, from beginners to experts. The kit includes 6 accessories and 3 prosthetics in addition to a range of full size makeup products and can be used for a variety of makeup designs. Includes: 3 Mask Covers & 5 Color Cup Colors, 4.5 oz. Liquid Latex Clear, 1 oz. Squirt Blood, Large Powder Puff, 2 oz. 3-D Clear Gel, Stage Blood, .5 oz. Coagulated Blood, 1 oz. Barrier Spray, Crepe Hair, 3 Full Size Stage-line Makeup Brushes, Color-set Powder, 1 oz. Makeup Remover Lotion, 1 oz. Brush Cleaner, 1 oz. Spirit Gum Remover, Spirit Gum, Tooth FX Blood Red, Tooth FX Nicotine, Rigid Collodion, Fixative A, 1 oz. Hair White, Modeling Putty/Wax, Extra Flesh, Bruise Color Ring, Stipple Sponge, Non Latex Sponge, Cotton Swabs, 2 Prosthetic Bullet Holes, 1 Prosthetic Wound and a Special Effects Application Guide.

2. Zipper FX Makeup Kit: Includes: Spirit gum and remover, Brush, Sponge, Zipper, Fake blood, Makeup

3. Complete Latex Bald Cap Kit with Instructions: This complete kit includes the Regular sized Latex Bald Cap as well as all the make-up products you will need to attach, color and remove your bald cap as well as 16 step, full color instructions to ease you through the process so you can achieve professional results. The complete kit contains: Cap, Spirit Gum Adhesive, Spirit Gum Remover, Face Powder, Liquid Latex, Rubber Mask Grease Make-Up 5-color stack, Lining Pencil, Make-Up Brush, Powder puff, Foam cosmetic wedges, A Wedge of Red Rubber Round and again the complete pictorial and textual step by step instructions required. This kit makes one of the trickier make-up applications into something almost anyone can do and be happy with the results.

4. Extreme Costume Makeup: 25 Creepy & Cool Step-by-Step Demos: World-renowned special effects artists Brian and Nick Wolfe will teach you how to transform everyday faces into an army of ghastly personas–from raging fire demons and disfigured zombies, to blood-spattered vampires and otherworldly aliens–with simple face-painting techniques. Learn the secrets to creating believable, creepy costume makeup with readily available materials, easy-to-follow instruction, and a monster-load of cool inspiration for everyone from novices to more experienced face painters.

5. Makeup Kits Ben Nye Deluxe 3-d Special Effects Kit: The Character Halloween Makeup Kits are all from our Ben Nye Character Makeup Kits line. Each Ben Nye Character Makeup Kit contains what you will need to professionally create each Character listed.

6. Bloody Mary Professional Deluxe Zombie Apocalypse Kit: This kit includes enough Bloody Mary makeup for a whole horde of Zombies. 30 plus characters. Makeup comes in a Limited Edition Zombie Lunch Box. Kit includes a Large Scab Blood, Large Zombie Paste Makeup, Monster Tri Wheel, Zombie Tri Wheel, Large Aftermath Black Blood, Large Dirt Setting Powder, Large Decay Rotted Setting Powder and Zombie Tooth Decay, 4 pcs Brush Kit, Application Sponges and Stipple Sponges. All orders receive a free Black Eye Shadow for hollowing out your Zombies Eyes.

7. Dark Fairy Professional Character Makeup Kit: Everything you need for this dark character. You can be as creative as you want with all the colors to choose from. It’s all about the eyes. Kit includes 4 Color Eye Makeup Wheel, Black Eye Liner, Bloody Mary’s famous White Heat Pressed Powder, Black Lipstick, Multi Gun Metal Glitter Creme, 4pc Brush Kit, Sponge and full instructions in a zippered makeup case. Perfect Halloween makeup kit. Great addition to Halloween costume.

8. Deluxe Avatar Na’vi Makeup Kit: Protect the unobtainium and natural wild life around you when you’re dressed like one of the Na’vi people with this deluxe Avatar Na’vi makeup kit. It will add realistic and detailed touches to your outfit, and is sure to give you costume a look that’s straight out of the blockbuster movie!

9. A Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger Makeup Kit: Transform yourself into Freddy Kruger from nightmare on elm st, with rubies Halloween Makeup help, of course A world-leader in the creation of costumes, make up and accessories, Rubie’s has the costumes and accessories children and adults want for Halloween and year-around dress up fun

10. Bloody Brain Headpiece: This item includes bloody brain headpiece. Does not include makeup or costume

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