Oct 11

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  1. Jessica Whitehouse

    I don’t usually dress up for Halloween… I dress the kids up instead. This year both of my boys want to be Ironman.

  2. sandra

    I am not planning on dressing up, but my kids are thought they haven’t figure out as what yet

  3. Jeanna Massman

    I usually dress up as a witch.

  4. Helen

    I love dressing up. This year I am going to be a sorceress.

  5. Renea G

    I love dressing up for Halloween! Love decorating the house and yard! I also love all the trick or treater’s! Last year we had over 300 trick or treater’s and we gave out over 50 pounds of candy!!

  6. Sarah Mathias

    I love dressing up for Halloween. You get to be whatever you want. Last year I was a zombie and this year I am going to be a witch.

  7. Cheryl Chervitz

    I don’t dress up anymore, but I enjoy seeing all the little ones in their costumes. My favorite was in 6th grade when I dressed as a milk carton.

  8. Meme

    I love dressing the kids up in what ever they dream up. This year im making a Harley Quinn costume and super colorful nerd costume.

  9. LB

    I don;t dress up anymore, but my favorite costume was Strawbery Shortcake! My son is going to be Darkwing Duck from DuckTales.

  10. Kristin C

    I’m not dressing up for Halloween this year – I’ll be at home dispensing the candy.

  11. Mary Gardner

    I enjoyed dressing up at Halloween as a kid but rarely do it these days. I guess I am too busy helping with the kids dressing up. We don’t have big plans other than trick or treating and handing out candy.

  12. wen budro

    I don’t really dress up anymore. I do enjoy seeing all of the kids in their costumes having fun on Halloween.

  13. Becca

    I don’t really like to dress up but I like to see other people’s costumes. I’m not planning to dress up this year, but if I had to I might just wear my scrubs lol

  14. krysylyn86

    I love dressing up, I love doing it with the kids, it’s always an all around blast. I’ve been a pretty awesome zombie and Cleopatra. Not sure what I’ll be this year, possibly something last minute.

  15. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    we don’t celebrate halloween.

  16. Marissa M

    I love Halloween! This year I am not going to dress up much but will stay home to answer the door and hand out candy!

  17. amy craft

    Halloween is HUGE in our family…it is my daughters birthday so we usually go all out. She can’t decide if she wants to be Harley Quinn or a “cool” witch.

  18. pollylee

    Our 9 year old grandson is going to be Harry Potter and our 4 year old is going to be a Zombie

  19. Lyndsey R.

    Yes, I love dressing up! Makes me feel like a kid again and I can be my freaky weird self without freaking people out LOL

  20. Donna Clifford

    I do enjoy dressing up. I’ve been a little girl, a cat, and an old lady before. it’s fun. I’m not dressing up this year, but my daughter is. She is going to be a reaper.

  21. barbg

    I enjoyed it when my kids were young but not so much now. Still like passing out the candies.

  22. Melina Ramirez

    I did not celebrate Halloween until now that I am an adult. I never wanted to dress up for Halloween. I do enjoy my kids dressing up and they have fun going out to fall festivals and trick or treating.

  23. Leela

    My little ponies and super mario.

  24. aaron reck

    I’m gonna be a zombie person this year. Rooting for a change.

  25. Ann Fantom

    I don’t dress up any more because I can never think of any creative ideas. My favorite Halloween costume I had as a kid was my Cinderella costume.

  26. heather s

    I like Halloween and dress up in fun costumes. I am thinking of a black cat. Also love watching scary movies

  27. Tari Lawson

    I love Halloween. I always dress up. I really don’t know what I am going to be yet. Hope to figure it out next weekend. I go to a Halloween party my friend throws every year. It is lots of fun. I also decorate my house for the neighborhood kids.

  28. Brandy Schwartz

    I love Halloween. My husband and I go on a Halloween cruise every year. And, we have a few different costumes. This year, we’re dressing up in our German Oktoberfest outfits.

  29. Stephanie Liske

    We love Halloween!! I dress up almost every year. I have been a pirate, I fire chief, a boxer, a nurse, a nun, a cat, a monster… can’t think of all of them. 😀

  30. Jodi Hassel

    I love dressing up with all of my friends

  31. Robin Abrams

    I love Halloween. We make our house into a haunted house and have a party for my grandkids and their friends

  32. ladymagnolia99

    When I was younger and taking my children trick or treating, I loved getting dressed in costumes. I stay home now and give out the treats to the little ones. I usually dress like a witch to give out the treats!!!!

    Judy Cox

  33. stacey mccrary

    Yes I enjoy dressing up. I have many things over the years from vampire to witch. No we don’t plan on doing anything this year because unfortunately we cant this year. So the Great Pumpkin King will visit my daughter instead.

  34. Ashley turicik

    Me and my daughter are both going to be deeds this year. I’m 8 months pregnant so I don’t know how much trick or treating I will be doing

  35. Terra Heck

    I enjoy dressing up for Halloween. This year I am going as a tie-dye mummy. Thanks.

  36. Heather B

    I do not dress up, have not in a very long time. I do really enjoy taking my children out Trick or Treating though.

  37. Anne Higgins

    We enjoy Halloween and I have always dressed up even if only handing out candy. We love to participate in the trunk or treat programs offered by the boys/girls club and have hosted parties where parents and kids can feel safe for having fun. We have been animals (gorilla, cow, fish and others), tourists, sloppy housewife, bunches of grapes, cereal box, flower and many other fun costumes.

  38. cindy schierl

    I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years, but maybe this year

  39. Margaret Smith

    We’re kids at heart and love dressing up along with our kids. We usually have a party, with some friends, so we really do enjoy Halloween.

  40. gracefulcoffee

    We love Halloween! I am going to be a unicorn this year 🙂


  41. Tracy Shafer

    I have dressed up all kinds of ways..I was a raggedy ann, a zombie, a cat etc..this year I’m not sure.

  42. Cheryl B

    I do, this year I will be the Flash.

  43. Vicki Wurgler

    I love halloween and dressing up-this year I’ll be a scarecrow

  44. bn100

    like dressing up

  45. Maria B

    I like dressing up and passing out candy, but I am on duty to take the little one trick or treating.
    My go to costume is a butterfly.
    I think a clown for me and my little girl going as an evil queen.

  46. Kristin C

    My son is going to be a pumpkin this year.

  47. nannypanpan01

    When I was a kid I loved dressing up. Now I enjoy my kids and their costumes. I have a witch and a ninja

  48. Lena

    I love dressing up my kids because it’s fun!
    I probably would just get me a pink wig and a funky skirt!

  49. Kelly D

    Yes, I like to dress up. I usually dress as a witch. My daughter will be a cat this year.

  50. kelly nicholson

    Do you enjoy Halloween the fun of dressing up?? Why or why not?

    havent done it for awile,but it was fun

  51. slehan

    I’m going to a friend’s party.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  52. Mia J

    I enjoy dressing up. My daughter is going to be a voodoo doll and I am going to be a leprechaun.

  53. Soha Molina

    I don;t like dressing up because I never know what to wear.

  54. punkin0001

    I am definitely planning to dress up this year for Halloween.

  55. punkin0001

    I usually dress up as a witch for Halloween. This year will be no different. 😀

  56. Deborah W

    I don’t dress up for Halloween. I think it’s for the kids. They are going as Disney characters.

  57. Amy Stonger

    I love dressing up for Halloween. In the past I’ve gone as a ninja, mummy, and pirate. This year my daughter and I will be going as Greek goddesses and my son will be going as a Navy SEAL.

  58. heather kaufman

    I just usually wear silly clothes. My kids are dressing up as Mario & a ninja.

  59. Darlene Carbajal

    I enjoy dressing up and getting candy, but Halloween is not my favorite holiday lol.

  60. Natalie

    I have not dressed up in eons, but I love seeing my kids dress up and enjoy going around the neighborhood 🙂

  61. Wendy Pesce

    I like to dress up and have fun

  62. Cynthia R

    I haven’t dressed up since my teens/early 20’s. I probably will just pass out candy.

  63. Michelle J.

    I enjoy it. I think I’ll be a witch this year.

  64. Jess D

    We make our own costumes and are dressing up as Poison Ivy and Bane this year


    I enjoyed it when I was a kid dressing up I went as a mummy G I Joe my little niece is going as a unicorn I will be passing out candy

  66. shirley emitt

    I do not dress up anymore, I do dress up 8 kids, and hand out treat bags.

  67. Emily L

    I love dressing up! It’s a blast. I’m a theatre person at heart so it makes perfect sense that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. This year I’m planning as going as Mrs. Lovett, and the kids are still deciding.

  68. Katie Bellamy

    Halloween is my favorite Holiday!!

  69. robinmblankenship

    I love Halloween. I have not dressed up in years. But I have dressed as Maid Marion, renaissance dress, She-Ra, Snow white. My daughter is dressing as the Blue Lantern

  70. rgoodhew

    I love dressing up, but I don’t do it much nowadays. My two boys are going to be Spiderman and Jango Fett.

  71. Charity Cram

    Our family tradition is to have a tacky party on Halloween and all the adults dress in outrageously tacky outfits. It’s lots of fun!

  72. April Morin

    I always dress up as a witch or an angel if I am going to an Halloween party. I love seeing my nieces’ costumes and hearing about all the candy they get.

  73. Shannon

    I do enjoy dressing up for Halloween. We have a costume contest at our party and I love it.

  74. darleneowen

    We are dressing up as the Smurfs.

  75. Lynne B

    I don’t get dressed up for Halloween. It was always about getting the kids ready. One year, my husband and I wanted us all to be The Incredibles but the kids were at the “omg, please don’t embarrass me” stage. lol

  76. jennifer bowen

    i love halooween and i some times dress up but most of the time i just go as my self

  77. Abigail

    I love dressing up! My kids do too!

  78. candy smith

    love dressing up

  79. desitheblonde

    i go to the church and hand out canty

  80. Mindy DeLisi

    I love this time of year, we usually do many things. One thing we have been doing this is Great Adventure Fright Fest! Scary!!

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