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“Established in 2015, Succulents Box offers 5 monthly subscription plans + more than 200 gorgeous succulent varieties organically grown in California”

The Succulents Box arrived via regular USPS mail service. The branded box is thick and sturdy. Upon opening the shipping package, each succulent was wrapped individually in a few layers of bubble wrap, secured at the top and bottom with tape.The presentation upon opening, the box is very clean and visually appealing. This is good to know for those who are gifting subscription boxes to loved ones. They take great care in appearance.

As you are removing the bubble wrap from each succulent you will experience dirt falling out and will want to open on a cleanable surface. The succulents looked as if they were tousled around a little while traveling, but that was only indicated by the loose dirt around and on top of some of the succulents.

I blew some of the dirt off with just a flow of breath and some I was able to lightly tap the side of the plastic pot these 2in plants arrived in and the dirt falls away. (When ordering the 4 inch plants, your plant may arrive bare root for extra safety of the plant.)

The 4 plant Succulents Box I received had one of each of the following succulents. Each succulent also included it’s own business size card with image and name of the plant for easy identification.

Crassula Baby Necklace

Succulents Box
Features small rounded and tightly stacked leaves and can grow to 6″-12″ tall. Also known as ‘String of Buttons’

Echeveria Minima Blue Rosette

Succulents Box
Features short chubby silvery blue leaves tipped with pink or deep purple. In late spring, it produces orange bell shaped flowers.

Crassula High Voltage

Succulents Box
Features branching succulent with triangular leaves that develop pink to red edges in bright sunlight. It displays white or pink flowers in spring or early summer.

Echeveria Fleur Blanc

Succulents Box
Features rosette with a pale green coloring, and once potted, will produce new offsets each one capable of producing bright orange flowers.

I have been enjoying these succulents for little over a week now and they are doing very well and don’t seem to have been distressed by the travel at all. They  have perked up quite nicely and even look like they may have possibly grown a touch, or at least spread out a bit to seem fuller.  Very happy with the plants I received and the health they were in was outstanding!

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Succulents Box

58 thoughts on “Succulents Box #SubscriptionBoxes Gifting Made Easy! #Giveaway”
  1. I do not have a succulents garden and don’t know much difference in their variety but I think they’re pretty and would love this. Thanks.

  2. I have a few succulents that I just bought. I wanna have a succulent garden this year I have been seeing so many beautiful gardens and ideas.

    1. I have a handful of succulents. I’m proud that they have survived as m my as they have. They are beautiful. I love my string of pearls the best.

  3. I do have a few succulent plants! My favorite is called Jade, but some people call it Shrek ears! It’s very cool!

  4. I’ve never owned any succulents or plants in general, but I’ve always wanted to own a bunch of them. I think that they’re all unique.

  5. No I dont have a garden, I think this is a really cool idea and im excited to try a garden with my Mom!

  6. I would love to start a new succulent garden with these. I love every one of them! Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. I have a small succulent garden started. It’s mostly tend & chicks with a few others I have no idea what they are!

  8. I don’t really have a succulent garden but I do have aloe in a pot indoors. I don’t have it, but I think spiral aloe is really interesting.

  9. I have a great succulent planter. It holds 20 small succulents. I don;t even know the name of my favorite one but it is pretty,

  10. I have a variety of succulenst in my kitchen window. I have no idea what kinds they are and each is in their own pot. Cute and I’d love more!

  11. We do many…living in Florida easy to do.
    Most I don’t know name.
    A fave is like a string of pearls…love them

  12. I don’t have a succulent garden but do have a aloe garden. I really want a succulent a table top succulent garden.

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