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Lead With Your Voice Spark Kit

Girls Empowerment Network

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Girls Empowerment Network defines girl as youth grades 3-12 who identify as girls,
including those who are trans and non-binary.

Included in Each Kit: The new Lead With Your Voice Spark Kit provides a girl with the self-efficacy tools she needs to lead courageously, vote, and move her toward the vision of a truly inclusive and just society.

While they are valued at $500, our kits are just $35!

15+ hours of expert-facilitated 1:1 and group activities (text, phone or video)

Spark Kit workbook with 25 self-guided and collaborative activities

Supplies for all activities

Inspirational messages just for her

Bonus: She can get a $10 gift card! Learn how in our FAQ.

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Austin, Texas – October 14, 2020 – Girls Empowerment Network today announced its one-of-a-kind girl power Spark Kit called LEAD WITH YOUR VOICE especially for teen and tween girls to inspire them to make their dream today their reality tomorrow.   
Featuring a colorful journal and all the supplies for 25 hands-on activities, the LEAD WITH YOUR VOICE Spark Kit cultivates girls’ beliefs in their own abilities to become leaders. Every page features prompts and activities that help her use her own voice to understand her values and community, embrace creativity and declare her own vision for her future. Activities include:
  • My Place in My Community Girls write and draw about their families, city, state and country where they live to explore their communities and where their families came from. 
  • How Diverse is Your Universe? – This colorful activity creates a three dimensional example of diversity in her life.  
  • RGB Collar – By making a collar inspired by those of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, girls learn how one woman can elevate the voices of all and be herself at work and in the world. 
  • Stump Speech and Say It Loud and Proud – After she imagines and defines her vision of the world at its best, she communicates her beliefs through a six-word stump speech. Then she makes a personalized megaphone to share her slogan and stump speech with friends and family.   
Girls Empowerment Network is a leader in programs and services that increase self-efficacy in girls, their belief in their ability to succeed. Its girl experts design experiences that develop girls’ Six Cs – critical thinking, creativity, communication, coping skills, collaboration and confidence – and gives girls essential tools for their well-being. 
LEAD WITH YOUR VOICE is its third Spark Kit created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, when the organization could not continue its in-person services for girls in Texas schools and communities. A May 2020 survey of families with school-age children revealed that families needed new, creative resources that helped girls cope with change. 
“LEAD WITH YOUR VOICE ignites the power in girls and helps them see their futures as influential people in their communities and our world,” says Claudia Arellano, program engagement manager at Girls Empowerment Network. “Girls are at a greater risk for depression and anxiety as they enter their teen years, and we know that increasing their belief in their own abilities helps them succeed in all areas of life.” 
LEAD WITH YOUR VOICE Spark Kits are sold online starting at $35 plus tax and shipping. Spirit Squad Delivery is available in Austin and Houston, see website for details. Deluxe Spark Kits are $50 and include fast shipping plus a limited-edition Girls Empowerment Network t-shirt while supplies last. 
About Girls Empowerment Network – 
Girls Empowerment Network’s mission is to ignite the power in girls by teaching them the skills to thrive and believe in their ability to be unstoppable. Founded in 1996, Girls Empowerment Network envisions a world where all girls believe in their power.   
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14 thoughts on “Lead With Your Voice Spark Kit ~ Girls Empowerment Network”
  1. I got a couple of these boxes not long ago. They’re so great. I love how they write on the outside of the box too. It’s really neat.

  2. I am really loving this! If I have a daughter, I will definitely let her see this! Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is so awesome. I love that this kit promotes learning and empowerment for girls. We still need a lot of that in the world.

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