March is International Hamburger & Pickle Month!

International Hamburger & Pickle Month!

I’m not making this stuff up! There is actually a month dedicated to Hamburger and Pickles! I love it. I would eat hamburgers with pickles on them everyday! Okay, maybe not everyday, but they are definitely a top on my list and we do make burgers for dinner quite often. Not quite once a week, but darn close.

I love trying out new burger recipes and different topping combinations. I even have a stuffed burger I make for my family, that I just sort of mixed together one day and now I make it all the time. Different variations but pretty similar. I honestly don’t care for burgers without pickles. I feel like they are meant for each other. So combining them in the same month just makes perfect sense to me!

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Hamburg Pickle Collage

~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~

1. Shape+Store Burger Master: Designed to make homemade burgers easier than ever, the Burger Master goes beyond the single burger press by instantly shaping and storing a batch of eight burger patties. Simply fill your favourite burger recipe into the bottom tray and seal the lid to shape eight perfectly uniform quarter pound patties

2. Double Hamburger Patty Press Slider Mini: Instantly molds and presses ground meat into uniform, 2.5″-diameter, 1.5 ounce slider patties that are 1/2″ thick.

3. 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press: 3-in-1 tool for burger making. Start by making amazing burgers stuffed with your favorite flavors in 3 easy steps. Just press, stuff press and you’re ready to cook. Or use the convenient slider insert to shape perfect sliders any time for a great snack. This press also works great to make regular burger patties up to 3/4 lb

4. Pickle Lip Balm: In the olden days they didn’t have lip balm. When their lips got chapped they’d cut off the top of a dill pickle and rub it around on their lips. Sure, it stung a bit, but that’s just the way it was back then. Fortunately, in these modern times, we can soothe our lips with a coating of this dill flavored Pickle Lip Balm. Sure beats carrying a dill pickle in your pocket! Each tube is 2-1/2″ (6.4 cm) long with a twist bottom dispenser.

5. Pickle Band-aids: Large Pickle Shaped Adhesive Bandages 15 Pack

6. 44 Ounce Instant Pickler: The set includes a 44oz Pickling Container, Vacuum valve air tight Lid, Vacuum Pump and recipe booklet.

~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~

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