Non-Candy Valentines

Valentine’s Day treats can become quite a hassle when planning for big events with large or even sometimes small groups. With more awareness about allergies and other factors out their, people are opting for the less traditional option of Non-candy Valentines gifts.

Most schools today, do not allow homemade treats or even store-bought, and sometimes even have strict no non school prepared foods at all and others just give lists due to special issues in individual classrooms, groups or even scouts and other after school programs.

Trying to include all kids in the festivities, while also keeping it fun and exciting for the kids can be a daunting task. Opting for non-candy treats to handout just seems like a great solution to keeping everyone happy. But finding classroom sets or even bulk lots of treats and toys can sometimes be difficult too. I have listed below some great non-candy items that make the switch from sweets to treats easy!

~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~


~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~

1. Valentine’s Day Classroom Favor Assortment: 12 Valentine’s Day-themed pencils, 12 sheets of Valentine’s Day stickers, 12 twenty-page ‘Fun and Games’ mini activity books, for boys and girls alike!
*Fun alternative to candy treats, ideal for allergy and peanut-free classrooms

2. Mustache Valentine’s Day Cards With Pencils: 24 stache Valentine’s Day cards and pencils in every package. Mustache cards are approximately 5 1/2 x 2 1/4. Each card has a “To” and “From” space on the back for personalization. Simply slide pencil through pre-cut holes near the side of each card. Assorted mustache pencils are approximately 7 1/2 long.

3. Valentine Cootie Catcher Super Valentine Card Pack: Super Valentine Fun Packs include 28 super fun cards and envelopes featuring fun activities and exceptional artwork. The Valentine Cootie Catcher Card pack includes seven each of four different fun cootie catchers. Kids can fold them up and play to see their valentine fortune!

4. Magic Color Scratch Hearts: 24 paper hearts, 12 scratching tools and 24 red satin ribbons per unit

5. Valentine’s Sticker Gift Boxes, 18-ct. Packs: 18-ct. packs of Valentine’s Day sticker boxes, assorted between the 2 different packs shown. Each pack contains 18 giveaway-size boxes, each box contains 8 stickers.

6. Star Wars Valentine’s Day Party Favors: 32 Star Wars Rebels Valentine’s Cards, 24 Pencils and Erasers, 25 Valentine’s Treat Bags, 36 sticker boxes, 1 Plush Teddy Bear (6″ height)..

7. Slap Bracelets – Pack of 25: Come in fun prints for the kids to enjoy as their favorite. Get it for your upcoming party to make it a memorable one for the kids.

8. 50 Aviator Lumistick Glow Eyeglasses – 8 Color Assorted Mix: 1 Tube of 100 Lumistick Brand Glow Stick Bracelets & 50 pairs of aviator eyeglasses connectors and 100 standard bracelet connectors. Make Aviator Eyeglasses Bracelets, Necklaces & More

9. Fun Express Smile Face Bouncing Balls (48 Count): Bulk bouncing balls are sure to get everyone smiling. (4 dozen per unit)
~Check out some of these neat ideas on Pinterest for “Bouncy Ball Valentines

10. PLUSH VALENTINE GORILLAS (1 DOZEN) – BULK: 12 Plush Valentine Gorillas, Each plush gorilla has an embroidered valentine. 6 1/2″

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