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Outdoor Weather Resistant Patio Furniture

Shopping for patio furniture involves so much more than just picking it out and setting it up. For me, I always have to figure out who’s gonna help me get it all in may car, is it all gonna fit, what about when I get home, how do I lug this stuff around. So I have to plan ahead, get someone to take time out of their day to help me and if I want a large set I need to borrow a truck, since I don’t have one.. See what I mean.. It can be a daunting task, instead of a fun adventure. BUT!!! It doesn’t have to be!

I was recently offered a really good discount on a piece of outside weather resistant patio furniture, in exchange for offering feedback to future shoppers. After using the many different site I use for free amazon gift cards, and collecting as many as I could, I agreed and in the end payed even less out of pocket thanks to my free gift cards!  So to be fair I did end up getting this very cheap, but I honestly would have still loved it.

When this outdoor sofa arrived, the FedEx guy, who already thinks I’m a shopaholic (Interested in becoming a product reviewer? Click HERE), plopped 3 extra large boxes on my porch, gave me that look, and walked away. All I was thinking was wow! 3 Boxes!! All hand delivered straight to my door, or porch in this case. And he acted like they didn’t weight anything. He carried two boxes the first trip over, one in each hand, using the plastic packaging straps as handles, and one box the second trip, which he kind of flung up onto the porch. I walked over and picked one up to see how much it weighed, and while I obviously am not as strong as he is, It was heavier than I perceived, but still completely manageable by myself. I love when I get larger products and can manage without the husband. Especially when I didn’t even tell him it was coming..

One box is actually a full chair set up from this set of patio furniture. The other two boxes are add on seats, or centers to turn the chair into a love seat or sofa. You can use just the chair if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to set up the whole sofa, or you can use one seat extension or both. Creating a full sofa, or love seat. The Do It Yourself assembly of this patio furniture makes this so versatile!

I have put so many different types and pieces of furniture together and I have to say I have never seen a set up like this one. All the pieces are made up of a hard resin type plastic, with the same hardness and stability as the unit as a whole. The connector pieces are a sort of square brace that pops into openings where the arms, back, seats, etc all connect with screw bolt design. They’ve included a tool to help you put it all together. It’s kind of hard to explain, but once you figure out the instructions, and start to work on the assembly of the outdoor furniture, you get the hang of it rather quickly.

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When we started to put this sofa together, my husband got ahead of himself while I was finishing up dinner and ended up putting the whole chair together. When I came outside and asked him how he was going to connect the other pieces now, he was so confused, as he followed the instructions to a T.  I recommend taking all pieces out of all boxes and finding the instructions located in the sofa or love seat extensions or centers. I personally think they should have all the instructions included in all of the boxes, with clear details on which instructions to follow for which seating option chosen and alternatives. However, with that being said, with the help of my son, they were able to take it back apart and start the process over to turn your patio furniture from a chair into a sofa.

My husband is 5′ 11″ and can lay on this sofa straight legged. Its long and can easily accommodate 3 large adults with ample elbow room and personal space. You can comfortable fit 4 large adults as long as they don’t mind sharing a little elbow room. We have had up to 5 teens all sitting on it together. Its holds up to the weight of all these people easily as well.  When you sit down onto the outdoor sofa, you just sit. You don’t fall into it. Its sort of stiff and solid, but the included cushions offer a soft seat.

The burnt orange color of the cushions on this set of patio furniture is lined with a rope style off white trim. The cushions are about 4 inches thick and fit the seats well. The back cushions are shorter and sit on top of the seat cushions against the back side of the patio sofa. The sofa itself is constructed of a durable UV/fade resistant wicker resin. Its super hard, light weight, heavy duty plastic resin.

Right now you can get this whole patio furniture set or individual pieces, such as the sofa, matching loveseat, chair or even an ottoman, on Amazon w/ 50% off! See Listing For Details>> HERE (No longer available)

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