Bright Sound MINI Bluetooth Speaker

Bright Sound MINI Bluetooth Speaker

This Bright Sound MINI Bluetooth Speaker is about 5 inches tall with about 2.25 inch diameter. The function buttons are located on the top of the speaker as well as the mic. The on/off button is located on the top outer edge of the speaker beside the line in port. They included a line in/out cord for direct connect use and a standard usb to micro usb cord for charging your mini Bluetooth speaker. The function buttons include, LED: This button allows you to use or eliminate the light feature of the Bluetooth speaker. The LED lights are set to pulse effect on start up and each subsequent start up. You can press and hold the LED button to turn the lights off completely, or press once to change the pulse setting to bounce mode and again to go back to pulse mode. The next button is the Play/pause button, then the volume up/ skip track, volume down/ go back a track.

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I was able to pair this mini Bluetooth speaker easily and quickly with my galaxy note3 phone. As soon as I turned on the speaker, it gave a ping sound. When I turned on my Bluetooth and clicked scan, I found the speaker. It was named “Amplify BSP15” when I click to approve the connection, the mini speaker pinged again, I’m assuming to indicated the pairing had taken place. I then went to my music section and started to play music. While listening to a song, I received a phone call. The speaker rang, and then proceeded to read me the number calling. I then wondered if it would say the persons name if I had it already programmed into the phone or if it would just read the number again, so I had my gram, who happened to be sitting there at the time, call me while I played a new song. It did not read the name of the caller as I had programed, it again just called out the numbers, area code first. Just once. I let it continue to ring, to see if it would repeat itself, it does not. Personally I like that it doesn’t.

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When a text message comes in, the volume on the speaker kind of fades out and lowers then right back up. At first I thought the speaker was messing up, but then I noticed it was happening every time a text or notification popped up. I kind of dislike this feature and would prefer to have it be optional somehow. I get a lot of notifications and this can become annoying. Aside from that, I like this speaker. As a product reviewer, (Are you interested in becoming a Product Reviewer? Click >> HERE << for more info!) I was offered this at a discounted rate in exchange for feedback. I am happy with my purchase and feel I got a quality product. The sound quality is nice, and the light effect is good. Aside from the fading from the notifications somewhat annoying me,  I can honestly see myself using this Wireless Mini Speaker quite often. Especially in the evenings around a fire.

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  • January 27, 2017 at 11:20 pm

    I have a portable speaker that runs on battery or a wall plug. It isn’t bluetooth however. So I love to read your reviews.


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