Disc-O-Bed Bunkable Cot System #GetOutThere

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Bunk Bed Cot System

Disc o bed

Disc-O-Bed (L) Package includes: 2 Cots, 2 Side Organizers, 2 Carry Bags, Set of Stack Adapters (2 in each bag), 2 Locking Straps (1 in each bag), Step by step, easy to follow assembly instruction.
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The Disc-O-Bed (L) Specifications

Bunk Weight: 60lbs (27kg)
Weight Tolerance: 500lbs (227kg) – per single cot
Outer Dimensions: 82” (208cm) L x 32.5” (82.5cm) W x 36” (92cm) H
Sleep Area: 79” (201cm) L x 28” (70cm) W
Height of Bottom Cot: 11” (29cm)
Height of Top Cot: 32” (81cm)
Bag Dimensions: 32.5” (82.5cm) L x 15” (38cm) W x 5” (14cm) H
Beige, powder coated, anti-rust steel frame.
Green 600D polyester fabric, PVC coated

The Disc-O-Bed bunk beds are a campers dream! My family enjoys camping but as we get older it has become a lot harder to lay on the ground and air mattresses seem to take forever to blow up!

Disc-O-Bed took us less than half an hour to set up the very first time we used it! Disassembling took half that time, including packing it all away! We LOVE this product!


Our Disc-O-Bed bunkable cot system arrived in two separate carry bags. Each bag has all the components for one complete cot and 2 pieces (out of a total of 4 needed) of the risers or stack adapters. These are the pieces you use in between the two cots, to create the bunkbed cot system.

All of the pieces fit perfectly into the storage bags and had extra support with the velcro straps and elastic rings to hold all your parts in place during travel.

The material of the storage carry bags are made up of the same material as the sleeping cloth and the organizer. All of them are a 600D polyester fabric that feels like a durable canvas. All of the zippers and seams were clean and smooth. No rough edges or loose strings anywhere.Disc-O-Bed

Assembling the Disc-O-Bed Cot

When you open the bag you will see the folded up cot cloth and the storage organizer that velcros to your cot. We sat these aside while we continued to pull all the pieces out of the carry bag.

First we pulled out the 6 side pieces. 3 pieces per side. The next parts we pulled out were the ends (head/foot) of the cot. Once all these pieces are out, you will also see 2 (out of 4 needed) of the riser adapters used to create the bunk bed.

We took the side pieces and created two sides. At this point I found it easier to fully assemble the two side rails and then slide the cot cloth down them. Once we had the cloth piece attached to the two side poles, we attached the discs.

The discs arrived already in place on the head/foot ends, but they easily slide up and out. Once attached to the poles, you simply slide them back down into the head/foot section.

One of the best features of the way they made the Disc-O-Bed is that both ends will stand independently without assistance or a prop, making this very easy to assemble with one person.

Once you have the discs in place your single cot is complete. At this point we attached the storage organize to the cot and proceeded to build the second cot using the same steps as above.

One of the best features of the Disc-O-Bed is how versatile it is! Not only is it a portable bunk bed, but it can also be used as two separate cots!

Each bunk can be used independently with it’s own storage organizer. Each individual cot has a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs and sits slightly lower than a foot off the ground.


Creating the Bunk Bed with Disc-O-Bed

Once you have both single cots built you can now create your bunk bed.
First you have to distinguish which bunk is for the bottom and which is for the top.

The top bunk has 4 separate legs, the bottom bunk has a curved style, attached leg stand.

Take the bunk that has 4 individual legs and flip it upside down (or you can do this part prior to assembling the cot if you are planning to use the bunk feature immediately) remove the rubber ends from the bottom of the legs.

Attach the 4 riser pieces (2 from each bag) to the now opened legs. Once in place, simply tip it back over and lift it up onto the bottom bunk, lining up the now curved feet with the bottom disc. That’s it. You now have a Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed!

At this point you would want to use the included stabilizing straps at each end of the bunk bed cot. You loop it through both end bars and click it together. Then pull to tighten. Once tightened you can now safely use the bunk system.


BUT.. That’s not all! Disc-O-Bed can also be used as a bench!

With a simple quick adjustment, you can turn your Disc-O-Bed bunk bed into a sitting bench!

Creating a Bench with Disc-O-Bed

Yes, Disc-O-Bed, is not only single cots & bunk beds, but can also be used for extra seating!
They have really thought of everything with their design.

To create a bench, you simply release the disc on one side of the TOP bunk and push them down and against the bottom ends on each side creating the bench back. That’s it. Nothing more. You don’t even have to remove or adjust the stabilizer belt.

To put it back into a bunk, you reverse the process, pull the discs back up and into place and back to a bunk!


Are you able to clean the Disc-O-Bed®?

Yes. All canvas parts can be washed down using a non-abrasive cloth/sponge, a mild detergent and cold water. Simply air dry. It is suggested to test the detergent on a small area to see color fastness. All steel components can be wiped down with a wet, non-abrasive cloth. For additional care and usage instructions, refer to the Assembly Instruction (provided with the product).
Are you able to roll off the cot?

Are side rails required?

The design of the Disc-O-Bed® is such that it naturally contours to your body shape. Due to a person’s weight, the sleep area is lower than the side rails which makes it difficult to roll out of the bunk. For this reason too, no side rails are required.


Is Disc-O-Bed® available in any other colors or sizes?

Yes. We offer the Disc-O-Bed® in three sizes namely a large, extra-large or 2XL. We are plan on manufacturing additional colors in the future.

Is Disc-O-Bed® available in a children version?

Yes we do have kid bunks available. The Kid-O-Bunk® is available in 3 cool kid colors and can be purchased online at kidobunk.com

Is the Disc-O-Bed® guaranteed?

Yes. Disc-O-Bed® carries a 1 year warranty on all materials and workmanship. Refer to the back page of the Assembly Instruction (provided with the product) for the full limited warranty and satisfaction guaranteed wording. The warranty is null and void should parts or accessories to the Disc-O-Bed® be modified in any way.

Disc-O-Bed carries a 1 year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

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**This is a Sponsored/Compensated post written by me. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Oh wow, I should get this disc-o-bed. This so versatile. I can bring this for a camping and even for some surprised guests.

    • CALVIN on March 14, 2018 at 3:55 pm
    • Reply

    Neat seat/bed system that would be nice

    • rochelle haynes on January 6, 2018 at 7:08 am
    • Reply

    Love to have this looking good

    • Debbie P on December 25, 2017 at 7:38 am
    • Reply

    The color of these is perfect!

    • Arlene on December 24, 2017 at 4:51 pm
    • Reply

    great for company coming

    • Debbie P on December 24, 2017 at 5:14 am
    • Reply

    I love the way this can be a couch.

    • Debbie P on December 22, 2017 at 6:07 pm
    • Reply

    These are on several people’s Christmas lists that I know.

    • Debbie P on December 21, 2017 at 5:02 pm
    • Reply

    These are really clever.

    • Debbie P on December 20, 2017 at 3:53 pm
    • Reply

    My son’s Cub Scout Troup are seriously considering getting these!

  2. Very, Very Cool!

    • Debbie P on December 19, 2017 at 3:36 pm
    • Reply

    My neighbors want one of these for camping too!

    • Debbie P on December 18, 2017 at 4:22 pm
    • Reply

    This so so great for all sorts of camping activities.

    • gloria patterson on December 17, 2017 at 11:35 am
    • Reply

    When your kids come home and bring their kids this would be perfect to have. Or a family to take them when they travel to visit relatives

    • Debbie P on December 11, 2017 at 9:48 pm
    • Reply

    This is really cool!

    • TColeman on December 8, 2017 at 8:33 am
    • Reply

    This is such an awesome product for the kiddos. I am going to have to invest in one!

    • kellyhutchinson37920 on December 7, 2017 at 9:15 pm
    • Reply

    This is great when you go camping with kids. My daughter would love this for her family.

  3. The kids have wanted one of these for so long. I really need to find one as a deal – and soon!

  4. This is such a great idea for those that have a lot of people when camping but maybe not quite the space! We use to go camping all the time when I was younger. I wish these were around then. I’ll have to look into these more if we ever decide to pick the activity up again, thanks for sharing!

    • rochelle haynes on December 7, 2017 at 6:59 am
    • Reply

    This looks nice looking good

  5. I’ve never seen anything like these cots & they look perfect for large families who love camping. They also make me think of the bunks on my son’s navy ship …

    • BeckyW on December 6, 2017 at 10:37 pm
    • Reply

    I have never seen this before. That would be so cool to have when my family goes to my Uncle’s or Dad’s cabin. Also if the grandkids come over to stay. I just love the whole concept!

  6. That is so cool! I love that they can be used as separate cots or a bench. That would be great for around a campfire.

  7. This is great! I like how it goes from a bunk bed to a bench. I could use this for camping or at home when family visits.

  8. Wow I have never seen anything like this. Great find! I’d be great to have one of these at home for guests over– especially during the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

    • Claudia Krusch on December 5, 2017 at 10:13 pm
    • Reply

    This is an amazing idea. It would be great for the holidays when we have so much family visiting. I would love to bring it camping with us for the kids this summer.

  9. SAY WHAT NOW?! THESE ARE SUPER FRIGGIN’ COOL! Not that I ever sleep on cots but man, back in the day when I used to go camping, this would have been sooooo much better than a sleeping pad that I would roll off of mid-way through the night, LOL!

  10. Interesting product! I love how you can make it into bunk bed and also a bench too. Very functional! Great gift item for outdoor people!

    • momknowsbest15 on December 5, 2017 at 4:04 pm
    • Reply

    These would be great for camping. My boys would love these.

    • jmanandmillerbug on December 5, 2017 at 2:16 pm
    • Reply

    I have a few friends that are avid campers and they could use something like this! When we go with them we always need a bed this way we always have a bed and it turns into a couch and I like that.

    • Barbara on December 4, 2017 at 8:10 pm
    • Reply

    These are fantastic. We could two of these at the cabin. There’s always family joining us.

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