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Bluetooth Sunglasses
Hands Free Headset

I’m very on the fence with these Bluetooth Sunglasses. First of all, just saying that sounds super cool, right? I couldn’t’ wait for these to arrive, preparing to fight with my husband and son over them, knowing they would both want them as much as I also wanted them.

When they arrived, I wouldn’t even let them see them, I wanted to try them first. Upon opening the package, I have to say, I was shocked at the style. They actually don’t look bad and just from a quick glance, you would never know they were Bluetooth headphones, but when you look, you can see the earbuds slightly protruding from the arms of the glasses.

The extra lenses, were all individually wrapped and there were no scratches or discoloration on any of them. I took the time to remove the lenses from the glasses and replace them with each of the other lenses. None of them had any kind of distortion or glare from manufacturing errors. That is a huge plus for lower quality materials. The lenses are plastic. Not glass.

To remove/replace your lenses, there is a little lever type slide, that pulls out at the top of the glasses/lens holding area. This releases the lens from the top and they kind of fall/slide down and out. To replace them, just push the other lens, up into the slot and press the lever back down. It kind of holds it like a clamp system I guess..

As for the Bluetooth earbuds. The first thing I did was turn the glasses on from the section on the arm, then went to the Bluetooth section on my phone and did a scan. These showed up as BTglasses. Pretty easy to find. I selected and it instantly paired.

Bluetooth sunglasses headset

Here is where the problem lies with theses Bluetooth Sunglasses, the proportions for where the earbuds are on the arms, and the way the sunglasses sit on my face just do not line up. I can either wear the sunglasses at a good fit, but the earbuds will not line up with my ears, and actually sits above and slightly behind my ear. If I put the glasses on and then fit the earbuds in place, at my ear, then the sunglasses sit away from my face and leave a huge gap, kind of defeating the purpose of blocking the sun..

I really really really wanted these to fit me correctly and be able to use them. Living in PA, the sun is worse with the snow than in summer. I figured, well maybe my head is just to small. So I let my son try them.

Well, the earbuds are slightly adjustable.. In the sense that you can pull them out towards the end of the arm of the sunglasses another maybe 1/2 inch. I needed them to be able to come closer, not further away. Same with my son and husband, they are just to far away from your ear to work properly at the same time.
The earbuds also turn, but again, that doesn’t help if they are already an inch away from the ear canal.


Technical Details / Bluetooth Sunglasses / Product Description

Color: Black

This Bluetooth headset headphone sunglasses is the perfect combination of durable and fashion.
You may wear it and enjoy your summer vacation anytime anywhere, getting hands-free phone call, stereo MP3 music and ultraviolet protection at the same time.

Easy link design, it can be paired with 8 phones simultaneously
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, comes with Mini USB cable
Suitble for various operating platform and potable with compact size
Most fashionable design with foldable eyeglasses.
Freely telescoping boom speakers,270 rotatable, freely adjustable and comfortable wearing.
It can works for most bluetooth mobile phones , you can enjoy hands-free talk with your friends.
Telephone talking mode when calling in and out
Import Polaroid polarized provide the best protection for eyes in.Effectively prevent ultraviolet rays,bewildered light and harmful blue light,anytime you wear it very clear.
Bluetooth range: 10 meters(approx. 33 ft)
Bluetooth pairing pin codes: 0000

Package Included:
1 × Sunglasses Bluetooth Headset
1 × Black Glasses Case
1 × Cleaning Cloth
1 x USB Cable
1 × Instruction Manual
3 x Sun lens(yellow ,brown,clear)
1 x tool

1. Turn on: Long press the Bluetooth key for seconds,red green lights exchange flashing,Bluetooth boot.
2. Bluetooth pairing: Long press the Bluetooth key for seconds,red green lights exchange flashing alternately,open the mobile’s Bluetooth,searching and connecting the device Bluetooth,such as the need to enter the password,please enter password”0000″

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One thought on “Bluetooth Sunglasses w/ Hands-free Headset & Replacement Lenses!”
  1. I think perhaps this particular innovation may still need some research to fix the earbud fit issue. I’m pretty particular about sunglasses so I probably wouldn’t buy these. Perhaps a bluetooth earbud attachment?

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