Best Cities to Retire

Best Cities to Retire

According to, more retirees are moving to Henderson, Nevada than any other place in the nation. That’s followed by San Antonio, Texas; Scottsdale, Arizona; Mesa, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course, what’s right for others may not necessarily be right for you.

Best Cities to Retire

Which cities are the best to consider for a happy retirement?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is frequently ranked as one of the top cities to retire. Not only does it offer the opportunity for endless days on the sand, but it hosts a lively downtown with notable restaurants, all sorts of cultural delights, and even better, zero income tax. The cost of living is low, the quality of healthcare facilities high, and the number of attractions is practically endless. Plus, there is all that sunshine to enjoy it all under with 246 sunny days a year, 41 more than the U.S. average. No wonder so many are finding their dream retirement home among the houses for sale in Fort Lauderdale.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster may not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to retirement, but a recent study based on retiree taxes, housing affordability, healthcare quality, desirability and happiness from U.S. News & World Report ranked it as one of the best spots in the nation. Located in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, it offers tranquil surrounding countryside filled with picturesque covered bridges, theater, museums and a wide range of eateries with menus that feature delicious made-from-scratch dishes like apple dumplings, shoofly pies and schnitzel. It also hosts many diverse shopping opportunities, including items you can’t find anywhere else like authentic quilts, antiques and Amish furniture. But the highlight for many who move to Lancaster is that friendly people you’ll meet around practically every corner.

Henderson, Nevada

There are more than a few good reasons so many are choosing to retire in Henderson. Just 16 miles southeast of the famous Las Vegas Strip, it boasts low average home prices and low crime while being surrounded by desert landscapes and snow capped peaks. It also has the highest ratio of recreational facilities and parks per inhabitant in the state and is close to Lake Mead for all sorts of fun out on the water. There are multiple casinos in town, and just minutes away, one can be taking advantage of the endless entertainment Vegas provides.

Meridian, Idaho

Idaho’s capital of Boise offers lots of small-town charms and big-city amenities that draw many to move here every year, but just eight miles west, the suburb of Meridian also provides the state’s hospitable tax environment and is a great place to live for multiple reasons. It has its own alluring downtown, an upscale outdoor mall and convenient access to the breathtaking outdoors Idaho is so well-known for. There are 19 parks in Meridian alone, and endless opportunities for taking in beautiful scenery and adventure in the Boise Natural Forest, only about an hour’s drive away.

What would be your ideal cities to retire in?
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7 thoughts on “Best Cities to Retire”
  1. Surprised the city I live in Canada isn’t on the list.. I guess this is US list only but if it was worldwide I think our city would be on it

  2. If I am ever so lucky as to retire I would love to do it the mountains somewhere. These other places sound grand but just not what I have in mind

  3. I expected to see Florida and Nevada on this list, but the other two were surprises! Idaho really is a beautiful place, though!

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