Mortgage Calculators

mortgage calculator

As a mom of two young adults heading out into the world trying to find their place and more importantly their own space, its very imperative that they do their due diligence and research the best options for them. Home finance and money topic sites that offer the average person budget resources, rental calculators, mortgage calculators and other tips and resources give them a great starting base for information related to financial markets and interest rates.

My first impression when visiting, is that it offers a one site stop without being bombarded with other unrelated information to overwhelm you, when your most likely in a state of mind where you want the needed information without all the attention grabbing, off topic pop ups and advertising.

mortgage calculators

Without even needing to scroll down you already see a list of basic mortgage calculators that include monthly payments, minimum income, loan limits and even your DTI. DTI meaning debt to income ratio, which I learned from their site!

One of my favorite features offers is definitions and explanations of terms and acronyms. A newbie home buyer and even some seasoned realtors are not familiar with all the terminology used in the financial markets and these calculators not only offer easy to follow answers, but also understanding and knowledge to help them be prepared for the buyers market.

Mortgage Calculators

UK Mortgage Calculator ~ Canada Mortgage Calculator


They also offer advanced calculators related to home value, principal, interest rate, loan term, start date, property tax, HOA dues, homeowner’s insurance and so much more!

This mortgage calculator site has an extensive list of money saving calculators to help you understand your finances more and perhaps help start a budget or maintain one with a goal to enter the rental or buyers market!

Using other financial sites to follow along the market trends such as Bloomberg and others can also help lead you in the right direction to home ownership, mortgage refinancing and even reverse mortgages! I’ve seen the commercials on TV about reverse mortgages many times but never truly understood the “why”, behind them.

mortgage calculators


The information freely available to anyone on gives more than technical terms and terminology and really digs into the pros and cons with not only your finances involved but also your family and heirs.

Once you have chosen a calculator of choice you will be directed to a page with a vast amount of knowledge related to the ins and outs of that specific topic. For example when you click mortgage refinancing and proceed to the calculator offered you will also be given a lot of information detailing what is involved in a home refinance, when the best time to refinance, the benefits and risks and even go as far as to offer example scenarios with “Mr. Smith”.

If you are wanting more information on the topic of home mortgages, loans, refinancing or even just budget related info or help, should be your first stop!

Mortgage Calculators

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  1. This sounds really helpful to those who are planning to buy their house. I will share this with my brother. Thank you!

  2. My husband works in business banking. We just re-fied and dropped to a lower interest rate. We also pay more each month then the minimum payment. A lot of people don’t think about the amount of interest money that they are going to be basically throwing away when they purchase a home.

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