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The Ozeri ultra wind tower fan has a sleek black, silver and chrome color pallet as well as a tall slender design. The tower fan has height adjustment, oscillating options and even includes a remote to control your tower fan through the smart LCD display!

Ozeri 42 inch Ultra Wind Tower Fan – Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan w/ Noise Reduction Technology, Smart LCD Display w/ Remote Control. Model No: OZF1
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Tower Fan

Ozeri Ultra Wind Tower Fan Assembly

The Ozeri Ultra Wind Tower Fan arrives with very little assembly required. The base of the unit is separate and needs to be assembled before use. The base included an extension column and circle base.

The extension column can be used immediately by clicking the two pieces together or you can skip this step to keep the lower height. We chose to assemble the ultra wind tower completely and found the two extension pieces and proceeded to snap them together. The next step uses the two half circles that slide together to create a full circle.

After you have your two pieces created, you will take the extension column and screw it to the bottom of the tower fan unit. Feed the cord through the center of the column then line up the screw holes and proceed to screw the two pieces together following the included instructions.

Once you have the column in place, you can now add the main support base by also lining up the screw holes and then proceeding to attach with included screws. Your fan is now fully assembled and complete.

The Ozeri Ultra Wind Tower Fan Remote

This tower fan included a remote control and they also supplied the batteries. The battery compartment is pretty standard and holds 2 AA batteries.

The remote has 6 different function buttons set up in a circular pattern with the main on/off button in the center and the 5 others create an outer circle.

The on/off button is the red, round, center button. This button will turn the ultra wind tower fan on or off respectively as long as the unit is properly plugged in.

The other 5 function buttons I will refer to the locations as NE, SE, S, SW, NW of the center button.

The function buttons located in the NW & NE sections of the circle are the Timer buttons. NW is – time and NE is + time. The time button can be set to automatically turn the fan off after a set amount of time. The time can be set in 1 hour increments up to a max of 12 hours. Press the Timer – (NW) to reduce the time, or Timer + (NE) to increase the time.  The LCD display will show 1H, 2H, 3H… up to 12H

The third function button located in the S location sets the speed at which you want the fan to run. You can choose low, medium or high. The tower fan will start on low speed and can be increased to medium with one press of the button, high with two presses of the button and back to low with a third press of the button. Each press after that repeats this same pattern.

The fourth button, located in the SW section is labeled Osc. This is the oscillating function button. One press of this button will turn on the oscillating feature of the fan and subsequent press will stop this feature. Each press after that repeats. You can stop it at the location you desire.

The last function button located in the SE location is the Mode button. This button allows you to set a breeze pattern. Yep, I’m serious, it has a breeze pattern that allows the flow to feel like a more natural breeze verses the way a fan feels. Its more than just a direct current of wind at a certain speed. It instead creates small breezes or gusts or straight wind. Explaining this in words is so much more difficult than I thought it would be!

The top of the Ultra Wind Fan has compartment with a lid that opens when pressed down. It is a holding compartment for your remote and also includes the same function buttons you find on the remote. They all create the same features as the function buttons on the remote with the exception of the MODE button.

The mode button ON the unit also has a Night Mode function. If you hold the mode button down for 3 seconds you will activate the night mode. This mode dims the LCD display area for all icons except the moon, which indicates that the unit is in night mode. To deactivate the night mode and wake the smart LCD display, you simply press any of the function buttons, on the unit, once.

The Ozeri Ultra Wind Tower Fan Smart LCD Display

The LCD Display is located in the top front section of the Ultra Wind unit enclosed by a glass panel. This display panel not only displays your function options while in use, but also displays the room temperature. Shows what speed level you are at, which mode you set and whether the unit is set to oscillating or not.

I’m impressed with all the options with this Ozeri Ultra Wind, and I love the design style. I like how it takes up very little floor space and is light enough to move around easily. The power this fan holds with the ability to also create a gentle breeze is pretty cool.

The night mode feature is a favorite of mine as I am one of those people who will wake up to the slightest bright light. Being able to dim the LCD display makes this my new bedroom fan, not to mention the noise reduction. It really has very little sound. I mean obviously blowing wind is going to make a sound, but the way this unit is created with the air flow panels on the front and a solid construction the rest of the way around really eliminates the constant whirl of sound.

Overall this is a great product and I haven’t found anything I don’t like about it yet. Although summer is not here and I have not had a chance to try this during one of our heat waves, I have no doubt it will help keep our home cool.

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9 thoughts on “Ultra Wind Tower Fan”
  1. This seems like an excellent fan. I use fans frequently, especially in the summer, so I’ll keep this in mind the next time I’m looking for a new one.

  2. What a neat product! It sure seems a bit more fancy than your typical box fan. 🙂 So many nice features– I especially like that it has a Night Mode feature. Thanks for the review!

  3. These are so wonderful to have, I have a sister who has one almost like this and she loves it. She said it works wonderful and she definitely stays cool.

  4. I’ve always wanted one of these tower fans. They’re so much quieter than traditional fans. Now they have an LCD panel!

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