National “Fun w/ Fondue” Month

Fondue was popularized as a Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union (Schweizerische Käseunion) in the 1930s as a way of increasing cheese consumption. The Swiss Cheese Union also created pseudo-regional recipes as part of the “spiritual defense of Switzerland”. These producers of cheese and bread saw their busy season was during the warm months and that the food had to be saved by villagers to be used through the cold winter months. As the cheese would age and the breads became stale it became more difficult to eat. The local villagers found that if they heated the cheese with wines, garlic, and herbs they could dip their stale bread which would soften when dipped into the cheese mixture. This way of cooking together, over one pot and eating by a warm  fire, became a winter tradition known as “fondue“. The word fondue comes from the French word, ‘fondre’, which means ‘to melt’ and has since then been used to reference many other types of fondue for meats, chicken, seafood, and even chocolate.

National Fondue Month

~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~

~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~

1. Porcelain Chocolate Fondue Set: Fondue set made of fire-proof hard porcelain in white. Set comes complete with tea light, base, fondue bowl and four color-coded forks. 2-cup capacity is perfect for dessert at a party or a romantic dinner for two

2. Tapas Fondue Set: Tapas-style fondue set with 7-ounce capacity for 1-2 people. Square-shaped earthenware pot provides 4 legs and 2 side handles. Mahogany base with indentations for pot and tea light. Includes 2 forks for dipping.

3. Set of 2 Classic Personal Fondue Mugs: Set includes: 2 Fondue Mugs, 4 Forks, and 8 Votive Candles. Ceramic fondue mugs are Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

4. The Everything Fondue Cookbook: 300 Creative Ideas for Any Occasion! This exceptional cookbook offers instruction on preparing: – Starters, such as Sesame Beef Appetizer- Lunch and dinner fondues, such as Breaded Red Snapper- Desserts, such as Creamy Caramel Fondue- Breakfast fondues, such as Ham and Cheese Fondue- Healthy choices, such as Dietet’s Fondue.

5. 8 Person Raclette Party Grill: Includes 8 non-stick raclette dishes; 8 heat resistant spatulas and user manual with recipes. Hot stone and cast aluminum non-stick grill plate.

6. 12 Person Raclette Party Grill with 6 Fork Fondue Set & 12 Raclette Pans: Great for dinner parties! Cook meat, seafood and vegetables right at the table! Combines a table top Raclette grill with a fondue pot in a single appliance. 6 Fork Fondue Set with Hot Pot.

7. Unscented Tea Light Candles – White, Set of 50: Burn time up to 4 hours. 100% Cotton Wick/100% Paraffin Wax.

~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~

My family and I enjoy having Fondue Nights. We take turns deciding what type of Fondue Night we will have. So far we have done a Cheese Fondue night with breads, and crackers and even veggies! We’ve done fondue with sweets, where we have melted milk chocolate and dipped anything from fruits, nuts, pretzels, bite size cookies and even potato chips! Seriously. It tastes way better than it sounds. I think it might be the saltiness from the chips, mixed with the sweet, just so yummy! The one thing we have yet to try, is the hot oil, with raw meats. Just haven’t brought myself to risk attempting it yet, but it is definitely in the works!

Have you ever made fondue? If so, what are some of your favorites?

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