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Ambush Mosquito Traps

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Spring Yard Protection w/ Ambush Mosquito Traps ~ Stop the cycle to keep your yard a bug free space for outdoor living!

The Ambush Mosquito Trap uses 6 attractants to entice mosquitos and other flying insects.

The attractants they use include Octenol, which resembles human breath, Carbon Dioxide, because mosquitos can detect this attractant at over 100 feet away!

The machine is made with black dark colors as another attractant with a warming plate, UV light and powerful fan to lure and trap the pests.

Made to be used outside in the elements, including rain, the Ambush Mosquito Trap boast 1/2 acre coverage.

The mosquito trap works by luring female, egg laying, mosquitos during their breeding cycle. By running the Ambush Mosquito Trap continuously during breeding season with help eliminate new eggs being laid and therefore hatched.

While the Ambush Mosquito Trap is not the end all of mosquitos, ( we wish!) you still have to take proper care and maintenance of your yard and surrounding areas to help keep your yard mosquito pest free.

Some simple mosquito elimination tips include draining any and all standing water in your yard and surrounding areas.. This includes emptying all containers, putting containers upside down when not in use so as not to create a place for water to puddle and settle.

Since I live on a little spot of land that is surrounded by water on three sides, I was super excited to give Ambush Mosquito Traps a try.

We haveĀ  a slow running creek on one side of our home that runs along the back woods of our house down through the left side. On the right side of our home is a swampy area that is also full of water all year round.

I knew upon receiving the Ambush Mosquito Trap that there was no way in the world it would be able to eliminate all the mosquitos we are constantly battling all year long, but eliminating a mass amount of these little buggers was definitely a bonus!

Setting up the Ambush Mosquito Trap is as simple as finding a nice flat spot to place the machine, preferably 19 feet away from your home, filling with provided lure, plugging in the machine, turning it on and walking away! That’s it.

We set the Ambush Mosquito Trap in one of our summer evening sitting spaces. Being in PA the weather is so unpredictable. We had a few days of warm weather and sunshine and decided to cook over the fire.

It wasn’t long before these spesky mosquitos started to arrive and try to ruin our dinner. I decided this was the perfect time to set up the mosquito trap, hoping I had not waited to long.

Well after having the machine running for about 36 hours straight, mother nature took a turn for the worse and we were back in winter mode.

We unplugged the machine and turned it off as we have honest never seen a mosquito during winter, except during these random warm spells.

ambush mosquito trap

After only having the machine run for about 36 hours it effectively collected a wide variety of flying insects and white moths. Lots of white moths.

You haven’t experienced true freedom from Mosquitoes until you have tried the Ambush Mosquito Trap. I have never had so few mosquitoes around my yard/garden/outdoor area.

They also offer free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee. Do yourself a favor and order one for yourself!

Ambush Mosquito Traps

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14 thoughts on “Spring Yard Protection w/ Ambush Mosquito Traps!”
  1. Wow, this is a must in every household! My first time to learn about this product and really interested on getting one. I will also share this to my friends who would surely be interested too.

  2. We have a lot of mosquitoes at our house. I wish the trap only attracted mosquitoes, bur I’m glad that it works.

  3. I need to check this, as weather is getting hot, mosquitos are going to comes out of their den. We can’t stay in backyard without any protection from them.

  4. The mosquitoes are already getting bad around here. We get them bad around our area. Something like this would be wonderful to have.

  5. This will definitely help us keep your garden and yard pest free! Especially that our family loves to hang out and do a DIY picnic.

  6. I need one of these for sure. I hate going outside and being bitten by mosquitos most of the time.

  7. My daughter lives on a farm. There is standing water on her property. She looks forward to warm weather but certainly not the mosquitoes that go with them.

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