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Mineral Hygienics 100% All Natural Mineral Makeup boasts that they are longest lasting with better coverage and fewest ingredients compared to others.

Mineral Hygienics products are priced well below other brands with NO expiration date!

Not found in department stores, but exclusively featured online at https://mineralhygienics.com and Amazon, as well as in spas, salons, skin clinics, and boutiques worldwide.

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What I received in the sampler pack:

Information card: This information card had tips for preparing your brush on one side and applying foundation on the other.
Craving Lipstick: A glossy neutral coral shade that is flirty and fabulous.

Indelible Eyes Waterproof Automatic Pencil Brownstone:  This silky sexy formula with an oversized brush build thick, beautiful ultra-glam lashes. Makeup artists all over the world use Mineral Hygienics to achieve complete beauty!

Ultimate Volume Mascara w/ Lash Extending Fibers: This silky sexy formula with an oversized brush build thick, beautiful ultra-glam lashes. Makeup artists all over the world use Mineral Hygienics to achieve complete beauty!

Small Eye Shadow Brush: Luxurious Sable Haired brush used to apply mineral eye shadows for a natural look or to blend shadow edges. Dip brush in shadow and sweep over eyelid. To soften hard edges, blend over entire eye area.

Vanilla Eye Shadow: Vanilla is a very pale cream colored Eye Shadow with excellent coverage and a touch of iridescent finish.

Coffee Bean Eye Shadow: Coffee Bean lives up to it’s name…it’s a deep tawny-brown iridescent Eye Shadow. As a member of the Mocha collection, these colors are the richest reflective brown-tones available, and stunningly beautiful for day or night, especially when layered together.

Cool Kiss Bronzer: A Perfect bronzer designed for individuals with a cool skin tone. It adds a fresh glow to achieve that perfect flawless finish.

Mineral Foundation Light:

Mineral Foundation Fairly Light:

Pencil Sharpener

UltimateLip Liner Love Story: So soft, so creamy and oh-so smooth, this water proof formula provides a precision line while preventing fading, feathering and bleeding. You can sharpen it up anytime you want. The formula is enriched with anti-oxidants to keep color smooth

XL Short Kabuki Brush: Some consider our Kabuki a Super Kabuki because of our unique handle design and incredible attention to detail and quality of the hair. This kabukis compressed bristles provide wonderful application that will impress you so much you’ll never consider using another brush. The super soft bristles feel amazing on your face as the round taper provides smooth, even coverage.

Sheer Perfection Silk Translucent: A super luxurious powder that will perfect your look. It is the final touch that will make your skin exceptional.

When i was first offered the sampler pack from Mineral Hygienic, I was a little hesitant. There was a time in my life that I wore makeup on a daily basis. The past 10 years or so I have not worn much if any and when I do (or did) it was mainly eye makeup.

I was intrigued by the fact that they boast very minimal ingredients and that they are all natural with no added chemical and other fillers and agreed to give it a try.

When asked what my preferred color pallet consisted of, I simply replied that I was light skinned with warm undertones and these are the products they selected for me, sight unseen.

The first thing I noticed was no smell. I have an issue with makeup that is scented and this was very pleasing to know I wasn’t going to be smelling the cosmetics the whole time I was wearing them.

When applying the foundation I was pleasantly surprised that there was not a visual line down my face from applying to one side only. They definitely picked a great shade for me.  The foundation was light and I could not tell I had any kind of powder on my face.

The lip and eye liners were both smooth when using and created great lines. The eye shadows were perfect colors for me and I kind of like the shimmer. I would usually not purchase something that had a shimmer effect to it, but these were sort of subtle yet still shimmery.

The lipstick was a little more than I liked. The color was okay and not to bright or bold and had a more natural look to it, but the feeling of it on my lips was to much for me. I may need to try a lip stain instead. I was happy that the lipstick did not have a scent or flavor to it either.

I have never used a brown eye liner or mascara before so this was completely new to me and I found I do like the look and will continue to use them both. The mascara was a nightmare to get off though.

I had no issues removing most of the makeup with hot water and a soft cotton make-up wipe.  The mascara required soap and multiple tries to fully remove as it would just spread across my face before finally cleaning off.

Overall I enjoyed this cosmetic sampler from Mineral Hygiencis and would absolutely recommend to someone who is wanting to try something new!

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  1. These sound like amazing cosmetics! I can’t believe that they have no expiration date, that is incredible! I would definitely buy them, thanks for sharing!

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