Leather Storage Ottoman Bench

Leather Storage Ottoman Bench

This leather storage ottoman bench is exactly what, I didn’t know, I needed! First of all it arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Wrapped in a clear storage bag and extra padding and protection on the legs or feet of the ottoman storage bench.

This ottoman storage bench is listed as ivory in color, but when you do not have it sitting next to something that is snow white, it looks white. The leather feels nice and smooth and has a somewhat shiny look to it. I love how the design gives it a blocked out, quilted look on the top and sides of the ottoman bench.

Leather Storage Ottoman Bench

To open the storage section you simply lift the seat up and back and as you do, you reveal a deep storage compartment lined with a black fabric. The bench seat will stay lifted without help or a prop. The hinge is designed to allow for easy open and closing. Will not close by itself. You can open it fully or partially, and where ever you open it too, is where the top will stay, until you press it back down into position, making it nearly impossible to smash your fingers. This is a great feature for those who have curious little ones who have tendencies to play with storage units.

Another great safety type feature of this leather storage ottoman bench is all the corners are rounded, smooth and covered with the padded leather. No sharp edges or wood surfaces to cause injury.

This is an ideal place for me to hold my extra blankets and pillows as we have guest quite often, this is highly convenient for us and helps keep our extra linens and bedding nice and fresh for our guest with easy access. The interior dimension of this storage ottoman bench are 46.5“(L) x 13.75“(W) x 9.5“(H) offering ample space for almost anything you would like to store.

I love how this leather storage ottoman sits off the ground, allowing air to flow freely underneath. This makes sweeping and cleaning around the unit a breeze, not to mention it weighs nearly nothing for the size it is. Coming in at around 27lbs I was able to easily pick this up and move it myself without any kind of issues.

I placed this at the end of our queen size bed and it looks perfect. Like it was made for the space. I have moved this leather storage ottoman many times in the little over a week that i have owned it and the one thing that stuck out to me is how sturdy and well made this storage ottoman is. I feel this will last for many years, offering a great storage solution as well as stylish design decor.

The Leather Storage Ottoman Bench is available in multiple colors from multiple retailers. I purchased mine from Best Choice Products, but you can also find this on Amazon or Sears online!

Great product, I would highly recommend.

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6 thoughts on “Leather Storage Ottoman Bench”
  1. I love that it would be difficult to smash fingers in it because I’m always somehow having close calls with furniture or doors. Probably being too tired chasing after a 4 year old all day haha.

  2. This is such a great piece for either the foot of the bed, living room for lots of toys or throw blankets.

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