FREE Online Games & Brain Teasers! free games include arcade games, word games, logic, puzzles and more!
The first game category I decided to give a shot was word games…

The variety of word games offered is modest, however they were all free! No extra apps, software or other downloads needed.

The first word game listed was actually a typing challenge. I also love these types of “games” although I never really considered it game play, more of a refresher course or challenge.

If word games are not your thing you can either browse by featured games or you can find a list of categories at the bottom of each webpage.

After an unrelated hassle I had with my laptop, I decided to see if I could access these games as easy on my cell phone. Not only could I access the site and free games easily, the appearance was mobile friendly and I had no issues in needing to scroll any direction to see the full game. not only works on your desktop PC, but also on your mobile devices!

Free online games

After visiting the site on mobile then desktop and back to mobile, I realized I was actually able to play the games from my smartphone much easier than I could on my desktop or laptop, with the exception of typing style games. I definitely type better and much faster with a standard keyboard than I do with my thumbs.

However I quickly became addicted to a simple pinball game. It might be my new favorite way to pass time while waiting at the doctors office or long road trips! But better yet is the large variety of game play offered, if I do get bored with one I can always try another and never have to worry about data storage or memory on my device!

Other benefits of include no status symbols or paid upgrades, no need to download apps to play
no need to register or set up a user account. Just visit the site and start playing.. That’s it!

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15 thoughts on “FREE Online Games & Brain Teasers! No Downloads Required!”
  1. Oh cool i love me some games. I love playing online games in my free time. I might try these games they look very entertaining.

  2. Those games seem like a lot of fun amd a real test for the brain people out there. I know my son will enjoy this and if he is not doing his schoolwork use it often.

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