FEISEDY Retro Small Narrow Rimless Sunglasses

These are fashion sunglasses that reduce the glare from the suns rays. They have a very small lens and no rim or sides to shield indirect sunlight.

They are available in a variety of fun bright and unique colors.

I received the darkest lens in a gold frame. While these do seem to be quite stylish, I have very sensitive eyes and these particular sunglasses do not block enough light for me. I need big chunky sunglasses, I will still have to squint in these.

However with that being said to wear on a semi shady day, these would be quite handy. As some of the bigger ones can be too dark in the shade.

Adjustable Nose Pads: Silicone nose pads.

These do haveĀ silicone nose pads and were actually a lot more comfortable than I expected. They did not have the sharp edge feel to them and I was able to bend and mold to fit my face shape better.

They do seem fragile at first and at one point I thought if I go anymore I will break them, but none the less I did go a bit further and they they did not snap as I expected, they did however kind of spring back into original form. I proceeded to do this a few more times and noticed the repetitive bending and forming seemed to be sticking and eventually they felt pretty good.

Overall they are a decent pair of Retro “Fashion” Sunglasses and with the variety of colors offered you have an abundance of possibilities.Ā  As for functionality, for me they just would never work. My eyes need much more coverage.

Product Dimensions

Lens Width: 55MM(2.17”)
Lens Height: 30MM(1.18”)
Nose Bridge: 20MM(0.79”)
Frame Length: 133MM(5.24”)
Temple Length: 150MM(5.91”).

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