External Battery Charger

External Battery Charger

Product Description: This universal, external battery charger is a small black box that makes charging your mobile devices quick and easy while also providing a means of charging a back up battery for extended power when your on the go.

The adjustable width charging compartment adjust to fit most sized mobile device batteries while the USB port makes it possible to charge your phone simultaneously. This can also be used through the USB port to charge your Bluetooth devices such as external speakers and headsets.

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External Battery Charger

~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~

Compatible models: Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 Note 2 3 4, Edge, LG Optimus G G2, G3, G4, G5, Pro, Alcatel 7040T, LG E980, VS880,V10, Samsung G5308, i9250
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The Bastex universal battery charger charges any type of phone battery, it has two movable probes that slide to allow you to line up with your battery + and – terminals and a spring loaded front panel to accommodate most battery sizes.

It can plug directly into a wall socket and has a slot you could plug a usb line into, to charge that way, usb cord not included. Easy to read LCD screen provides the ability to check on your spare battery progress while docking.

Simply remove your battery from your phone , you will have to slide front panel over to allow the battery to fit in, place battery in with terminals to the left side of charger slide up almost to probes and slide probes to directly line up with the + and- on the battery and slide battery up into the probes and plug into wall socket .

My battery is a very big one 3.8V Li-ion battery and takes about 6 hours to fully charge, this is the only downfall with this external charger, but if you cannot charge your phone with the cord that came with your phone or happen to have extra batteries this is a very handy charger.

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3 thoughts on “External Battery Charger”
  1. I don’t understand why this charger would accommodate the actual phone battery. Most charge via usb cables. With so many external battery charger options, this one would not be at the top of my list.

    1. Ya know, I should probably update the post with this information also, but a perfect example would be if your charging port on your phone was messed up and wasn’t able to accept the mini usb. My son had his cell plugged in and thinking he had already disconnected the cord he picked his phone up and started to walk away, when he did that the cord was tight and resisted. It then pulled out of his phone hard, but in the process the port opening on his phone bent. Now, no matter what cord he tried it just will not read at all.
      With this external battery charger he can just take his battery out, put it in this, plug it into the wall and when it’s fully charged, put it back in his phone, while this is not an ideal thing, these phones now days are super expensive and not being able to use it because the port is messed up would be horrible.
      Having a back up battery is also a bonus as it allows you to keep using your expensive device while one battery is charging, and the one bonus to these external battery chargers is you can also find some that included back up batteries.. 🙂

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