vent for dryer famco kit

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Fresh Air Manufacturing Company

Dryer Vent Kit

vent for dryer famco kit

Dryer Vent Kit with Flush Mount Zinc-Aluminum Metal Wall Vent for 4″ Duct

Established in 1989, Fresh Air Manufacturing (FAMCO) headquartered in Meridian Idaho is one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading manufacturers of Roof Flashings, Ventilation Products, HVAC Accessories and Plastic Air Ventilation Products.

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The dryer vent kit from FAMCO arrived in a sturdy box with logo on the outside. Upon opening the box we realized the door flap hinge plugs was broken. I believe this is still usable and can be fixed relatively easily, however we already had an outside vent in place and decided not to mess around with this one to much as it is winter where we are and tons of snow on the ground.

We did however install the hose. My son just recently moved into a small cabin and bought a used dryer from an online marketplace. So while the home had an outer vent in place, the used dryer did not include a hose.

We proceeded to attach the hose to the interior opening of the outside piece, which amazingly was the exact size of the one we received from FAMCO. They were both at a 4inch diameter. This was perfect.

The hose piece included two clamps, one for the wall mount and one for the dryer opening. These fit very snugly and took a little elbow grease to get them to attach to the pipe opening but once in place with the clamps slightly pinched to help secure the hose did not slide off, the dryer was ready for use!

The little broken plastic connector that holds the pin from the hinge is the only obstacle we came across. I am sure the company would/could provide a new piece, but again, it is an easy fix and we are satisfied with this product otherwise and chose not to contact them.


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  1. I love how easy this kit is to install. The flexible hose is great. Our vent system is metal tubing, and it’s such a pain.

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