Dinosaur Party Favors
~ 84 Piece Play Set ~

Product Description: This Dinosaur Party Favors Kit is packed full of fun all contained in a nice gift box. Perfect for classroom rewards, teachers’ box, piñata, birthday party favors, carnival, treasure chest, stocking stuffers etc.

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Dinosaur Party Favors

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Package includes: Dinosaurs VILLAGE AND Dinosaurs PLAYSET

Dinosaurs VILLAGE Includes: 6 Dinosaur Hatch and Grow Eggs, 6 units 5.5”-6.5” Large Vinyl Dino Figures, 3 Plastic Trees, 2 Plastic Dino Eggs, 1 Village Hill, 12 units 4” Dino Fossil Skeletons 12 units 2.5″ Mini Vinyl Dino miniatures.
Dinosaurs PLAYSET Include: 6 units 7.5” Dinosaur Foam Masks, 24 Cool Dinosaur Tattoos, 12 Dinosaur Stamps
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This Dinosaur themed party package is packed full of your kids favorite dinosaur figures, toys and activities! With plenty of goodies in multiples to accommodate treat bags for birthday parties.

The included storage box has been left uncolored so your kiddo can color or you can, to create a great “treasure Chest of treats for special rewards or incentives.

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The day this arrived my 4 year old nephew happened to stop by the house and before I could even go through it all, he was stamping his whole body with the dinosaur stampers. It washes off super easy and effectively with a little soap and water.

The Dinosaur masks make a great party favor for kids who want to be their favorite creatures, if only for a little while. Made of a thin foam material. They are very colorful and soft.

They include an elastic strap to help hold the mask against your child’s face. Easy elastic, not restricting in anyway. Actually, if anything, the elastic string will easily detach from the mask if you try to tighten it.

The “hatching eggs” in this Dinosaur party favors kit are super fun activity for the kids. With a little water in a bowl, you can watch your baby dinosaurs hatch out of their egg, and grow even bigger as is slowly absorbs the water!

There are so many individual elements to this set, your bound to find something for anyone!

What is your favorite dinosaur?

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8 thoughts on “Dinosaur Party Favors 84 Piece Play Set”
  1. This makes me smile because when my son was a toddler, he absolutely loved dinosaurs. I used party supplies and toy dinosaurs similar to the ones shown in the picture for at least 2 of his birthday parties.

  2. What a fun looking party! As a child, I would have LOVED THIS! I had a plastic dinosaur set and played with it all the time.

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