Backflow Incense Cones & Burners

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Backflow Incense
Cones & Burners

Backflow Incense Cone & Burner

Backflow cone incense are hands down my absolute favorite way to burn incense!

I have always enjoyed burning incense and using essential oils. This past year my daughter introduced me to backflow cones and burners.

The effects the backflow cones create can be extremely mesmerizing at times and helps create a perfect atmosphere for a calm meditative environment.

Two Of My Favorites!

110 PCS Backflow Incense Cones

Backflow Incense Cones & Burners

11 Mixed Natural Scents Osmanthus Fragrance Jasmine Lavender Green Tea Sandalwood Variety Aromatherapy Cones-Relaxing, Natural Herbal extracts of floral and spice combinations.

Backflow Incense Cones & Burners

Backflow Cone & Stick Incense Burner
For Cones or Stick

Backflow Incense Cones & Burners

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Jeteven Ceramic Incense Holder | Backflow Incense Burner Holder | Incense Cones Stick Holder for Yoga Room, Home Office Decor 3.35”X3.54″

Backflow Incense Cones & Burners

These cones are great. The colors are bright and vibrant. They light easily and burn smoothly. They do not crumble while burning and the smoke flows freely from the backflow. Works with any standard backflow burner.

The scents are not marked or separated out and some of them are little hard to distinguish, however the listing does have a chart that lists them by color. They do not include this chart in your packaging though. But aside from that small annoyance, I love these backflow cones and this little burner takes up very little space while offering a pretty cool smoke effect.

More Backflow Cone Burners!

Mountain Tower Incense Holders

Backflow Incense Cones & Burners

LEAFIS Waterfall Monk Backflow Cone Burner Mountain Tower Incense Holders for Home Office Yoga Aromatcherapy Ornamen (with 10 Cones)

Round Landscape City Wall

Backflow Incense Cones & Burners

Backflow Burners Home Decoration Handicraft Incense Holder Round Landscape City Wall

Decorative Reverse Waterfall

Backflow Incense Cones & Burners

This  Burner,  used backflow cones. Reverse Waterfall, Aromatherapy Ornament for SPA, Meditation, Yoga, Stress, Relaxation, 20 Free Aroma Cones, 3 Lotus Plants and MAT

Waterfall Forest

Backflow Incense Cones & Burners

Unique Beauty: The smoke steam down like a waterfall, the incense burner surrounded by smoke, a mysterious atmosphere.

Buddha Backflow Holder

Backflow Incense Cones & Burners

Mangetal Zen Burner, Buddha Backflow Holder Porcelain Ceramic Incense Cones Burner Incense Stick Holder with 10 PCS Cones

Do you burn incense or use essential oils in your daily life?
What are some of your favorite scents or effects?

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    • Dena on October 29, 2021 at 1:41 pm
    • Reply

    What are they made of

    • Dena on October 29, 2021 at 1:40 pm
    • Reply

    Are they safe around pets

    • Donna on September 1, 2019 at 2:04 pm
    • Reply

    These cones come in a nice selection of scents. They would smell wonderful and be so relaxing!

    • Fatima D Torres on August 28, 2019 at 11:15 pm
    • Reply

    I’ve always enjoyed the smell of incense. It does make a difference in your attitude and clears the air.

    • Melanie Poulos Walsh on August 28, 2019 at 5:42 pm
    • Reply

    They are so cool looking! I love filling our hope with lovely scents and these backflow incense cones sound like the perfect way to do that.

  1. I’ve never tried a backflow burner before. It sounds like it really helps with scent diffusion!

    • Kathy on August 28, 2019 at 11:52 am
    • Reply

    I use to love using incense when I was in my teens. I used them all the time. I completely forgot all about them too. I need to get some of these!

  2. I find these backflow incense so fasincating. I love watching videos of them, and hope to get some because I love having incense burning in our home on a regular.

  3. I have never used one of these before but I have a friend who loves them. I would love to get one of these incense cone burners for myself.

    • Jeni Hawkins on August 28, 2019 at 3:12 am
    • Reply

    I have seen videos of this online and it looks so peaceful. The way the smoke just flows and gets by is amazing. I wanna have some of this myself.

    • Ruth I on August 28, 2019 at 3:10 am
    • Reply

    The video looks mesmerizing! I like the smell of incense actually. It has that distinct one of a kind feeling it gives you.

  4. I love making my home smell good. I am always on the lookout for candles or other ways to spread a beautiful scent around. I had no idea about how bad candles are, thank you for letting me know about all of the options and that these incense are a good alternative.

    • confettiandbliss on August 27, 2019 at 9:38 pm
    • Reply

    Wow! I’d never heard of these before. I have a dear friend who would love one of these incense burners. Her birthday is coming up and this would make a great gift!

  5. I like using diffusers instead of candles. I haven’t tried these before but it looks cool and better than candles.

  6. I have never heard of this before it definitely looks interesting. I have a couple of friends that use incense all the time and I bet something like this would be something they would enjoy.

  7. I really want one of these, I keep seeing them about and thinking they look so cool! I am struggling with scents though and incense can be so over powering.

    • terristeffes on August 27, 2019 at 6:15 pm
    • Reply

    When I was in college in the 70s, I had an incense burner lit every day! It is so fun for me to see them making a big comeback!

  8. Well this is funky! Never seen this kind of thing before!

    • Tasheena Nicole Johnson on August 27, 2019 at 3:37 pm
    • Reply

    This is so cool. I would love to get one for my home. I’m sure it smells amazing. Thanks for sharing this offer.

  9. This looks neat. I might have to try it out. I always like to have some sort of scent going on in the house since we have cats.

  10. Those look pretty cool and probably better than candles. I’m amazed at how polluting candles can be and will have to look into this more.

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