A Heart's Landscape

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A Heart’s Landscape
By: Susan Lax

An Invitation to the Garden of Moments

A HEART’S LANDSCAPE: An Invitation to the Garden of Moments – is a new, hardcover gorgeous book by Spiritual Counselor Susan Lax – full of inspirational thoughts and cultivated visuals to guide us tap into our joy in our day and lives. It’s a wonderful Gift – and a beautiful addition to your gift guide!

Susan is co-owner of the international shoe company, NAOT – the company even has A HEART’S LANDSCAPE line now. The book is full of hope, heart and joy – it derived from her well-followed “Morning Inspiration.” Warm and welcoming.

Every morning, Susan says, hope is born, no matter your day’s hurdle or adversity, don’t let anything stand in the way of hope. That inside each of us – is the ability, no matter the outside environment, to unlock a feel good moment, to tap into our joy. And that one moment can lead to more good in your life and that in the world. Good is part of healing and can be contagious – and she hopes her book guides people to find that – even if it’s the start of just a moment a day.

Right now, especially with all happening in the world, A HEART’S LANDSCAPE offers deep reminders with words and warm visuals – to take a moment – and just pause – get away from the inundation and put the chaos away. Especially in times of grief, illness, or life transitions, you’ll find healing and strength within these pages.

This is a beautiful hardback book full of daily inspiration and thoughtful moments that the Author has shared over the years.

Her words while random in nature always lead to something powerful in the moment.

One of my favorite reads so far has been about her rose buses, how thrilling it was to see them start to bloom for the new year, while remembering that they were barren and lost to the soil just a season ago. How the rose trusted the earth and soil to make it whole once again.

There are a lot of simple messages brought out in her garden of moments that left me in my head with a lot of thoughts and realizations about my own “garden of moments” and how I can capture something positive in everything.

A Heart's Landscape

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An Invitation to the Garden of Moments

by Susan Lax

When you are challenged – how do you tap into your moment of joy?

We all have the ability to manifest a day based on joy and understanding by beginning with a transcendent moment. Author and counselor Susan Lax offers such moments to get your day started in her gorgeous collection of stories, poems and insights, A HEART’S LANDSCAPE: An Invitation to the Garden of Moments (Your Moment Press; January 12, 2022). Lax shares entries and photographs from her “Morning Inspiration” emails to provide readers with the insight, comfort and healing needed to open their minds and live each day with an attentive heart.

The seeds for Morning Inspiration were planted when Susan Lax learned that one of her closest friends was diagnosed with cancer and she was determined to find a way to bring light back to their bond. Respecting her friend’s desire to keep her illness confidential, Lax began sending her friend an email each morning at 6 a.m. designed to bring a moment of joy to her day. This daily tradition continued for five months until one morning Lax awoke with the flu and did not send her morning email.

By 7:30 a.m., Lax received a phone call from her friend. “Where is my morning blessing? Why didn’t you send it today?”

This would be the only moment in which the two friends discussed the emails aloud. For the rest of the year, Lax sent a short morning blessing and eventually, her friend regained her health. Although the emails were only spoken about once, Lax understood the support they provided. From there, the Morning Inspiration newsletter was born.

Morning Inspiration has evolved over time. What began as a message for women diagnosed with health issues became a crafted moment of inspiration for all types of people. The email list grew to include men as well as women traveling through their individual challenging journeys. Along the way, Lax began incorporating photography with her transformative messages. Through these shared moments, she continues to showcase the importance of finding time for joy. We may never be able to overcome grief, but we can learn to set it aside for periods of time and allow ourselves to experience life’s wonders through a positive frame of mind.

SUSAN LAX earned a teaching degree in creative drama from the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology, and the Arts in Israel. She taught creative drama at a local elementary school and continued her studies at the Chochmat Halev, where she focused on meditation and Jewish spirituality. Throughout her educational career, Lax also studied Jewish healing, sacred psychology, spiritual practice as a path of healing, healing aspects of death and dying, and guided meditation. Lax currently works as a spiritual counselor specializing in, but not limited to, those touched by illness, grief, and loving through death. She lectures and leads workshops on the topics of awareness and making room for joy. Lax is the author Morning Inspiration, an email newsletter released three times a week. In addition, she is the co-owner of Naot Footwear, a company that ethically manufactures handmade  comfort shoes in Israel.


By Susan Lax
Your Moment Press; January 12, 2022
$32.95; 212 pages
ISBN-10: 0578962942; ISBN-13: 978-0578962948

A Heart's Landscape

“…uplifting pensées featuring reassuring words and captivating images. Readers will find this collection to be an energizing daily constitutional for the soul.”

Kirkus Reviews 

“In a conversation that flows and then pauses to breathe and to learn and to look anew, Susan Lax melds strength and compassion to bring life-wisdom to every page. A literal labor of love.”

Bradley Burston, journalist 

“…a rare blend of exquisite poetry, soulful wisdom, and much-needed whimsy. In her own gentle and compassionate way, Lax invites us to awaken our hearts to all that is, and to deepen our attention so that we may find in each moment of our lives the courage, humility, honesty, and hope that sustain the human spirit. —Jeannie Blaustein, Ph.D., Founding Board Chair, Reimagine End of Life Organization

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  1. Have never read anybooks by this author before. But it sounds like a book I need to get and enjoy

  2. One of my favorite things ever is checking out new books and this one sounds amazing. I’d love to give this one a ready

  3. Aw, I love the idea of having friend support like that… I have one friend, she’s been in my life as long as I can remember, who calls to pray with me sometimes (and vice versa). I value that friendship.

  4. If I just looked at the cover I might or might not pick the book up. But after this review I am going to get this book I am interested

  5. This sounds like a happy read, thanks for sharing! I haven’t heard of this author or book before, but it definitely sounds like I would enjoy reading it.

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