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Premium 4-Piece Herb Grinder with Large Capacity Storage Jar and Sieve for Fine Powder

This 4 piece herb grinder has 3 separate compartments.  The lid of the grinder has a strong magnet that holds the top in place. I did toss the grinder over a few times to see if the lid would pop off and I can honestly say that I don’t believe the lid would fall off by simply bumping or dropping this grinder, however if thrown or dropped a long distance or on a hard surface it could potentially disengage the magnet.

top grinding teeth

The top section of the grinder is where all the grinding happens between to sets of very sharp teeth. These teeth are sharp enough to break up dense herbs, fresh or dry herbs and even seeds.

The middle section is the storage compartment to hold your now freshly ground herbs. This grinder has a large capacity holding chamber and can accommodate a large quantity at a time.

grinder holding chamber

The lowest chamber of this grinder is where you will find the fine particles of your ground material. Particles known as kief or pollen fall through the fine mesh screen between the holding chamber and the kief/pollen catcher.

grinder holding chamber

It is a good idea to keep this screen as clean and clear as possible when you desire kief or pollen. This particular herb grinder comes with a scraping tool and cleaning brush to help you maintain a clean grinder.

grinder scraping tool

The scraping tool is great for clearing the screen between the center chamber and the bottom kief/pollen catcher. The mini brush helps you brush the threads clean as the pollen can be very fine and collect along these threads when opening and closing each chamber. Keeping these brushed during each use will help eliminate a buildup of plant material in your threads.

grinder cleaning brush

Overall I like this grinder and so far it works as intended and I have had no issues with threads sticking or pieces not lining up. It arrived as expected after purchase and was as described by seller.

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