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Winter Is Coming Giveaway Hop

Winter Is Coming
Giveaway Hop

Winter Giveaway Hop

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What is winter like where you live?

I’m a PA girl, we get lots and lots of snow! This season hasn’t really hit yet, but usually January thru April is when we get bombarded with snow and ice storms.

Does your town or community shut down for winter storms?

Our town does not shut down for much. Kids go to school with snow and slush. The only time we have any kind of shut down is during severe fast moving snow and ice storms or when temperatures are well below 0.


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  1. lace ruffles

    looks great but i miss it

  2. JanD

    It’s pleasantly cool in my area with I’m sure will be bouts of freezing.

  3. Jeryl M.

    Winter is usually really cold and snowy where we live.

  4. Colette S

    It’s between 78 and 54. Up and down and making us sick πŸ™‚

  5. Paol Trenny

    The weather down here is unpredictable so one day its in the 40s and the next its in the 80s.

  6. Jackie Mercer

    Winter is cold, snowy and starts early here in Canada. We are used to it by now!

  7. Lori

    – 17 in ND

  8. Jerry Marquardt

    Winter is pretty brutal, especially this year in the Chicago area here. Last year was a breeze with El Nino.

  9. Breanne

    It’s very cold.

  10. Audrey Stewart (@AudreyS23511436)

    I’m in SC and it’s to cold for me. I hate the cold. My cats hate the cold. Even my car hates the cold.

  11. Jillian Too

    It’s very cold with lots of snow.

  12. melina r

    Winter in Arizona is cooler but not cold for me. Weather goes down to the 50’s.

  13. AEKZ2

    Here in the Phoenix area, we’re in the 60s and 70s. It’s nice!

  14. latoya

    I live in Texas, so its mostly mild (like around 70’s)…we have a few days where it will fall to the 30’s or 40’s.

  15. Bella Martinez

    I live in the northern part of CA. It’s pretty warm.

  16. Shannon

    It can get cold but we very rarely get snow.

  17. amy delong

    we get pretty much snow here in pa

  18. Jana Leah

    Mostly sunny with temperatures in the 60s-70s.

  19. Brooke Allen

    We sometimes have warm days, and then it will snow for a few days, melt, and then we’ll have snow a little while later. We have a lot of variety.

  20. bunnyclem

    It’s cold here in Texas, but not brutally so like some places up North. Right now it’s 37 degrees, but according to my weather app, it’s supposed to be 70 degrees on Christmas Day! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  21. Terra Heck

    It is super cold and frigid. Not a fan of it at all. Thanks.

  22. Jeanna Schirm Massman

    Well, we live in Arizona. Several days last week we had temperatures in the 80’s but this week it is a little cooler, still light jacket weather, though.

  23. kelley roach

    texas. sometimes hot and sometimes cold

  24. busyworkingmama

    It is a pretty mellow winter here in Atlanta. I don’t mind it after Chicago winters!

  25. Kimberley Meier

    Winter in Illinois is freezing cold and snowy!

  26. Carolyn Daley

    Winter is not existence this week. I live in Florida and today it was 84 degrees. No signs of a cool front any time soon.

  27. Teresa Moore

    Not too bad here. Chilly like in the 50’s today but it will warm up again here in Florida.

  28. Jessica Whitehouse

    It’s been very mild so far- only about a week of really cold weather, and it’s supposed to warm up again to the 50’s and 60’s later in the week. For the last few years, we’ve had minimal snow, usually in late January to early February.

  29. Kim Pinch

    It is very cold and lots of snow.

  30. Andrea Darst

    Incredibly cold and snowy through February/March, sometimes April.

  31. Janice Crespo

    I live in Northwest New Jersey – it’s cold right now. We get quite a bit of snow. Unfortunately, we get a LOT of ice also πŸ™


    It’s hot in the high 80s

  33. Tamra H

    Icy and cold. Not so fun!

  34. Lauren Becker

    It differs but it’s usually cold. It will be cold this year but I don’t know if it will snow.


  35. Jess D

    Winter’s get pretty bad here in west central PA. We’ve already had single digit temps and almost a foot of snow and plenty of ice

  36. Deanna

    it gets pretty cold where i live and snowy

  37. golden storm

    mosly cold and average snow not alot but not alittle

  38. Daniel M

    geting cold now going down to 15 tonight, had our 2nd snowstorm but it melted already

  39. ijustmakeitup

    It has actually been really mild for us during the past few winters. It still snows but not, usually, measured in feet at a time. At least it isn’t as windy or icy here as pretty much anywhere North or East of us πŸ™‚

  40. Anne C

    It gets so cold where I am. Brrr.

  41. Christy

    Winter is pretty mild here

  42. sandy brandon (@FROGrevramb)

    I am in Middle Tennessee, and winter is usually cold in December, but come January, hopefully we get a couple of good snows. Nothing that is heart stopping, but enough to make it pretty outside!

  43. slehan

    Saturday’s high temp was 3 degrees, low temp -15. Had 4 inches of snow.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  44. Ellen C

    I’m in New England so we usually get a lot of snow and the temps can drop really low. Thanks for the chance.

  45. Shannon

    It’s snowy and cold.

  46. Lauren M

    I live on Long Island in NY and we just got our first snow of the season. This is going to be my last winter in NY as we’re moving down to NC in June.

  47. Mary Gardner

    Winter where we live can be anywhere from 10 60 degrees in the winter. Though most days are in the 30’s and 40’s and we only get snow a couple of times a year normally. We get stuck with freezing rain and sleet more often than snow.

  48. Debra Guillen

    Today it is -6 F, feels like -15 F, and we have ice and snow. brrr!

  49. Hargow Wong

    Winter is mild in Southern California.

  50. Ashley O.

    I live in Florida so winter here is weird. We can have cold nights and mornings, but hot afternoons. Or we can have a cold day, and then the next day can be hot.

  51. Francine Anchondo

    Cold , Snow and Ice.

  52. Mandala

    It is cold and snowing in my area. Happy Holidays!

  53. Ellen Stafford

    Mosty rainy here in the UK

  54. Angela Thorpe

    Its cold and snowy

  55. Stacy T

    I live on the west central coast of Florida, and the weather here for December is kind of crazy. Last week it got down into the 30’s overnight, but then it was in the 80’s earlier this week. It is currently 71 and sunny where I live.

  56. Riri

    It is really cold,icy and snowy.

  57. patricia skinner

    Cold with icy rain.

  58. Happi Shopr

    I live in Texas so winter is erratic. It can be warm one day and freezing the next.

  59. debbie campbell

    I am in Ohio and it is cold with snow now.

  60. Wendy R.

    Winter is beautiful here! Our average high temps are in the 60s with NO snow. We absolutely love it!

  61. tiago rosado

    What is winter like where you live?
    we have cold but not snow,so it’s bearable whit some layers of cloth!!!!
    but up north they have snow…..lucky me!!!

  62. Susan Smith

    It’s cold here in Omaha during the Winter. So far we haven’t gotten any snow but I’m sure we will.

  63. samantha penrod

    snow, snow, and more snow. it is miserable

  64. Tara Darity

    It gets pretty cold here but we rarely get snow!

  65. Linda Walker

    New England weather changes constantly. It snowed yesterday and today was sunny and 45 degrees. It hasn’t been too bad yet.

  66. Cynthia R

    Overall it isn’t too bad, most winters we may get a few days of snow and ice here and there but that’s about it. It’s mainly just cold and wet.

  67. Lasonda

    We have mild temperatures.

  68. stheissen1990

    I’m in NC. The weather has been pretty cool but the sun that beats down warms things up! No snow or anything.

  69. Jan Lee

    It’s cold and snowing off and on, just like December lol πŸ™‚

  70. jenny stratton

    The winter is all over the place here. It can be 50 degrees on day and 0 degrees the next.

  71. Seyma Shabbir

    NC is not so bad. If we get snow it is in February and schools always close.

  72. heather eg kaufman

    It is windy & freezing.

  73. Veronica Lee

    We don’t have winter where I live! It’s summer all year round.

    1. Veronica Lee

      I subscribed via vlee62@mail.com

  74. Mel Borhi

    Its freezing cold and high wind and drifting snow. London ont can be very cold temperature wise in winter

  75. alona y

    Our winters aren’t very intense, just pretty rainy.

  76. Dedezoomsalot (@DedeZoomsalot)

    Winter is usually mild in northeast TN. We get snow a couple of times, about 3 inches or so.

  77. gracefulcoffee

    Right now it’s snowing and very cold.

  78. jen7waters

    Cold and sunny in the mornings and then freezing at night.

  79. mamamayor

    I live in eastern pa,just started to get really cold,they are calling for snow flurries later today .we usually don’t get heavy snow until Jan/feb ,natbelinsky@verizon.net

  80. Surso S.

    sorta cold around -5C to -20C really snowy also

  81. julie murphy

    It just turned cold.

  82. Karen DeVaney

    It is cold but sunny quite a lot of the time. Right now we have 5+ inches of snow on the ground but we will probably only get 3-4 more snowstorms of that size.

  83. Heather B

    I live in Maine. Winter is COLD and snowy! Today was 22 degrees when i went out to run errands!

  84. Carol

    It’s in the 20s right now

  85. pollylee

    I live in Northern California and it is rainy & cold. But we always need the rain!

  86. bn100


  87. Marta K. (@mkcookie)

    It has it’s day. It’s either very cold or we get nice temperatures with lots of sun!

  88. Tiffany S

    Winter is very cold and snowy where I live.

  89. fotojennic

    It usually gets very cold and the weatherman always teases us with snow that doesnt come. We do get snow, but usually after at least of month of snow forecasts with no snow to show for it. πŸ˜‰ Snow is the only part I like about winter.

  90. Marcia Monteiro

    Here in Portugal, Winter is rainy and windy and it never snows in most of the country. Today was sunny and a bit hot, strangely! πŸ™‚

  91. piroska

    Super cold and lots of snow, here in NW Ontario.

  92. Anna G.

    I live in the north of Sweden and winter is very cold, dark – but beautiful with northern lights and lots of snow.

  93. chelsea w

    It doesn’t get too awfully cold or snowy. It fact, it’s usually just frost or rain.

  94. rochelle haynes

    Winter is freezing cold here in Chicago

  95. Lulu

    Winter is usually mild here, no cold and snow but high humidity though(

  96. Catherine G.

    “What is winter like where you live?”

    Generally, it’s cold and grey. It’s bearable. I much prefer winter to Summer; right now it’s getting really hot.

  97. Jammie Morey

    I am originally from Michigan winter there stinks. Thankfully I am in Tennessee now and winters are not that bad. Cold at night right now but sunny and in the mid 40s during the afternoon.

  98. Nicole B

    Almost nonexistent, I live in south Florida.

  99. Christy Maurer

    It’s in the 20s right now in OH.

  100. mita

    Winter is pleasant here in Georgia.

  101. Carrie Barron

    Today it’s cold with flurries in mid Michigan. We’re supposed to get our first big storm of the year this weekend. Thanks!

  102. jjohnson46

    Winter is pleasant here in Florida! Cooler temperatures and beautiful sunshine!

  103. coopersmommy

    Winter is pretty mild here in NC.

  104. Vicki Wurgler

    we border Canada-so it is cold, snowy and windy

  105. Mood Reader

    Cold! For once. LOL The weather here is usually very hot so December and January are the only months it is actually cold. I really enjoy it! πŸ™‚

  106. barbg

    I’m in Indiana so the windchill today makes it feel like 7 degrees outside. We just got our first light cover/blowing of snow today. Sunday night is going to be the rest of ti about 4 inches I think they said.

  107. Lisa Brown

    it is very cold and can snow

  108. kelly

    What is winter like where you live?

    if it snow more than an inch one time a season we are lucky,but we get the freaking ice storms that may be the worst

  109. Tainan Lu

    It is usually extremely cold here

  110. Jen B

    Cold and wet.

  111. Jennifer P.

    Winter is usually pretty mild where I live, with lots of rain. This year we’ve already had snow though, which we rarely get.

  112. shirley

    It is cold and wet, not much snow.

  113. feeroberts64

    It’s actually pretty chilly here in FL, for a change. It’s 58 degrees, and yesterday it was in the upper 70s. I’m loving it!

    1. feeroberts64

      I put my klout tweet in the share the giveaway entry, and my share the giveaway in the klout entry. I think it’s time to go to bed. lol!

  114. Jackie

    It gets pretty cold and we do get snow. We had a very light coating the other night. I’m hoping it’s not too bad this winter.

  115. Alison King

    I live in South Georgia, so it gets cold but we don’t have snow. It is supposed to get down to the 20s tonight. Brrr…too cold for me.

  116. upstatemissy

    We live in upstate NY and it is very cold and very snowy here all winter long.

  117. Daniela

    Here in Buenos Aires winter is rather boring. It’s cold, but sadly not cold enough for snow πŸ™ Also winter is from june to september, so now it’s summer lol

  118. Brooke Banks

    Mildly cold and sometimes rainy. Mostly just cloudy and windy though.

  119. Mary Cloud

    Winter isn’t very cold where we live but it’s miserable because it rains almost all winter long constantly

  120. Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures

    I live in CA and it rains where we are.

  121. Candice

    We usually get a fair amount of snow, but not much this year. I think it’s supposed to start snowing soon though.

  122. Andrea Williams

    It is usually extremely cold with a good amount of snow from November to April!

  123. Sarah Hayes

    its a little cold but not too bad

  124. rsbrandt44

    I’m down South there’s just a vague chance of a frost affecting our satsuma tree.

  125. jennifer horn

    It gets cold here, but very rarely do we see much snow.

  126. Cathy French

    Here in central Ohio its cold, snowy and most of all windy. Really wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t so windy.

  127. molli taylor

    winters here are ok, generally mild with a few snows and bad weather days that throw everyone into a tail spin. schools closed today and not a drop of snow in sight!

  128. Journeys of The Zoo

    This will be the first winter since 2009 that we will be spending in Canada. Here it will be very cold and snowy. In Mexico (where we normally spend 4 months), it will be warm. I will be hibernating for the season!

    Thanks for giving.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  129. Bohemian Babushka

    Here in Tallahassee Florida we can go from 70 in the day to 40 at night. Si, it’s quite a jump, but BB loves it! Gracias for the giveaway.

  130. Ann Fantom

    Our winters are very erratic. We can get below 0, but sometimes we stay in the 50’s. Our snowfall can range anywhere between 15″ to 60″ a season.

  131. missbobloblaw

    Winter just whipped in with a blizzard! Snow is just below the knee, and it’s cold out!!

  132. Fe M.

    We don’t have winter here, it’s either the rainy season or summer.

  133. Wendy Caddy

    It is cold, windy, and icy. I don’t like the ice.

  134. Michelle J.


  135. Alexandru Rusu

    It’s very cold -7 degrees Celsius night 2 degrees Celsius day and was snow outside.I’m from Romania

  136. Angie

    Winter isn’t too bad; the mild storms come and go quickly.

  137. sohamolina1969

    Winters are cold and dry.

  138. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    its cold but no snow.

  139. Geri Sandoval

    NO snow yet! Cold mornings and nights.

  140. Allie

    It is cold and snowy

  141. ikkinlala

    It gets cold (-40) here. Some years there’s lots of snow, others not so much. It’s sunny a lot, though.

  142. Kristen

    No show here! Just some cold weather and rain.

  143. KV

    It gets cold with some snow storms.

  144. Kaitlyn Ortega

    We only have a couple days of cold and snow about once in 35 years.

  145. Veronica L

    I live in North Carolina so our winters is typically mild compared to the North. We may get a few snow storms during Jan. into Feb. but usually it’s only a few inches.

  146. Charlene S.

    Currently temps in the single digits with snow on the ground. Too cold for me!

  147. KateS

    Very cold, usually with lots of snow!

  148. Jennifer Rote

    Winter here is tons of snow and bitter cold.

  149. jlindahlj

    We’ve had a pretty mild winter so far…no snow and not too cold yet.

  150. James Robert

    Winter in Michigan is cold and snowy.

  151. Heather

    Winter doesn’t really get started here until mid-January. Sometimes we get snow in March.

  152. Myra Ball

    Winter in North Alabama is pretty mild and we may get one good snow a season. We don’t have to worry about our engine freezing or shovel snow.

  153. Natalie

    I live in MN where is it very cold and snowy for most of the year!

  154. Maureen

    I live in the midwest and it gets cold and snowy here. In fact it is already.

  155. Lynne B

    Winter in Maryland (DC Metro) is miserable. It’s scary because during inclement weather, so many drive like they’re on dry pavement.

  156. Kimberly R

    I don’t have winter where I live.

  157. Charity Cram

    Winter is cold and snowy here. I am already sick of winter! Thank you for the chance to win!

  158. Tara O.

    It’s usually pretty cold here – high in the 30’s. Not much snow though πŸ™

  159. Elizabeth Robinson

    We get a lot of snow where I live (and I hate snow).

  160. Melissa

    winters are cold & wet!

  161. Audrey Stewart

    I am in Charleston, SC, so they aren’t to bad. It’s still to cold for me.

  162. Liz R

    It is cold and snowy in northern ohio most years. Last year was mild but I think it is supposed to be more harsh this year.

  163. grandgiveaways

    It doesn’t get too too cold here in North Carolina.

    Name on rafflecopter: mami2jcn

  164. Jay Jackson

    Winter has been pretty cold where I live the past few years.

  165. Kelly Tupick

    it can get very cold like -20 to -30 some nights here in NH. Some winters we can get big snow falls from one storm like 2 feet or so.

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