Too Many Rocks in your Pocket ~ more than just words on rocks.. #Giveaway

“Too Many Rocks in your Pocket” 

Product Description: Too Many Rocks in your Pocket was designed to help make us more aware of the stress we face on a daily basis and as a vehicle to help end the day by removing some of the layers. This is no guarantee, it’s simply a step or a tool designed to identify stress relief.


too many rocksThe Concept:
Too Many Rocks in your Pocket was designed to help make us more aware of the stress we face on a daily basis and as a vehicle to help end the day by relieving those stresses for the night. As we go through our day we collect a variety of stress issues, when one of these issues occurs select the appropriate rock, put a rock in your pocket (purse, backpack or in a spot that makes the weight noticeable).

At the end of the day “empty the rocks out”, this is a step in wiping the slate clean of the variety of issues that have taken up a stressful space in your life.

The next day you start all-over again. It’s is likely that the same stresses will occur day after day, the objective being to clear these stresses away at the end of the day rather than accumulate them and putting them on top of each other day after day. Also if you find some of the same stresses occur daily, the rocks will hopefully assist one in trying to confront the issues.

This concept works by forcing people to confront their stresses, visually and physically, instead of suppressing them and letting them fester. Most of us deal with stress by trying to ignore it where it builds and builds until it bursts. This program forces us, at the end of the day, to physically confront our issues and literally unload them one at a time. It is a tool designed as a step towards identifying stress relief; not as a solution in and of itself. The concept is simple yet effective which is the best kind!

Too Many Rocks in your Pocket come in three great packages to help you get started on the stressers that may be affecting you right now. ($29.95 plus S&H)

  • General Stressors: Fear, Anxiety, Job, Money, Health, Kids, Divorce, Relationships, Family, Jealousy
  • Business Stressors: Sales, Customers, Employees, Marketing, Benefits, Payables, Profit, Cash Flow, Competition, Taxes
  • Student Stressors: Pressure, Grades, Teachers, Appearance, Money, Parents, Fitting in, Competition, Finals, Future
Too Many Rocks in your Pocket ~ more than just words on rocks.
Too Many Rocks in your Pocket is more than what meets the eye, words on rocks, with a purpose and goal that not only visually and mentally, but also physically help you see what weighs you down in life!
(1/16 – 2/16)
Open to: US/Canada
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You may not think something as simple as the concept mentioned above could actually work, but I’m sure if you take the time and follow the steps you’ll be genuinely surprised at the growth in yourself. We all deserve to de-stress, we all want to feel free of worry and chaos, but sometimes just don’t know where to start.
Too Many Rocks in your Pocket helps you find your starting point.
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The stones vary in shapes and sizes as well as type and texture. The text on the rocks, look like they were stenciled on in a variety of colors. There is a clear coating over the text, however the writing on the rocks do tend to wear off the more they are played with and tousled around in the bag. The clear coating wears off really fast as well.

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