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Swimming Pool Floats ~ Summer #Giveaway!

Swimming Pool Floats Giveaway0

Swimming Pool Floats ~ Summer Giveaway ~ Swimming pool floats are a universal sign of summer for most people and the more crazy and extreme they are, the better. Check out a few of my favorites below and then enter for a chance to win your own crazy pool float! With the site lines of …

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Hapari Swim Wear #Giveaway ~ 4/22 – 5/6

Hapari Swim Wear With Summertime on it’s way, how would you like to win a new swimsuit for yourself? Thanks to the generous people at Hapari, now you can! Using the form below, enter to win a $95 gift certificate to Hapari Swim Wear and snag a suit for yourself! Hapari offers a full line …

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