Nov 16

Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop!

Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop!
Hosted By: The Kids Did Itย  & The Mommy Island

Stocking Stuffer

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Stuffed Snowman Stocking Full of Goodies!

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Tell me about your stocking…
What types of items do you like to see in your stocking?
Do you buy or make your own stocking??
Do you have one that has been used throughout the years???


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  1. SaraAB87

    This sounds like a cute prize.

  2. Veronica Lee

    I like bath products, gift cards, and hair accessories!

  3. Seyma Shabbir

    I usually buy the stockings and love gift cards, makeup and cream.

  4. Kim Pinch

    We have stockings that have been used since the kids were little. I like to fill them with gift cards and candy now that they are older.

  5. Ellen C

    I have an older stocking. I didn’t make it. It is usually filled with candy and maybe some finger nail polish or Sudoku books. Thanks for the chance.

  6. Caroline Bock

    We have hand made stocking from my grandmother and we fill them with lots of goodies.

  7. Sarah Oswald

    We have stocking that were crochet by my mother in law many years ago and I love getting crafty things in my stocking.

  8. Holly Letson

    I’d like to find lip balms and lip glosses in my stocking. Amazon gift cards would be great, too.

  9. Shannon

    Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning. I had to get new ones after I lost ours in a fire but we’ve had the current ones for over 10 years.

  10. Linda Kish

    I don’t use it anymore but, I have my stocking from the 50s. We don’t hang stockings anymore. I like gift cards best.

  11. amanda whitley

    i like fun novelty things in my stocking and practical items…oh and gift cards!

  12. Jessica Whitehouse

    I haven’t had a stocking for myself in several years. The kids have one each, but I will probably be replacing them this year. I don’t need one because I don’t get many gifts- I’d rather enjoy the company of my family.

  13. Laura B.

    I like to find bath and body products and make-up.

  14. Dawn Monroe

    I like to put hair bows, small toys and toothbrushes in stockings. We reuse ones from years before.

  15. Shelley

    I like chocolates, gift cards, and beauty items!

  16. Janice Crespo

    All of our stockings were new once upon a time. LOL I don’t know what happened to the handmade ones, they got lost along the way – probably during flooding ;( Anyway, the best stocking finds are candy and gift cards! Perfect combination!

  17. elizabeth miller

    We all have purchased stockings that we have used for years. My daughter is 11 and still likes to use either her Baby’s First Christmas stocking or one we purchased the year after. She won’t get a new one because she says they are special. I really don’t like candy so I like gift cards, different flavored carmex (not cherry lol), little hand lotions, gloves, and just some random odd and end stuff.

  18. Tiffany Dayton

    We use the same stockings. I like candy and gift cards.

  19. Carol

    I have one that has been used throughout the years. I like gift cards.

  20. Karen DeVaney

    I love to find chocolate and gift cards and bookmarks in my stocking. All of our stockings were made by family members and we use the same ones every year.

  21. davisbk121

    We use the same stockings every year, and I always plan to make new ones. I like to get personal gifts, cosmetics, gift cards, candy, lingerie.

  22. floridagld

    I have a vintage Hughes red and white stocking my Bff’s in hight school mom made me.
    Love it!
    I tend to like odd and ends things..socks, gum, candy, fruit, razor, soap..in the tie..one nice gift like earrings
    floridagld at yahoo dot com

  23. bunnyclem

    I like to find Bath & Body Works stuff & chocolate! Thanks for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. heather eg kaufman

    I like to find candy & beauty items.

  25. Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    We hang some stockings up each year, but rarely actually put anything in them! Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at) aol.com

  26. Katie Bellamy

    My husband & I both still have ours from when we were kids. I’m the stocking filler! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Jenny Q.

    We use the same stockings each year and I fill them with small gifts such as art supplies, candies, or small toys.

  28. Rachael Garfinkle

    I love seeing beauty products and gift cards in my stocking. My mother n law made me this awesome stocking about 3 years ago. We reuse them every year!!

  29. Alisha Sienkiel

    I have the same stocking that was bought years ago. I love to find any random things: chocolate, gift cards, nail polish, a book

  30. Jeanna Schirm Massman

    I like to find gift cards, lip gloss and scratch-off lottery cards in my Stocking.

  31. Liz Lew

    Sugar free candy and gum

  32. Amber Cheras

    I like to put all sorts of beauty products, chocolates, and sometimes cds/dvds i stockings. I like to make my own and we try to stick to the same stockings every year.

  33. Jen F

    We buy our stockings and we tend to fill ours and our daughter’s with health and beauty products.

  34. Heather B

    My children have had the same stockings since they were born. I do not have one of my own. I am thinking about making new ones so all 5 of ours will match.

  35. Heather D

    I bought each child a special stocking that we reuse every year. I like to give little gadgets and chocolate. My kids use a lot of tape in crafts throughout the year and tape is always on sale this time of year. Makes a little simple stuffer.

  36. gracefulcoffee

    My family uses the same stockings every year. I like candy and gift cards in mine ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. patricia skinner

    I buy the stocking and I love gloves and hats in it.

  38. Vicki Wurgler

    we have had our stockings for years-I like GCs make-up and candy

  39. stephanie scales cambpell

    I use a bought stocking that i have had for a few years. Things I love to see in my stocking are makeup, perfume,notepads, pens and chocolates

  40. Mia J

    I have a stocking that was knitted by my aunt that has my name and birth date. I love to receive books in my stocking.

  41. Teresa A Thompson

    We use the same stockings every year. I like gift cards and cosmetics.

  42. Jan Lee

    I like to find gift cards, candies, and jewelry in my stockings ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the same stocking that I’ve had since I was a child and I have another one my mother made when I was in my twenties ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. dontknowwhatyoucallit

    in my stockings I put gift cards ,candy, toys, fruit, nuts and any thing else that will fit in it

  44. Jana Leah

    Gift cards & lip balms make the best stocking stuffers. I’ve had my stocking since I was a kid. Thanks for the chance.

  45. aaron reck

    Gift cards with candies and chocolates. I try to put some nice things in them. One of the kids is getting a graphing calculator. Those are pricey.

  46. Linda Walker

    I bought generic stocking and decorated them myself with fabric paint.

  47. Audrey Stewart

    I have all the children’s stockings that they have had since they were born.

  48. itsmede

    I like to find gift cards and money in my stocking so I can pick out what I want/need in my style and size.

  49. Heather Williams

    Store bought burlap stockings but I add flair to personalize them. Love to stuff them full of candy and small gifts.

  50. wen budro

    I like to find cash, gift cards, candy, and lip balm in my stocking. I get a new stocking every year.

  51. Kristi C

    I like getting chapsticks and dark chocolate covered almonds in my stocking. We use the same stockings each year.

  52. lissa crane

    I have had the same stocking since I was a child, so that’s what hang on my fireplace! I love to see lipsticks, nail polishes, and gift cards! Little treats that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, but would love to have!

  53. gerardine

    Money (Amazon gift cards) , electronics and chocolate โ€ฆMmmm! Chocolate! I have made stocking that have gone the years- I even have stocking for my pets.

  54. Jennifer Rote

    We fill our stocking. We each have one with our name and reuse them yearly. I like makeup and nail polish in mine.

  55. susan smoaks

    i buy our stockings. i like to get lottery tickets and candy in my stocking.

  56. Ryan Spencer

    We buy new stockings each year and it’s fun to fill them with little toys for my kids.

  57. heather s

    We put candy, lotion, socks, lip balm, nail polish and file in them. Make our own

  58. Sara

    I like to find kitchen utinsils, candies, snacks, candles, lotions, chapsticks, jewelry.

  59. Billy Lilley

    I love to see cash in my stocking. My wife makes me a new one every year/

  60. Maria B

    I had my stocking for over 15 years. My favorite items are candy and lottery tickets. I bought my stocking for 90%. It is New England Patriots stocking.

  61. Paol Trenny

    I like to find gift cards and mini makeup items in my stockings.

    I have both handmade stockings as well store bought ones.

    I have two antique ones that have been used for many generations.

  62. Jess D

    It just me and my boyfriend so we don’t do stockings. I do however plan to crochet us up some personalized stockings at some point

  63. Katie Smith

    I buy my stocking and I love to see gift cards, makeup, and candy! Thanks!

  64. Darlene Carbajal

    I love my stocking filled with candy and cosmetics!

  65. Christina B.

    I love Victorian things. Cameos, Boots, art… etc so my stocking is burgundy velvet with beading and I’ve used it since I found it at a garage sale about 6 years ago. I can’t imagine using a different one ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. barbg

    I love to see lots of varities of candies and chocolates in my stocking. Little pieces of this and that because I love candy. I need a watch that would be nice in one too. My kids are grown so we don;t fill up stockings anynore. It is a shame because I really miss that. I used to get oranges and walnuts in mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Mary Cloud

    I don’t have a stocking but if I did I’d want it full of candy and gift cards

  68. Jennifer Clay

    I like to find bath stuff, candy and gift cards in my stocking. I have a stocking that I bought a few years ago that I just use over and over.

  69. Dominique Cloutier

    Family tradition in our house is that the stocking is normally full of mostly essentials. deodorant, new razor heads, toothbrush. things like that lol. few pieces of santa candy and random other things thrown in. My mom has always done that and i want to pass that on to my kids.

  70. golden storm

    i make our own stockings and i stuff them with candy,oranges and trinkets

  71. Tiffany S

    We buy our own stockings. I like to see gift cards and socks in my stocking.

  72. pollylee

    I have my stocking that my mother knitted for me over 50 years ago. Means the world to me!

  73. Bonita English

    My son’s stocking and mine we have had for years,my son’s nana made mine 32yrs ago and she made his 29yrs ago.I lived with her and took care of her till April when she passed away.Our favorite thing to put in our stockings was always tangerines in toes then some candy then little trinkets from Santa a necklace watch etc.This year no Christmas lost my job due to time taken off t take care of (mom) nana then I got sick and hospitalized .But I have memories and my son so I am still blessed thanks for chance to win Christmas good luck everyone and HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  74. Audra O'Hara

    We have stockings we’ve used for years. In my daughter’s stocking, I like to put small wind-up toys, erasers, hairbows, and of course candy. Every year I make sure to include chocolate coins.

  75. Carolann Leibenguth

    I love scratch off lottery tickets in my stocking. My grandma started that with us kids when we were in our teens, it made us feel grown up. I still have my original stocking the my gma gave me but it is put away. I have had the current one for probably ten years

  76. marilynnawara

    I like lots of candy and treats in my stocking. We have been using the same stockings for 20+ years — my mom made them for us when my boys were little.

  77. Dedezoomsalot (@DedeZoomsalot)

    We’ve been using the same stockings for 15 years.

  78. Lauren Becker

    I’ve had the same stocking for years. I like to see a DVD or CD, candy, beauty items, gift card, whatever really!

    -lauren becker

  79. Carolyn Daley

    I have an old stocking that has been used for over a decade. I love chocolate, books, gift cards, and slipper socks.

  80. Mary Gardner

    I like gift cards, fruit and lots of dark chocolate in my stocking!

  81. Heather Bridson

    We made stockings a couple years ago since our old ones were pretty worn. I love getting chocolate, gift cards and books in my stocking!

  82. Elizabeth

    I have an Elvis stocking. It used to sing, but that’s been broken for years now. Usually just get things like toothbrushes and other practical but kinda boring stuff.

  83. Sara Theissen

    I like receiving things like makeup and lotto tickets! I have a stocking that my Mom handmade for me 26 years ago <3

  84. julie murphy

    I like to find chocolate

  85. julie murphy

    i like chocolates

  86. Terra Heck

    I buy my stockings. I like socks with different patterns and designs. I also like Lottery cards and Ferrero Rocher chocolates in my stocking. Thanks.

  87. jenny stratton

    I like getting candy and books in my stocking.

  88. Erin Walsh

    I have had the same stocking since I was kid and I love it. I love gift cards or chocolate in my stocking.

  89. Serena Powell

    I usually buy a new stocking every year and decorate it, though I have made my own before. I love seeing various candies in my stocking.

  90. rsbrandt44

    I like candy in my stocking! I’ve been using one that I won a few years ago.

  91. Courtney Hennagir

    I love lip balms and socks and small gift cards in my stocking! I always make my own so I can personalize them.I use my mom’s old stocking that she used to use when I was a kid.

  92. Michele L

    I cross stitched our stockings years ago. I like to put gift cards in the stockings.

  93. Michelle J.

    I love red Essie nail polish, peanut butter M&Ms, and gift cards for date night!

  94. Susan Smith

    We have stockings there were bought and we use them every year. We will them with candy, gift cards and small toys.

  95. Sharon Rooney

    I like to find gift cards, lottery tickets and k-cups coffee in my stocking

  96. molli taylor

    i have no decorations this year so i am guessing we will make our own!

  97. melissa Miller

    I like gift cards, lip gloss, finger nail polish. We use the same stockings every year that I made

  98. Darla

    I love little gifts like nail polish, books, cozy socks, etc

  99. Nicole Lancaster

    I like candy, movie tickets, gift cards, nail polish, lotion, and a book in my stocking,
    I buy my stocking. I have one stocking that I used over many years that was handmade by my mother when I was a baby.

  100. Melissa Grubb

    We just have store bought stockings, but I would love to get personalized ones for the family! I would love to see makeup in my stocking lol

  101. jskell911 (@jskell911)

    We have all used the same stockings for at least 10 years ! I love things like pens, lotion, mini coffee packs, essential oils, and nail files.

  102. ladymagnolia99

    I made my two children and me and my husband a stocking when they were young and we are still using them and that was about 40 years ago. My children made some very close to the ones I made for my grandchildren and great grandchildren!! It is a great tradition and nice feeling when we use them at Christmas

    Judy Cox

  103. Angela Williams

    We have kept the same stockings over the years and we put candy and hot wheels cars and smaller items in them.

  104. upstatemissy

    I made stockings for each of my family members, it is time for new ones though.

  105. chelsea w

    I love getting things like candy, beauty products, and gift cards in my stocking. I had a childhood stocking that was used for about 15 years up until it burned along with our RV (we were going to celebrate Christmas that year while camping). Now I have a new one and I like to think it stands for how lucky we are that we weren’t in that camper that Christmas.

  106. Ann Fantom

    I like to put chocolates, socks and magazines, etc in our Christmas stockings.

    I bought our stocking, but then decorated them myself

  107. Allyson Bossie

    I don’t sew so I purchase stockings and fill them. I like the mini lego sets, Ecos eggs, makeup, nail polish, band swag, etc for stockings

  108. rochelle haynes

    no stocking stuffier for me but if i did lost of gift cards

  109. Aaron

    I like to see cash in my stocking! My stocking is home-made and from my childhood.

  110. Lindsay Giedosh

    I love to see candy, stationary, a candle, some socks, or a book in my stocking!

  111. Charlene S.

    I made our family stockings. I like to see gift cards, candy and books in my stocking.

  112. KV

    I like to find chocolate & candy canes in my stocking.

  113. sohamolina1969

    I buy mine and fill it with gcs

  114. darleneowen

    I use the same stockings – I usually put small toys in them.

  115. Wendy R.

    I still have the stockings used in my childhood. I love candy and fun little items in my stocking!

  116. jennyscheldberg

    I like getting candy and spa type things like bath bombs and bubble bath.

  117. Dan Denman

    I like candy and snacks and gift cards. We have stockings that we bought about 20 years ago.

  118. Rachel

    Food stuff is my favorite, we always do chocolate like on halloween, but i wish we could do also pistashios and cashews and mini cheeses, stuff like that. We have homemade stockings because 1 year my little sister made some out of fleece as here christmas present to everyone. So we use those.

  119. James Robert

    I don’t have one but have 5 kids who I fill stocking for. I put in toys, nail polish, dvd’s…anything I can find.

  120. jjohnson46

    My husband and I have the same stockings that we have used since we were both young! We like to fill our kids stockings with fun stuff! Candy, small toys and always a toothbrush!

  121. ANN*H

    I like chocolates and oranges , gift card , lip glass, hot wheels for the kids , books

  122. Stephanie Phelps

    Oh my goodness I bought all ours. I love to see lotions and perfumes in my stocking and all my kids stockings have been around for years!

  123. Michele Behlen

    I make a stocking for my husband and myself. I like lotion, gift cards, gloves and candy. We have stockings that we have used for years.

  124. Cynthia R

    I think it would be fun to find lotion, gift card, candy, and comfy socks in the stocking

  125. Elena

    I like to get gift cards and chocolate in my stocking

  126. Jackie

    I like to find gift cards, candles and socks in my stocking. I love filling my family’s stockings. It’s so much fun shopping for everyone.

  127. aimee74

    Stockings at my house are mostly filled with candy. We use the same stockings every year

  128. tat2gurlzrock

    I like to find chocolate and gift cards.Cute socks are fun too. I make my own each year.

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