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Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop

Super Stocking Stuffer
Giveaway Hop

Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop

Thank you for stopping by the Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop
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Share Some Of Your Best Stocking Stuffer Gifts, Tips & Ideas!!

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  1. courtney

    I like themes like Bath, Toys, Chocolate, Jewelry

  2. Leela

    Homemade toffee and rumballs.

  3. Sam

    But of course it is money

  4. Carolyn Daley

    My favorite stocking stuffers include chocolate, slipper socks, and moose munch.

  5. Julie Terry

    Candy and chocolate

  6. Kathy Pease

    I love candles as stocking stuffers

  7. willitara

    Gift cards, candy, make-up, perfume

  8. Donna Jacoby

    I have a small box in my closet to add small stocking stuffers to whenever I shop. They don’t get lost this way and I have extras should I need them. Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. Kathy B.

    A gift card to the receiver’s favorite restaurant and some of their favorite candy.

  10. liberty

    I think tea bags would make a good stocking stuffer!

  11. Lauren Hecker

    I usually do gift cards!

  12. JanD

    My favorite stocking stuffer gifts are gift cards and jewelry.

  13. Julieh

    I like to put fun little toys in my kids stockings like old school jacks.

  14. Jake B

    I say candy and gift cards are good stocking stuffers.

  15. clumsycruiser

    I always get a chocolate sampler in my stocking. Other small items, like gift cards, toys, etc. make great stocking stuffers.

  16. Linda Kish

    I always like gift cards. Socks are nice , too.

  17. Hesper Fry

    Candy, gift cards, and scratch off lottery tickets make great stocking gifts!

  18. David Hollingsworth

    I guess gift cards are great, especially if you don’t want much hassle with your Christmas shopping. It doesn’t require much thought.

  19. Tanya Guthrie

    I usually put candy and little Lego sets in my boys’ stockings.

  20. sheila ressel

    I like to put candy, lottery tickets and gift cards in my family’s stockings.

  21. Buddy Garrett

    Gift cards are great stocking stuffers.

  22. Lisa

    I love candy and beauty products as stocking stuffers.

  23. Stephanie L

    Candy is an easy stocking stuffer! For older kids/adults, gift cards or even socks are good stocking stuffers. Oh and fuzzy socks! In my house, we even have stockigns for our cats, so we put in cat treats

  24. Antoinette M

    Candy/chocolate, socks, lotto tickets, body wash/lotion and gift cards.

  25. Aly (@megeara_erinyes)

    Sweets and giftcards:)

  26. alice minx

    I like to stuff some novelty item right at the bottom of the stocking. Something just silly and totally random. Just for giggles

  27. Amber

    I love getting people good dark chocolate – a healthy indulgence! Or wine. A bottle fits perfectly in the stocking!

  28. Aarone Mawdsley

    makeup and yoyos

  29. Seyma Shabbir

    The best items are gift cards, toys, things that don’t melt!! Never put chocolate in stockings if you have them near a fireplace. *insert rolling eyes* LOL

  30. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    We always stuff stockings with play doh, a tooth brush, candy, or maybe a movie.

  31. Karen D

    Now that the kids are older, they get a mix of random food stuff, lip balms, flashlights, nail clippers, and whatever else I happen to find. I will never understand how they manage to lose so many nail clippers.

  32. Shelley

    Giftcards, makeup and candy are my favorite stocking stuffers!

  33. Casey Everidge

    gift cards are my favorite stocking stuffer

  34. Chelsey Bennett

    Our kids always get an orange in the toe, along with the candy canes filled with M&Ms and the LifeSaver storybooks. We normally put some socks in there along with some small toys/CDs.

  35. sweepsfanatic2007

    I always give a new toothbrush, coloring book, colors, and a candy cane.

  36. Cheryl VanBrunt

    Gift cards and candy

  37. Candie Luster

    In my opinion anything that has chocolate. Thank you

  38. Susan Smoaks

    i like to get chocolate in my stocking.

  39. Stephanie

    My go to stocking stuffers are gift cards, money, and lipstick!

  40. Judith R.

    Chocolates. Everyone loves chocolates.

  41. Kyl Neusch

    to give candies

  42. adik

    I think gift cards would be the best thing ever

  43. Anne Higgins

    We get gift cards and chocolate covered cherries

  44. Abigail Gibson

    I love getting homemade candy in my stocking.

  45. kumquat8

    Gift cards and candy are my favorite stocking stuffers.

  46. elizabeth m

    My kids love when they get the snack bag sizes of different chips and snacks. We also put in little dollar things such as nail polish and stuff.

  47. Mary Gardner

    I like getting dark chocolate, fruit, nuts, lotions, gum, socks, books, or small jewelry.

  48. Sue Sattler

    We do candy, coloring books, crayons and action figures for the kids. The adults get candy, gift cards and my daughter insists that we give her crayon’s and coloring books too, she’s 28 😀 lol

  49. Melina Ramirez

    I like to give candies and chocolates are stocking stuffers.

  50. LB

    I always out in gift cards, a toothbrush and candy

  51. Journeys of The Zoo

    Can’t go wrong with shortbreads, clementines, fancy crackers and anything else that I can eat. I don’t need anything else. Thanks for hosting. Besos Sarah.

  52. susitravl

    Candy, gum, unusual pens, gift cards, lip balm.

  53. Cynthia C

    I like giving gift cards so they can select what they want most.

  54. Heather B

    I always put toothbrushes, “coal” socks and fun things like that in my kids stockings.

  55. binabugged

    i think gift cards when they are older, esp for food places because you want your kids to still eat lol

  56. slehan

    I like socks, candy and toothbrushes.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  57. Robin Abrams

    My favorite stocking stuffer’s are gift cards and candy canes

  58. Jana Leah

    Giftcards & bath products make great stocking stuffers.

  59. Daniel M

    chocolate is always good

  60. Dedezoomsalot (@DedeZoomsalot)

    I like getting a new lipstick in my stocking.

  61. Sunshine G

    I love little sachets of tea.

  62. Nathalie Lebeau

    I love adding things like chocolates, scolds, ornaments, mittens, toothbrushes, gift cards

  63. helen0725

    I usually like chocolate and candy in my stocking. I know a lot of people prefer gift cards, and we put a lot of the smaller toys in our daughters stocking.

  64. Deb

    Favorite stocking stuffers are CDs, giftcards, earbuds, anything small.

  65. Sandy Klocinski

    One of my favorite stocking stuffer gifts is Rose Soap

  66. cheryl s

    I like fuzzy socks in my stocking

  67. Crystal Rose

    I think chocolate oranges are one of the best stocking stuffers.

  68. Caitlin

    Chocolates, earbuds, jewellery and hair accessories are my favourite things for stockings.

  69. Jen D

    I love giving health and beauty items, like deodorant or nail polish in stockings.

  70. golden storm

    i like to put socks and bath items and sometimes personal items in stockings

  71. Surso S.

    i never got a stocking but my wifes mom still gives her one, she’d give her pratical stuff like nail files, chap sticks, books… etc

  72. busyworkingmama

    My daughter is into crafting so I buy small items related to her favorite craft activity.

  73. lori b

    one of the things isthose little puzzles you can get/ they are usually wooden, you take apart and put back together. sometimes also in steel

  74. Jessica W

    Terry chocolate oranges are always a favourite stocking stuffer in my family. Some warm wool socks are a great idea too.

  75. Jessica H.

    For my girls, I always get them something practical (such as socks, but usually fun ones), something to read, and a treat to enjoy. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  76. Elizabeth Tarlow

    I think that make-up samples and socks are good stocking stuffers.

  77. Ronalee Duncan

    I like to put pajamas in stocking and let them open early

  78. Mary Cloud

    I always like to do funny stocking stuffers – gag gifts

  79. Chantelle Daigle

    I love those packs of scratch tickets with a guaranteed winner inside (at least you know you can get another scratch ticket after!).

  80. Ellen Stafford

    Chocolates, a good book, a lottery scratchcard or gift cards.

  81. Nikolina84

    My favorite stocking stuffers are gift cards and cosmetics! 🙂

  82. tracy k


  83. shannau

    Favorite candies, gift cards, socks!

  84. shannau

    Shanna Uptergrove

  85. Carol

    I like gift cards.

  86. Jeanna Massman

    My grandson loves getting LEGO blind bags in his stocking.

  87. Candice

    I love mini traveling items and lottery tickets!

  88. Angela Rhodes Ingles

    I love putting bubbles, Playdoh, a matchbox car, a small book, a little chocolate, a DVD, a pair of socks, maybe a travel board game or a card game, in stockings.

  89. pcrowley122

    I like stuffing stockings with candy and a gift card!


    Gift cards…& candy & fruit.

  91. Katie Bellamy

    You can never go wrong in giftig chocolate! 🙂

  92. Kelly O

    Santa always brings socks, and candy for stocking stuffers. He always knows our favorite candy and it is really the only time we have much candy in the house. A special treat for those of us that are “nice” and not “naughty”.

  93. Solange

    Makeup, chocolate, candles and smellies.

  94. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    i love books.

  95. Susan Smith

    Some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas are candy, gift cards, small toys and makeup.

  96. Jackie

    I like to stuff stockings with candy, socks, gift cards, lip balm and hand cream.
    Thank you!

  97. heather kaufman

    We always do body wash, shampoo, etc.

  98. barbg

    My kids always liked candies for their stockings. They wanted one bar of every brand of candy you could find. It made for a full stocking and lots of happy smiles!

  99. Terra Heck

    Stocking stuffers that I usually go with are hair accessories, gift cards, personal hygiene products, and candy. Thanks.

  100. pollylee

    I always love my favorite candy and gift cards. A sparkly diamond is also nice!!!!!

  101. Billie Rowell

    I love putting in treats that the person rarely gets otherwise, my husband loves beef jerky but it can be pricey so it makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

  102. ssjmommy

    I try and think of small things for stocking stuffers. Things like small tool kits, nail kits, polish, candy, jewelry, etc.

  103. Karla (@ksceviour)

    chocolates, socks,underwear, toiletries, gloves, gum

  104. Andrea Williams

    With the kids being older now we opt more for gift cards, different candy or snacks, ear buds, lip gloss, etc…

  105. Riri

    Jewellery, books, some chocolate for example.

  106. Kamla L.

    Some of my go to stocking stuffers are legos, matchbox cars, nail polish, books, lipgloss, and earmuffs,

  107. PerfectlyTolerable

    One year my dad snuck in a $100 dollar bill into my stocking and my mom didn’t notice till it was too late. It was awesome and my mom’s reaction was pretty funny

  108. Pat Schwab

    I like to put gum and mints and travel size or sample size products in stockings.

  109. Marianne

    My favorite are small toys and chocolates. Little notebooks and pens are great, too.

  110. Michelle J.

    A new toothbrush!

  111. gracefulcoffee

    We always go with gift cards!

    name: edye

  112. Stephanie Hirsch

    I go to the dollar store for stocking stuffers, I find all sorts of fun things that the kids and my husband enjoy, then I’m on the hunt for about two weeks looking for other small things that they will all like.

  113. Ann Fantom

    I put candy, pens, pencils, markers, tape, stickers, Hershey kisses, Reese’s peanut butter Christmas trees, etc. in my daughter’s stocking.

  114. Elizabeth Robinson

    Scratch Tickets and chocolate are always a big hit.

  115. Nicole Martin

    You can never go wrong with gift cards!

  116. Gina

    Aside from random little gifts my family discovers along the way, we always put an orange in the bottom and a little of “Santa’s” beard. ^-^

  117. Cynthia R

    Some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas are candy, chapstick, nail polish, ear rings

  118. Wendy Caddy

    Every year Santa put a banana, an orange, and some cute Christmas candy in my childrens’ stockings. Sometimes a little toy. Did this until they went off to college.

  119. progress001

    I like stuffing our kids stockings with salted peanuts in the shell.

  120. feeroberts64

    I don’t have any tips or tricks, but I love getting razors in my stocking because they’re so expensive.

  121. Michaela Kay

    I like chocolate and nail things in my stocking. I get chocolate covered cherries for my husband and carmex. My sons love candy and gum, I throw in oranges so I don’t feel like a completely bad parent. 🙂

  122. Patrick Siu

    I like to put money so they can get what they want

  123. kraftmaking

    I love getting and giving gift cards.

  124. Jessica Miller

    I love using lottery tickets

  125. Lulu

    Hand cream, lip balm, nail polish, socks, sheet masks.

  126. Leah

    We used to do this when me and my siblings were kids. I just enjoyed getting candy 😀

  127. Amanda G

    I like candy, gag gifts, lotion, nail polish..love little things i wasn’t expecting.

  128. Annamarie V

    I like to get chocolate, nice hand lotion and scratch tickets in my stocking.

  129. Ashley Martinez

    I love filling my boys with all kinds of little goodies and candy. I usually just go to one of the dollar stores for the youngest to get cars, mini action figures, etc. The other is getting older so this year I’m doing travel size products like cologne, deodorant, hair products, etc. The stocking are always the funnest to me for some reason.

  130. Jill J

    I love makeup, stuffed animals, and candy. A little bit of everything.

  131. rsbrandt44

    My best friend gave me a stocking full of chocolates…and tubes of toothpaste! Win/Win!

  132. Alexandru Rusu

    gift cards , chocolate and flowers

  133. rich morris

    I usually do some candy (i’m not that mean, lol) but focus mine more on books they love, fruit, some money, and activities

  134. Soha Molina

    I love Starbucks GC for my stocking.

  135. Veronica Lee

    Gift cards, chocolate, books and homemade cookies.

  136. Alice F

    My favorite items to stuff in a stocking (as well as to receive) is to give chocolate and gift cards. However, it is also nice to give personal items too, such as a picture of an elder family member.

  137. Melissa Storms

    I like things like nicer shampoos and conditioners than I would normally buy in my stocking.

  138. Cali W.

    Gift cards and candy are always good for stockings; thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  139. Darlene Carbajal

    Snacks, candy, or giftcards make great stocking stuffers!

  140. Piroska

    I like getting chocolates.

  141. jennifer bowen

    for what i putin my stockings well every thing i can think of and that will fit like candy toys gife cards makeup socks and so on i say if its some thing that looks good and you think it should go in to the socking put it in there.

  142. Kim Avery

    We always put scratch off lottery tickets in the stockings.

  143. bn100


  144. shirley emitt

    I like gift cards, dollar tree items and candy.

  145. Marg Z

    Anything unique I can find and then candy.

  146. Allison Swain

    Candy, socks, gift cards, beauty items.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  147. Will G

    I like candy.

  148. Sue @ Crushingcinders

    Chocolate and bookmarks

  149. Natalie

    My favorite stocking stuffers are cell phone chargers, gift cards, candy and makeup.

  150. Charity Cram

    I keep an eye out for deals on items all year round so the cost of stocking stuffers and other gifts don’t hit me all at once, while saving money.

  151. Rachel Griesmer

    My favorite stocking stuffers are lip balm, nail polish, socks and candy.

  152. Allen Gibson

    We always filled ours with toys from the dollar tree.

  153. Em Mahr

    Cell phone charger, lip balm, hand lotion, slippers, coffee cup.

  154. trishakilpatrick

    I like gift cards in the stocking. That way my friends and family can get those little things that hoped to get but didn’t.

  155. mami2jcn

    I like candy and snow globes as stocking stuffers.

  156. Jodi Hassel

    Love candy or gift cards!

  157. Jay Jackson

    Chocolate is my favorite of course

  158. Kristin C

    I always get my husband some chocolate covered pretzels for his stocking.

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