Square Shaped Standing Floor Lamp w/ Shelves! ~ #Review

Standing Floor Lamp

This standing shelf floor lamp is probably one of my favorite review items thus far! Not only is it a lamp, it has multiple shelves. This particular floor lamp was available in 2 different colors, and I received  one of each. I put both of them together and there is absolutely no difference to these, aside from the color.. The price point is decent for what you get and the quality is also reflective in the price. While they are not solid wood, they are still very solid feeling when fully assembled. They are also very light weight, making it extremely easy to move around if you tend to move furniture like I do.

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Standing Floor LampUpon opening the box to prepare to assemble the shelf lamp, I noticed they took extreme care in the packaging, each of the pieces were all individually wrapped. Right down to each individual side section. (16 of those) Each of the shelf pieces were also individually wrapped. The instruction sheet and parts list was on a single sheet of paper, printed on one side only with detailed instructions and images..

There is very little hardware included in this kit. Aside from the main/frame pieces, there are only two types of screws. One type is a philips head screw and there are 8 of these. The rest are two sided/dual sided screw type pegs. The only other hardware includes a Velcro type loop and hook sticky tape and a couple clamps that you can adjust the power cord to stick across the top board, over to one of the side/corner bars, where the clamps can be positioned sporadically down the side to keep your cord from hanging loosely and can be hidden.

I’m going to tell you, when I started putting this together, there came a point where I started to get confused on where the board with the cord went vs the opening of the lamp/shade area.. I think I assumed it would be at the top, it is not, you completely build this from the top down. Just follow the instructions as laid out and it works out perfectly.. (reminder to self on that one.. lol)

None of the pieces have any kind of scratches or tears on them. The finish is a laminate. These pieces are made of press board, with laminate finish and plastic connectors in side. These are not solid pieces of wood make it extremely easy to move around and rearrange your furniture. I am 5’4″ and this floor lamp is pretty accurate at an inch shorter than me.

Assembling the product is pretty simple. But the first hing to remember from above is you build this shelf lamp, from the top down, so be prepared to have a wide enough space to lay it down to finish it up, unless you are taller than the unit, then you may be able to assemble it all in the vertical position. I tried that and made it 3 levels easily, but the forth level, I had to sit the lamp on it’s side to screw the bottom screws in as I could not see standing up.

One tip I will give to those assembling, that should have been put in the instructions, when using the included wing nut to tighten the light section in place, there is another hole beside it to drop the pull chain down into. Put the pull chain in position FIRST, that way it will be lined up right above the hole, instead of having it twist all up and making your chain either tangle or become to short to use.

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Another tip, when screwing in the top board and bottom board with the philips head screws, get the side sections close to finger tight, then gently adjust them to line up, if you just screw them in, they easily slide over the edge. It doesn’t really affect the unit as a whole so much as just not as visually perfect as it could be if you make sure it’s lined up..

Aside from the very few things, I figured out while assembling, the products itself is stunning for the price. I really really really like it. My 19yr old wants some of these Standing Shelf Floor Lamps for her 1st apartment. These have a nice impact while taking up very little space. I think it makes a big difference in the living room.


    • Lynne B on November 25, 2016 at 12:30 am
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    A girlfriend has this floor lamp and it’s perfect for a shady corner. Shelves are a bonus.

    • Ann on October 20, 2016 at 10:39 pm
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    What a neat lamp! In the picture here, I thought that it looked pretty tall– elongated, really– and “boxy,” as well as a bit harsh/cold. So I headed over to Amazon… What a difference! There’s a photo of it in a home, illuminated, and I think that it looks so nice. And… It’s currently 50% off!
    Thank you for this product review. (And, for fixing the “comment boxes” and such! I “Klouted you” for Customer Service today. 🙂 )

    • Luz martinez on February 20, 2016 at 5:44 pm
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    Hi there I’m interested in reviewing this product

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