Sound It! Found It! ~ Fun New Game for Kids 7+

An uproarious game of guessing, searching and crazy sounds! Sound It! Found It! is an award-winning new, patent-pending “two-in-one” board game that is both a guessing game based on sounds other players make and a hidden-object game to find the items that match the sounds.
Sound It! Found It!combines visual hilarity with the unique twist of guessing sounds, offering hours of laugh-out-loud fun.Take a card and get other players to guess what’s on it by imitating the sound it makes!  Ah-choo! Cuck-oo!  Vrr-oooom!  Those are just the easy ones, but guessing the sound is only half the fun.  Once the sound is identified, find the object that makes it amid one of eight illustrated scenes that are filled with action and surprises.
Sound It! Found It! combines the play patterns kids love with their wild imaginations in a board game that’s fun for all ages!
Sound It! Found It! Includes:
  • 8 laminated scene boards
  • 96 playing cards
  • 8 laminated card holders
  • Instructions

Sound It! Found It! is such a fun game. I had a bar-b-Que this past weekend and we had a bunch of family and friends over. Towards the evening the when the kids were done playing outside, we got them all together to play Sound It! Found It!. I can not tell you how much fun it was to watch them play.

I had received the game earlier in the week, and immediately opened it up to see what it was all about. After going through the contents of the game, I found the quality to be great, and as most parent will attest to, young children as well as the older children still spill, so the extra protection and sturdiness the lamination on the scene boards offered definitely put a smile on my face. I loved all the detail they put into each scene and it seemed no matter how many times I looked through them I found something I missed the first time through them.I knew immediately that if the game kept me that interested just looking through it, the kids would definitely have a blast.

The next thing I did, was open up the cards and look through them. There is a set of 12 cards for each scene board. The game also included 8 laminated card holders. They are little folders with the name of each scene board on them to keep the cards separated. Some of the pictures had me laughing out loud, while others I couldn’t help but think, how the heck would you make a sound for that? I proceeded to look through the instructions, which were very well laid out, and easy to read and understand. You can read through them HERE.

When I first sat the game out for the kids to play, I had my 11 year old set it up and read the instructions out loud for all to hear. At this point, a few of the adults had come over to see what was going on. As he read, I received questions and comments from where did I get it, to how much fun it looked. They were hooked and the kids hadn’t even started to play yet.

The first game started out with one scene board and one set of cards so that everyone could get a feel of how to play. My son volunteered to be the first “Sounder”. They chose the Haunted House Scene and the first card he picked was this one..

Being the outgoing person he is, he asked if everyone was ready and all the kids yelled yeah!! He said okay… He threw his hands in the air and screamed bloody murder. At first we were all looking at him like what the heck just happened, and he started laughing. Without missing a beat my 9 year old niece immediately yelled “Found It!!” and pointed to the correct picture on the scene board. Everyone was laughing and the rest is history.

Sound It! Found It! is a great game for a few people or in my case a houseful. We played Sound It! Found It! for hours.One time we would play one board and the next two boards, by the end of the night we were playing all eight boards at once. It was truly a memorable experience and a lot of fun. Sound It! Found It! is recommended for ages 7+ however we had kids as young as 5 playing with us. I think the hardest part of this game is making the correct sound for others to guess, and although it may not always be the right sound it surly will cause a lot of laughs.

The best way to describe Sound It! Found It! is like a mix of charades and where’s waldo. It keeps you entertained for hours, and definitely makes you think. The only thing I could possibly say in any way negative about Sound It! Found It! is that I would love to see additional add on kits with additional scenes and sound cards. Other than that, Sound It! Found It! is definitely a new family favorite!

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