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Screen House

Screen House~ Post Contains Affiliate Links ~

This screen house has been used for two graduation parties and one baby shower so far and I have only owned it for six weeks!

We just used it this past weekend for my nephews baby shower. It was a perfect place for us to set up the gift station and allowed us to see all the gifts and decorations inside the canopy, as well as provided a great shaded area for our new mama to-be while she opened gifts!

Setting up the canopy is easily done with two people. The easiest way we found to set up the screen house is to lay out the canopy in the area you want it set up. We also put all the pole pieces together according to package instructions.

Once we had all our pieces set out around us we were ready to start assembling the screen house. There are 3 thinner poles. Two longer ones and one smaller one. The smaller one goes across the top on the shorter width area, the area between the canopy doors. The two longer pieces go along the diagonal from corner to corner.

Screen House

The tops corners have built in hub connectors. One side of the connector is just an open circle, the other end has  gripper type center. The smaller gripper section of the connect or is for the smaller diameter poles to go into.
When we had the three thinner top poles in place we moved on to the four corner poles. These four poles were also pre-strung together by a bungee style cord, making it easy to connect the sections together properly. After we had the corner poles through the side loops, we connected them at the top corner hub connectors.

Once in place we started lifting the poles to an upright position and locked the poles in at the bottom corner with the metal pin. After we had all four corners in the upright potion, we just simply went from corner to corner and straightened the screen house out.

We unzipped the tent for the baby shower and used the attached tie back to hold them open for our event.

Screen HouseTearing down the screen house is as simple as releasing the corner pins and laying the screen tent back down into a flat position and removing the poles. once all the poles are removed, we simple folded the screen house canopy in half until it was about the width of the included carry/storage bag and then rolled it up the way your would a sleeping bag.

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  1. OMG! Its a great Idea for camping anyplace with Screen House Canopy Tent. I love travel with my baby. I have read your valuable page and gotten much information and I confused for choosing the Screen House Canopy Tent information what would be the best for everything but now my confusion has cleared by your review. Keep it up………..

  2. Thanks for sharing this helpful information. I love camping in different places. But I was worried about choosing the best screen house for camping? Actually, I got a lot of information from your blog which you have written your blog. Review this article my confusion is clear, Thanks.

    • Calvin on September 18, 2018 at 1:50 pm
    • Reply

    Usedful for all sorts of outdoor events.. like parties gatherings bbq.. good to get some cover some times. Especially away from harsh weather or the bugs and insects.

  3. Nice! This looks so handy and useful, especially during these summer months – that shade would be so refreshing hahaha. Looks simple enough to put together as well. We have a nice sized yard so we like to have to BBQ’s out there from time to time, so this would be very useful for a seating area.

  4. These are great! I’m looking for something like this for our backyard. It’s nice to see that you assembled it pretty easily. It would be good for around our sandbox. There is no shade in our backyard and we have a 3 & 1 year old.

    • Melissa on August 6, 2018 at 7:43 pm
    • Reply

    These are super helpful! It’s great to be able to set up and put away as needed. We had a permanent canopy like this, but it got ripped in a storm. I would like to buy one like this!

  5. This is a perfect camping screen tent for summer, it can provide shade and protect things from unwanted things flying around. I can recommend this to my friend who is planning for a party.

  6. That looks like such a fantastic canopy for use out in the garden for family events. I love that you’ve been using it for so many different things in such little time of owning it! You definitely seem to be getting your moneys worth – I’d love one!

  7. We are trying to camp more and more as my little one gets older. Getting a screen house such as this one will be perfect for the areas with high bug populations. I hate mosquitoes!

  8. Oh this screen house canopy is just brilliant, I’d love one of these. There is no shade in my garden and it would be perfect for the kids to play out under, they can do painting and have lunch etc. Mich x

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