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Back To School Giveaway!

Back To School Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again, where kids all over the country are headed back to school and we’re hosting a back to school giveaway right here!

Following the information provided, enter for a chance to win  $50 to Amazon.com or PayPal cash, through the Rafflecopter form below!

Back To School Giveaway

Tell me, in a blog post comment below, about your back to school shopping habits. What are some of your favorite items to buy, or least favorite.

For me, I love shopping for new school supplies. I get excited buying highlighters and notebooks. Weird I know, but I love it. My least favorite shopping is for clothes. If I can avoid it I do. Now that my children are a little older and one of driving age, I have to admit I don’t mind sending them with a list and cash. They do a good job of getting there must haves and then getting to choose the rest. Works for all of us this way!

Where are your favorite places to shop for school supplies, or least favorite?

I personally love shopping online. There really isn’t much difference to me when it comes to supplies like, pens, notebooks, scissors etc, but when it comes to clothes, I am the type that needs to feel them with my hands, on my body and scrutinize the way it fits for half an hour or so before I buy it. So clothes I choose brick and mortar stores, for supplies online. How about you??

Giveaway Time!

Open Worldwide
8/9 – 9/1

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  1. jennyscheldberg

    I prefer to do the clothing side of things and send my husband our for the school supplies.

  2. Jamie N.

    My favorite school supplies to shop for are binders and other organizing items.

  3. Elizabeth R

    I like shopping for school supplies like new pens, paper, sticky notes all those things, and most I can buy online for easy shopping.

  4. Ben B

    Amazon; for EVERYTHING! 😀 We no longer do the back to school shopping in person, and everyone is much happier for it!

  5. Anita Anderson

    I shop for clothes at Old Navy as you cannot beat buy one jean get one free deal. I get school supplies at Target as the deals are good. I avoid my local 99 cent store as the prices on marble notebooks cost $1 when I can get them cheaper at Target.

  6. Brian Young

    I usually buy everything on Amazon. two day shipping!

  7. judethomas21

    I love shopping for stationary and pens etc.I often buy some for myself too 🙂

  8. Geeky Sweetie

    Love shopping for new fall wardrobe for back to school season. I don’t really have a least favorite item to shop for because I just love shopping for everything lol. My favorite place for back to school shopping is amazon. My least favorite place for back to school shopping is probably kmart, they just don’t have as good deals as they used to.

  9. aly3360

    I usually do all my back to school shopping at walmart and giant tiger.

    – amber y

  10. Marta K. (@mkcookie)

    Notebooks!! Just love them! And honestly I really like to buy everything that’s school items related!!
    And love to go Staples! The right thing between kinda adult and young! 😛 haha
    What are your favorite back to school items to shop for? Least favorite?

  11. aaron reck

    I would say the kids would really like something to take notes on so I’m gonna a tablet.

  12. Jessica

    I like shopping at Target for back to school clothes for my daughter. I really don’t like shopping for school supplies at all. It seems like they are always sold out of what I need.

  13. Kristen Joiner

    I like shopping for school supplies like notebooks and a new backpack. Shoes are also fun to shop for, but not clothes. I have a hard time finding clothes I like so I prefer shopping for simple pieces on-line. I like shopping at places like Staples and Target for supplies, and Old Navy for clothes and Payless for shoes.

  14. Nyx Nyx

    My favorite back to school items to shop for are notebooks and my Least favorite are pair of shoes which takes time before being able to pick the perfect pair.
    My favorite places to shop for back to school items is actually online and my Least favorite in on ordinary market because it is time consuming

  15. courtney b

    I hate to keep shopping for papers and pens and all that crap the kids usually lose I like shopping for backpacks and school clothes

  16. Jenna O

    I just bought new school bag from Nordström and love it!

  17. Lena Dmitrieva

    I love buying stationery, especially pens and pretty notebooks

  18. Betsy Barnes

    Pens, paper, folders, printer ink are my favorite back to school items to shop for, least favorite is clothes, too much in trying things. Amazon is my favorite place to shop for back to school items because it’s online. Walmart is my least favorite because it gets too crowded. 🙂

  19. Michelle J.

    I love shopping for a backpack that’s going to last, and I hate finding notebooks because they get bent and messed up by other people. I like Walmart’s prices but it’s my least favorite because everyone has the same supplies 🙂

  20. Christine Labelle

    I hate shopping for shoes for the kids. It takes forever for them to pick and they are not cheap.

  21. jjohnson46

    My least favorite back to school item is the plastic, prong 2 pocket folders! They are SO hard to find! Target is my favorite place to shop for supplies & Old Navy is my favorite place to shop for uniforms!

  22. amweeks

    I have never really liked clothes shopping with my kids, but it’s a necessity & we get through it. Usually at the mall…at Macy’s & JCPenney. I love shopping for school supplies, though…usually at Staples!

  23. Destiny

    I like shopping for pens, notebooks and clothes. Hate shopping for shoes and textbooks. Love shopping at JCPenney and Khol’s. Hate going to Walmart for school shopping.

  24. Richard Jimbo

    I like shopping for post-it notes, those are pretty fun.

  25. BlackAsphodel

    I like shopping for backpacks & textbooks because those can be personalized.

  26. Julie Murphy

    I hate to shop for pencils. I like shopping for backpacks.

  27. Daniela Plume

    I like to shop for school supplies; pens, pencils, notebooks… my least favorite thing to shop for is clothes. My favorite place to shop for Back to School items is Walmart because it is very close by and has a great selection at great prices.

  28. jenna d

    We love school shopping for clothes, for other supplies not so much!

  29. rochelle haynes

    All my kids are grown so no more shopping for me but when i did i liked wal mart it was cheaper for school supplies i like to shop for the outfits they are so cute my least favorite was shoes they wanted the expensive ones

  30. dave

    love to shop for school supplies staples

  31. Rachel

    I like to shop at Kohls for back to school clothes/shoes/backpacks for my kids.

  32. Andrea Williams

    I don’t mind back to school shopping, just wish it didn’t cost so much. We like to buy clothes at Old Navy and most supplies from Staples.

  33. Hannah C

    I like to shop for backpacks, but my least favorite thing to shop for is clothes. My favorite places to shop for Back to School items are Walmart, Target, and Old Navy.

  34. Donna Kellogg

    I think seeing the new styles in clothes every year is my favorite to shop for.

  35. Janet W.

    I love to shop for school supplies the most! It’s fun to find things that are on the list that I need to get and I like the challenge of finding the best price by price comparing between stores. My least favorite is back to school shopping for clothing because the clothing racks are usually a mess!

  36. Mary Cloud

    I don’t like shopping for Uniforms – I would much prefer if my kids could wear their regular clothes – I prefer to shop at Walmart because I can also get groceries there

  37. Tabitha

    I like shopping for back to school clothes. Supplies not so much! We got to Wal-Mart or Target.

  38. grandgiveaways

    I like buying notebooks and pencils. I dislike buying glue. I like to shop at Target.

    1. grandgiveaways

      I’m entering on rafflecopter as mami2jcn

  39. Randi Cook

    clothes is always fun, but list of certain school supplies can be tetous!

  40. Erika W.

    My favorite things to shop for are folders/binders because you can get some really cute ones. There’s nothing that I really dislike buying though it is annoying when schools ask for specific brands of stuff…I am not going to buy Ticonderoga pencils when my kids just want to use cute pencils with decorative patterns on them. As for shopping, I usually hit up Walmart and Target for supplies because they usually have good deals. Clothing wise, we go all over…everywhere from H&M to Children’s Place. I look for cute stuff and good deals because who doesn’t want to save money?!

  41. Will G

    I like shopping for clothes. The least favorite is school supplies.

  42. Karrie Millheim

    i hate looking for compostion books because i can never find them. But i love buying backpacks

  43. Edmond

    I like to shop for backpacks most. Lots of color & styles to choose from . you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me.

  44. Melanie Borhi

    I love shopping for things like back to school clothing. I hate shopping for pens, and paper.

  45. Rajeeva

    i like to shop for everything in local bookshops. rarely online.

  46. Cindy

    I dislike shopping for back to school clothes. I like shopping at Target and Macys.

  47. Kristen

    I like to shop for everything. My favorite places are Target, Kohl’s and Staples.

  48. linda

    my kids love back to school shopping whether it’s for clothes or school supplies 🙂

  49. Pink Tea Rose

    I love to shop for stationary, can’t take too many handwritten notes.

  50. Lulu

    I love shopping for books and stationary! And clothes of course) I don’t like shopping for backpacks, I just can’t choose one) I usually shop in malls and online (Amazon mostly) of course.

  51. tracy k

    i love shopping for new stationery because the smell makes me nostalgic

  52. Rosalia Pticek

    I love shopping for new shoes and clothes!!!usually target or kohls

  53. Birgit L.

    There aren’t any favorite or least favorite items for me, it’s more a question of using a favorite (or least favorite) time to purchase everything. I prefer to get things done early on to avoid crowds and I usually go on weekday mornings as it’s more quiet. As for my fave shop there are two big chains in my country which carry everythign you need for back to school at reasonable prices, so I often visit both to get the best out of their offers.

  54. Lisa Brown

    The kids like shopping for backpacks and lunch boxes; They don’t like shopping for school supplies; I like to shop for BTS stuff at kohls and walmart; No least favorite place to shop at, I will shop anyplace with a good sale and I can save money.

  55. Karla R.

    I like to shop at target for school clothing and backpacks.

  56. Elena

    I like to shop at Staples for school supplies because they sell good quality brands and have good sales. And I love Kohl’s for back to school clothing.

  57. Alexandru Rusu

    I would buy notebooks , pencils , pens from my favourite retail in my country because it’s so much easy to buy all i need for school.

  58. cottagebunny

    I like to shop at Walmart for shoes or on Amazon.ca for clothes shoes and schoolsupplies for the kids.This would be an awesome big help. 🙂

  59. Natalie

    I love to shop for back to school items at Target because it is more organized than Walmart and has a nice selection. I like to shop for clothes and hate to shop for shoes because my niece is so picky!

  60. Michelle L


  61. nlamore79gmailcom

    I love Target for the kids school supplies and my youngest daughters school clothes. My least favorite thing to shop for is my 16 year olds clothes. She is quite picky and likes the more expensive clothes.

  62. Cheryl Abdelnour

    I like shopping at Walmart and Target for clothes and school supplies. I don’t like shopping for slacks unless my kids are there. I love the sales. One of my sons in off to med school.

  63. Thomas Murphy

    I like shopping at Target for back to school shopping.

  64. jeepingeos

    I like to shop for backpacks…and I hate shopping for school clothes and shoes.

  65. Cathy French

    I really like shopping at Staples when they have sales but many of their coupons aren’t valid at my local store.

  66. Amy Orvin

    I like to shop for backpacks the most because there are a lot of cute ones. The least favorite item is clothes because they have to try them on and it takes too long. My favorite places to shop are Walmart and Kmart because the offer a lot of low prices and deals. My least favorite place to shop is Target because they don’t have a good selection and their prices are too high.

  67. misti

    Love finding the deals such as Staples for some items and Office Max for others but luckily now they are close to each other. It kind of reminds me of BLACK FRIDAY where you map out the deals from the different stores….but worth it for a lot of those deals, especially with the ever growing supply list for school.

  68. Kelly D

    I like to shop for backpacks. I don’t like to shop for shoes for my kids, it is so much work. We like to shop at JcPenney and Target. I am not a big fan of Kohl’s because I can’t find the styles I need for my kids there.

  69. tat2gurlzrock

    I like shopping at Kohl’s for clothing and for supplies like paper,pens ect I prefer shopping online at places like Staples.

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