Do This, Get This at Red Apple® Fireworks

Red Apple® Fireworks

Red Apple Fireworks is always looking for new ways to reward its in-store and online customers. That’s why they’ve created special offers for everyone who visits the store and checks in on social media!

Introducing the Do This, Get This deal at every Red Apple® store, customers now have the opportunity to build their own Swag Bags simply by doing the things many people already do when they visit. Now Red Apple Fireworks isn’t just the place to buy discounted fireworks online, but you can also earn cool swag for helping us out!

While customers peruse the store and pick up their favorite fireworks, they can also check in on Facebook, Yelp!, Google, TripAdvisor, and geotag Red Apple® Fireworks on Instagram.

Each check in is worth one free Swag item (meaning every person in the group with a phone can also check in and receive their own free Swag!).

Afterwards, customers need only show the cashier where they’ve checked in to receive the following free Swag items:

Red Apple® FireworksReceive a Red Apple® Fireworks drawstring backpack for checking in on TripAdvisor!

Red Apple® Fireworks

Receive a Red Apple® Fireworks phone grip & stand of choice when they check in on Google!

Red Apple® FireworksReceive a Red Apple® Fireworks water bottle for geotagging the store on Instagram!

There has never been a simpler way for customers to get their hands on some really cool Red Apple® Fireworks Swag. Simply Do This, Get This and walk out the door with some very cool items that can be found nowhere else! This is not a limited-time offer, fortunately. Customers can expect these Swag items (and much more coming soon!) to be available for everyone who checks in online all year long! Now is the perfect time to make the trip to Pahrump, Nevada and visit Red Apple® Fireworks.

Lastly, you can check out our January 19% off sale we are running for some of our best fireworks!
Order fireworks online and have them shipped to your home!

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